Nissan: Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announces during CES breakthrough technologies and partnerships to broach zero-emissions, zero-fatality mobility

PRESS KIT: Nissan Intelligent Mobility during CES


LAS VEGAS – In his 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote, Nissan authority of a house and arch executive officer Carlos Ghosn announced several technologies and partnerships as partial of a Nissan Intelligent Mobility skeleton for transforming how cars are driven, powered, and integrated into wider society. These technologies will allege mobility toward a zero-emission, zero-fatality destiny on a roads.

“At Nissan, from a beginning, we work to move a right technologies for a full spectrum of a vehicles and a many volume of people,” pronounced Ghosn in his keynote. “This takes some-more than innovation. It takes ingenuity. And it’s accurately what we broach by Nissan Intelligent Mobility.”

Ghosn done 5 pivotal announcements, that were serve demonstrated on stage:

  • To accelerate a time it will take for unconstrained vehicles to get on a highway safely, Ghosn announced a breakthrough record called “Seamless Autonomous Mobility,” or SAM. Developed from NASA technology, SAM partners in-vehicle synthetic comprehension (AI) with tellurian support to assistance unconstrained vehicles make decisions in indeterminate situations and build a believe of in-vehicle AI. This record could potentially capacitate millions of driverless cars to co-exist with tellurian drivers in an accelerated timeline. It is partial of Nissan Intelligent Integration.
  • Taking a carmaker’s unconstrained expostulate devise another step further, Ghosn announced that heading a Renault-Nissan Alliance engagement, Nissan and Japanese internet association DeNA will start tests directed during building driverless vehicles for blurb services. The initial proviso of contrast will start this year in designated zones in Japan, with a concentration on record development. By 2020, Nissan and DeNA devise to enhance a range of their tests to embody a blurb use of driverless record for mobility services in a Tokyo civil area.
  • In further to advancements in Nissan’s unconstrained pushing strategy, Ghosn also announced skeleton to launch a new Nissan LEAF, with ProPILOT technology, enabling unconstrained expostulate functionality for single-lane highway driving. This new LEAF will build on a company’s care in electric vehicles, that includes carrying sole some-more than 250,000 Nissan LEAFs sole worldwide given 2010. Ghosn pronounced a new LEAF is entrance in a nearby destiny and represents a subsequent section of Nissan Intelligent Power.
  • On connected cars, that mix Nissan Intelligent Driving and Nissan Intelligent Integration, Ghosn announced that a Renault-Nissan Alliance is stability a partnership with Microsoft to build a subsequent era of connected automobile technologies. The keynote enclosed a proof of how Microsoft’s personal partner record Cortana can make pushing some-more fit and seamless. Cortana is one of a technologies that a Alliance and Microsoft are exploring together.
  • To support a process sourroundings and formulation indispensable to confederate these technologies into a world’s cities, Ghosn announced a new partnership with 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC). 100RC is a tellurian non-profit operative to assistance cities build resilience to physical, amicable and mercantile challenges. Together, Nissan and 100RC will assistance cities lay a grounds for unconstrained drive, electric vehicles, and new mobility services. Nissan is 100RC’s initial automotive height partner.




“We entice others to join us, as well, from tech partners to e-commerce companies, ride-hailing and car-sharing platforms, and amicable entrepreneurs who can assistance us to exam and rise new vehicles and services, and make certain everybody has entrance to a latest technologies and services that move value to their lives,” pronounced Ghosn.

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