Nissan: CFL players assistance betray Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept during Canadian International Auto Show


MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – Today during a Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS), a Nissan counter was an public of warrior-like proportions as a fastest-growing automotive code in Canada assimilated army with a Canadian Football League (CFL) to betray a TITAN Warrior Concept. In approval of a longstanding partnership with a CFL, Nissan welcomed Kate Beirness, TSN SportsCentre Anchor, and 9 players representing all CFL teams who collectively tore a wraps off a extreme, off-road pickup lorry concept. Nissan also announced a Canadian launch of a automobile that binds a volume prolongation automobile path record during a Nürburgring Nordschliefe, a 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO*.

“We are entering a 10th year of Nissan being a central automobile provider to a CFL and we are anxious to have a CFL Commissioner, Mr. Jeffrey L. Orridge and 9 players from all a opposite teams with us to betray a TITAN Warrior Concept,” pronounced Steve Rhind, executive of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “In signature Nissan style, though with an singular turn interjection to a CFL’s participation; we put on a visually fantastic uncover for a press discussion attendees. The eventuality encapsulated a dual brand’s particular ‘Warrior’ spirit, and achieved a goals to yield fad for fans and customers.”

TITAN Warrior Concept – a Warrior unleashed
Inspired by Nissan’s abounding off-road history, that goes behind to a days of a Paris-Dakar Rally treks, a TITAN Warrior Concept is a ultimate lorry for adventure-seekers that puts an importance on a start of sales of Nissan’s all-new 2016 TITAN XD. The same pattern group behind a TITAN XD Crew Cab confirmed a truck’s customary wheelbase and length, though they wanted to give a judgment lorry an even some-more absolute participation than a original.

The tallness was lifted scarcely 3 inches, from 78.7 inches to 81.5 inches, to fit a party of 37-inch high off-road tires mounted on tradition 18×9.5-inch aluminum-alloy wheels. The TITAN Warrior Concept’s breadth was extended 3 inches on any side, from 80.6 inches sum to 86.6 inches. The grille and signature TITAN headlights were extended to offer a some-more technical, ominous look. The front and back fenders have been flared and offer an intensely robust appearance. Functional hood vents were combined for cooling a absolute diesel engine. The extended hoodline is offset underneath by a vast front skidplate, that interlocks into a absolute front bumper.

Custom LED lights, front and rear, supplement to a TITAN Warrior Concept’s cat-like presence. The headlights lift a clarity of a new Nissan signature rebound lights, though with a some-more precise, upright, robotic feel. In a rear, a integrated LED taillights take a form of a TITAN “T” logo, separate by a far-reaching tailgate. As a finishing touch, a quad-tipped empty complement is integrated into a back bumper.

“The TITAN Warrior Concept is not only a pattern exercise, it’s a discernible countenance of Nissan’s ‘no boundaries’ mindset, and underscores a joining to a North American lorry market. While Nissan still has many roads and trails to transport as we continue to launch additional prolongation versions of a confidant new TITAN, this new TITAN Warrior Concept gives an critical vigilance to lorry enthusiasts who revisit a Toronto Auto Show that a prophesy for exploring new bounds stays strong,” resolved Rhind.

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2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO – flagship of a NISMO lineup
For 2016, a Nissan GT-R NISMO takes a “standard” GT-R, that is already determined as one of a best behaving supercars in a automotive sphere, to an even aloft turn of street-legal pushing excitement. It facilities disdainful styling that embraces a longstanding racing truth of form following function, and has countless motorsports-inspired technologies to raise a car’s performance, formulating a well-balanced appurtenance that is during home on both a highway and track.

The 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO employs innovation, formidable engineering and motorsports-inspired technologies to grasp a well-developed levels of power, speed and handling. Under a hood, a 3.8-litre V6 VR38DETT engine advantages from a imagination that NISMO has gained from participating in motorsports events around a globe. Engine energy has been increasing (versus customary GT-R models) and is rated during 600 hp and 481 lb-ft of torque**. High-flow, vast hole turbochargers, used in GT3 competition, urge breathing, while optimized particular ignition timing control for any cylinder and upgraded fuel siphon urge combustion.

“The 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO is a many manly prolongation automobile Nissan has ever done and is a summary of high-performance driving,” pronounced Steve Rhind, executive of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “For over 50 years, NISMO has been a obvious name world-wide and with a introduction of a 2016 GT-R NISMO, it will continue to build on a mythological reputation.”

Available in really singular numbers in Canada, a GT-R NISMO joins a determined 2016 GT-R Premium and GT-R Black Edition vehicles in a GT-R lineup. To learn some-more about a 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO, greatfully visit:

Nissan receives 3 2016 ALG Residual Value Awards
In further to a inhabitant unveilings for a TITAN Warrior Concept and 2016 Nissan GT-R, 3 of Nissan’s existent products common a spotlight currently as winners of a 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value Awards. Nissan’s flagship sedan, a all-new Maxima, was awarded a 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value Award in a Fullsize Car segment, and dual vehicles accept awards for a third and second uninterrupted year in-a-row respectively. The Nissan Versa Note is a 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value Award leader in a Subcompact Car segment, while a made-for-Canada Nissan Micra is a 2016 ALG Canadian Residual Value Award leader in a City Car Segment.

Since a pregnancy of ALG Canadian Residual Awards in 2009, Nissan Canada Inc. (including a Infiniti family of vehicles), has perceived a sum of 30 awards

*when versed with lane package
** 93 octane gasoline required


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