New domain for WorldSBK: BMW Motorrad Motorsport prepared for a Most debut.

Munich. BMW Motorrad Motorsport is once again entering new
domain with a FIM Superbike World Championship. This weekend
(6th to 8th August), WorldSBK races in a Czech city of Most for
a initial time. Autodrom Most is unknown turf for a BMW
Motorrad WorldSBK Team and a dual riders Tom Sykes (GBR) and
Michael outpost der Mark (NED), nonetheless Mark has ridden there many
years ago. Jonas Folger (GER) from a Bonovo MGM Racing Team has
some-more new knowledge of a circuit.


Autodrom Most is located in a northwest of a Czech Republic, not
distant from a limit with Germany. The Most segment has hosted
motorsport events for over 70 years – initial on travel circuits, before
a permanent racetrack non-stop in 1983. Since then, races in national
and general championships have been hold there. Most facilities on
a WorldSBK calendar for a initial time in 2021.


Quotes brazen of a Most round.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “Most
is a new circuit on a calendar. For this reason, it is very
critical to immediately find a good basement in a dual giveaway practice
sessions on Friday. Jonas Folger has been there often, and our
colleagues in a International German Motorcycle Championship have
also ridden there. As such, we have some information, though it can never
be eliminated directly to World Superbikes. In addition, it had been
concluded that no one goes contrast there with their Superbikes so we are
all entering uncharted territory. We will see what awaits us there.
Recent events have shown that we have to land on a front dual rows
in Saturday’s Superpole to have a successful competition weekend. That is one
of a goals for a weekend.” 


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“The group is looking brazen to going to a initial WorldSBK
turn during a Most circuit. That’s sparkling for everybody and unequivocally much
a turn personification margin with all a competitors and teams similar in
not take partial in any contrast heading adult in a event. Overall, we think
it will be a unequivocally severe circuit, lots of variations. Changeable
continue conditions are approaching and we already know that we were
rival in those environments. But overall, a group hopes that we
finish adult with a totally dry weekend to continue a growth of
a BMW M 1000 RR. we consider we are in a unequivocally good place, a riders are
feeling unequivocally good about a course of a bike over a last
three, 4 races and we are looking brazen to removing a eventuality underway.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“I’ve been to Most, though that was 13 years ago. we watched an
on-board path on YouTube and beheld that we have lost half of the
track, so it we consider one can contend that it’s like a new circuit for me.
So in a initial integrate of laps we will only try to learn a lane and
find some markers, braking points and things like that. The final couple
of weekends, we saw that we were creation progress. The opening to the
lectern was removing smaller and smaller. So we now have to try and find
these final integrate of tenths, generally on competition pace, to be means to
quarrel for a podium. It is formidable to contend what to design for this
weekend on a new lane though this is a goal, for sure.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “I am
apparently unequivocally many looking brazen to a new venture. we have been to
a Czech Republic a series of times before though Most is a new circuit
for myself and we trust for many of a WorldSBK paddock. This is
going to be unequivocally engaging and hopefully now with a bottom set-up of
a new BMW M 1000 RR we can have a clever start to a weekend and
demeanour to build on this in credentials for a races even if we only
have a tiny volume of time on Friday to do so. The weekend will be a
kind of an indeterminate one in terms of formula since many of the
teams are going there with 0 information. we am looking brazen to
this new challenge.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “I am unequivocally looking
brazen to Most after a competition weekend in Assen was such a positive
one – detached from a crash. We had unequivocally good gait there. We are now
looking to continue during Most where we left off during Assen. The circuit is
not distant from me, so we can probably call it a home race. we wish a lot
of German fans make a trip. we am looking brazen to WorldSBK’s debut
during Most. we can frequency wait.”




*Information from a International German Motorcycle Championship
(IDM) – no information for WorldSBK accessible yet.