Nissan: Looking for adore this Valentine’s Day? Choose a Nissan driver

  • Cambridge University investigate uses psychometric contrast to sign customers’ personalities
  • Research shows Nissan owners to be a many generous, constant and accessible of all automobile drivers

Looking for adore this Valentine’s Day? Find yourself creation eye hit with a Nissan motorist during a trade lights? It could be a start of a pleasing relationship, according to investigate from one of a world’s many iconic universities.

In a investigate carried out by a Psychometrics Center during Cambridge University in a UK, Nissan owners were detected to be among a many acceptable people we could wish to meet.

Using a latest celebrity profiling techniques, a University detected that Nissan drivers were also a many generous, constant and accessible among a cross-section of European automobile owners.

The investigate suggested that Nissan owners are many some-more expected to consider of others before themselves, and be distant some-more meddlesome in mercantile gratification and amicable justice.

“Personality comment and automotive pattern are a ideal match,” pronounced Dr. Richard Mills, Doctor of Psychometrics during Cambridge University’s Psychometric Center. “Our investigate shows that Nissan drivers are generally seen as trusting, soft-hearted, inexhaustible and sympathetic. They are demure and friendly, and consider other people are honest and decent, as against to rival and self-interested.”

Psychometrics – also famous as celebrity profiling – is usually one of a many ways in that Nissan is enchanting with a business to softened know their needs. The outcome is an softened knowledge behind a wheel, online, in showrooms and in use centers.

An Interview with Roel de Vries on a 2014 Interbrand Best Global Brands Results

Nissan was named one of a world’s many profitable brands for 2015, according to Interbrand, a world-leading code consultancy. In a Best Global Brands Study expelled by Interbrand, Nissan ranked 49, adult from 56 in 2014. Nissan was a fastest-rising automotive code in a study. Below is an archived talk from 2014 with Roel de Vries, Nissan Corporate Vice President and tellurian conduct of Marketing and Brand Strategy, about how Nissan has worked to turn one of a world’s many profitable brands. Read about Nissan’s 2015 49th place ranking in a Interbrand investigate here.


“Psychometrics allows Nissan to figure a patron tour and build cars that owners can tumble in adore with, in many a same approach as they do with other people,” pronounced Mills. “Nissan owners clearly commend and value carrying tighten and personal relations with desired ones, creation them a ideal partner.”

Indeed, a usually problem could be anticipating a Nissan owners who is singular in a initial place; a consult also suggested a immeasurable infancy are already staid in gentle long-term relationships.
*The Cambridge University Psychometrics Center used information from a cross-section of 824 automobile owners to pull comparisons between Nissan and other car brands.

About The Psychometrics Center
The Psychometrics Center is a core of value within Cambridge University in a UK. It is dedicated to research, training and product expansion in both pristine and practical psychological comment in a online environment. Active given 2005, it has seen poignant expansion in a past 3 years as a effect of a blast of activity in on-line communication and amicable networks.


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