Nissan: Nissan Armada powers Team Wild Grace to clever finish during a 2018 Rebelle Rally

SAN DIEGO – After 10 days, 1,600 miles and countless coffees, Sedona Blinson and Leah Heffelfinger crossed a finish line of a third-annual Rebelle Rally behind a circle of “Babe,” a 2018 Nissan Armada1. The work-from-home mothers finished an considerable 11th out of 41 sum entries, out-performing 30 off-road competitors.

The 2018 Rebelle Rally, a usually women’s off-road navigation convene in a United States, is a 10-day off-road journey that began Oct. 11 in Lake Tahoe and resolved Oct. 20 in San Diego.

“Rich in off-road heritage, we felt Armada was an ideal car to navigate by a overwhelming and severe terrains of a Rebelle Rally – and Team Wild Grace done us proud,” pronounced Tiago Castro, executive of trucks and SUVs, Nissan North America. “Congratulations to Leah and Sedona, and appreciate we for display a universe how able and gentle a Armada unequivocally is.”

“Babe” competed in a Bonestock difficulty – total for stock, unmodified vehicles to yield a height within a 4×4 and Crossover classes. Heffelfinger remarkable that associate competitors creatively were astounded to see a Armada alongside other 4×4 Bonestock entries, though by a end, people had a “newfound respect” for a Armada’s capabilities.

“The Bonestock difficulty was designed to infer that a car in your drive is some-more able than we consider it is, and a Armada valid accurately that,” pronounced Heffelfinger, an adventure-seeker from California who now resides in Flagstaff, Ariz. “‘Babe’ valid to be a powerhouse, winning whoops, crawling adult vast and hilly mountain climbs with palliate in 4-Low. The fact that we came in 11th of 41 vehicles proves a Armada is each bit as able as a competitors.”

Competition days were prolonged and challenging, commencement during morning and mostly durability good past nightfall with few breaks in between. Team Wild Grace pronounced a condensed checkpoint time restraints done this year’s Rally generally challenging.


For Blinson – a maestro navigator who has now finished her third Rebelle Rally – one day stood out among a rest.

“In Glamis (California), there was a quite long, washed-out territory of dunes where a Armada truly showed a agility,” pronounced Blinson. “After removing a tire vigour only right, a Armada powered adult and glided down outrageous dunes with ease, and a V8 engine supposing a ton of power, permitting Babe to boyant in a sand. we unequivocally appreciated carrying a bit longer wheelbase than competitors, as good as a eccentric front and behind suspension.” 

While a vehicle’s ability to forge by silt and yield over rocks was essential for completing a mission, Team Wild Grace pronounced ‘little luxuries’ inside a cabin of a 2018 Armada also helped pull them to a finish line. They remarkable a atmospheric interior, Remote Engine Start System, energy liftgate and front and behind chair heaters as amenities that done a journey some-more comfortable.

Per a rally’s rules, no electronic inclination were available solely for easy digital cameras – definition teams had to use maps and a compass as they weaved their approach by some of a many scenic and severe turf America has to offer.

“Since we were incompetent to implement a cameras on a vehicle, a sloping side mirrors were generally handy,” pronounced Blinson. “The vast volume of enclosed space was also illusory – even with an additional gangling tire we had some-more than adequate room, and a Armada was gentle for both motorist and navigator. We had no worries of motorist tired or a navigator wanting to work in a parsimonious space with vast maps and gear.”

By a finish of a 10-day marathon, Blinson and Heffelfinger over San Diego understandably tired though already looking brazen to subsequent year’s competition.

“I’m still in startle that we have now finished my second Rally – something we never suspicion I’d do during all, let alone twice,” pronounced Heffelfinger. “I’m unapproachable of how we did, and we am so gratified to have finished a Rally in a Armada.”

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About a 2019 Nissan Armada
Now entering a third year, a second-generation Nissan Armada continues to set records. With no signs of this sales movement negligence down, Armada adds to a list of customary apparatus opposite all class levels for a 2019 indication year, including Rear Door Alert, Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (I-FCW).

As a flagship of Nissan’s expanding lineup of SUVs and crossovers, Armada facilities eight-passenger seating, a 5.6-liter Endurance® V8 with best-in-class1 customary 390 horsepower and customary towing ability of 8,500 pounds for both 4WD and 2WD models (when scrupulously equipped).

The largest and many absolute car in a SUV and crossover portfolio, Armada earns a flagship standing by each magnitude – either performance, refinement, modernized record and even heritage. The second-generation Armada pattern traces behind to one of Nissan’s many dear tellurian off-road vehicles, a Patrol. While Armada is dictated essentially for family adventures in North America, Armada owners will advantage from a underpinnings as a strong, durable and authentic full-size SUV with ruggedness to spare.

About a Rebelle Rally
The Rebelle Rally is an eventuality with a singular plea and scoring complement where accurate navigation, not speed, is a ultimate goal. Participants trade in dungeon phones and GPS for old-school navigation in a foe with a elements of time, distance, headings, and dark checkpoints. Armed with only maps, compasses, and roadbooks, adult to 50 teams of dual will be pushed to their boundary as they make their approach opposite 2,500+ kilometers of Nevada and California’s iconic terrain. Entering a third year, to date a Rebelle Rally has hosted competitors from 139 cities, 35 states/provinces, and 7 countries.

About Nissan North America
In North America, Nissan’s operations embody automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, placement and manufacturing. Nissan is dedicated to improving a sourroundings underneath a Nissan Green Program and has been famous annually by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of a Year given 2010. More information on Nissan in North America and a finish line of Nissan and INFINITI vehicles can be found online during and, or revisit a U.S. media sites and

About Nissan Motor Co.
Nissan is a tellurian full-line car manufacturer that sells some-more than 60 models underneath a Nissan, INFINITI and Datsun brands. In mercantile year 2017, a association sole 5.77 million vehicles globally, generating income of 11.9 trillion yen. On Apr 1, 2017, a association embarked on Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022, a six-year devise targeting a 30% boost in annualized revenues to 16.5 trillion yen by a finish of mercantile 2022, along with accumulative giveaway money upsurge of 2.5 trillion yen. As partial of Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022, a association skeleton to extend a care in electric vehicles, symbolized by a world’s best-selling all-electric car in history, a Nissan LEAF. Nissan’s tellurian domicile in Yokohama, Japan, manages operations in 6 regions: Asia Oceania; Africa, a Middle East India; China; Europe; Latin America; and North America. Nissan has partnered with French manufacturer Renault given 1999 and acquired a 34% interest in Mitsubishi Motors in 2016. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is currently a world’s largest automotive partnership, with total sales of some-more than 10.6 million vehicles in calendar year 2017.

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1. Vehicle supposing by Nissan.