Nissan Americas Hosts First-Ever Energy and Sustainability Summit



Nissan Americas Hosts First-Ever Energy and Sustainability Summit

Leading companies see a competitive advantage in pursuing energy management and sustainability strategies. Myriad reasons drive these efforts, including support for the bottom line, protection against energy risks and a desire to position a company’s operations and practices to stand behind energy-efficient product offerings.

Most corporations also see a benefit to collaboration and sharing best practices in an effort to adapt strategies as shareholder and world expectations change.

The Nissan Americas team recently took steps to share its best practices in the area of energy management and sustainability, and to learn from colleagues, during the first-ever Nissan Americas Energy and Sustainability summit in Franklin, Tenn., from Dec. 13 to 15.

A special emphasis was placed throughout the three days of presentations on establishing contacts and networks… both within the Americas region… and with the attending “best in class” companies, including Coca-Cola, Ingersoll Rand , Alcoa and Kimberly-Clark.

The Americas Energy and Sustainability Summit was also an opportunity to share details of Nissan’s U.S. ENERGY STAR tools and program knowledge across the Americas region and among the international partners in attendance.

With events like this first Energy and Sustainability Summit, the vision for a zero-emission society in the future looks very bright indeed.

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