Nissan: Bédard and Coupal win Nissan Micra Cup races during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant

Mississauga, Ont. – Just one week after a initial competition weekend of a 2017 season, a Nissan Micra Cup drivers were behind on a lane this weekend during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant for a Spring Classic. The second competition weekend of a deteriorate noted renouned actor and comedian Michel Barrette’s entrance as a Nissan Micra Cup driver, and featured dual action-packed races. The initial competition was won by Olivier Bédard on Saturday and a second competition was won by Xavier Coupal on Sunday.

After a prolific day of use sessions on Friday, a Nissan Micra Cup drivers kicked off a initial day of racing on Saturday with a normal subordinate sessions, underneath an cloudy though dry sky. Winner of a initial dual races of a season, Jean-Michel Isabelle warranted himself a stick position forward of 2016 champion Xavier Coupal and 2015 champion Olivier Bédard. Valérie Limoges, a usually womanlike motorist competing this season, done her symbol and claimed fourth fastest time forward of Kevin King, Stéfan Gauthier, tip comparison category motorist Metod Topolnik, Australian Keishi Ayukai, Nicolas Touchette and British motorist Jake Exton. Vincent Doyle was a fastest rookie, followed by Nicolas Barrette.

In a afternoon, 22 drivers got behind a circle of their many batch Nissan Micras, in front of countless fans backing a track, and competed in a initial competition of a weekend. A duel between Jean-Michel Isabelle and Xavier Coupal caused a teenager occurrence during a front of a pack, permitting Valérie Limoges to take a lead median by a race. As shortly as a competition restarted, Olivier Bédard astounded his associate drivers and claimed his initial feat of a season.

Kevin King and Valérie Limoges finished a podium, forward of Keishi Ayukai, who achieved intensely good for his initial time competing during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, and Normand Boyer, leader of a comparison category for a third uninterrupted time. For a rookies, Vincent Doyle warranted his initial feat forward of Nicolas Barrette and Austin Riley. Michel Barrette also achieved good for his initial central motorsport race, finishing seventeenth overall, seventh in a comparison class, and fourth among a rookies. 

On Sunday, Coupal and Bédard common a starting line and their conflict lasted via a generation of a race. Coupal, a 2016 champion, finished forward of Bédard claiming his initial feat of a 2017 season. The quarrel for a podium’s third place was also really intense, with positions constantly changing each lap. Qualifying in ninth place, Valérie Limoges had an glorious stand adult a leaderboard, rounding out a first, second and third finish for a Total Canada team’s drivers.

The Sorel-Tracy Nissan teammates Kevin King and Stéfan Gauthier finished a tip five, forward of Jean-Michel Isabelle and Metod Topolnik, who won a comparison category for a initial time, forward of Normand Boyer. Among a rookies, Jake Exton claimed initial place following Sunday’s race. Michel Barrette finished in sixteenth place following a fantastic conflict with his son Nicolas, with 3 thousandths of a second separating both drivers during a finish line.

Similar to a initial competition weekend during a Canadian Tire Motorsport Park final week, countless Nissan Micra owners attended a second competition weekend during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant. For a 2017 season, Nissan Canada is mouth-watering Nissan Micra owners to attend all competition weekends giveaway of charge. In sequence to take advantage of this opportunity, Nissan Micra owners contingency register 3 weeks in allege during All purebred Nissan Micra owners will accept dual giveaway tickets and parking entrance for a competition weekend of their choice.

The Nissan Micra owners that attended a competition weekend during Circuit Mont-Tremblant had a eventuality to do a march path of a lane on both Saturday and Sunday. Nearly 50 Nissan Micra owners were benefaction and for many of them, it was their initial introduction to motorsports. It was also an sparkling eventuality for them to declare how their Micras perform on a track, in a hands of a really gifted Nissan Micra Cup drivers.

The Nissan Micra Cup village will reassemble during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant for a third competition weekend of a season, from Jul 21 to 23. Prior to that, a find day will be hold for Nissan Micra Cup fans during Mirabel’s Circuit ICAR on Jun 18. For some-more information about this sparkling event, greatfully revisit

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