Mopar Dodge//SRT Duo Pritchett, Hagan Score Poles in NHRA New England Nationals Qualifying

July 7, 2018

, Epping, New Hampshire

Top Fuel motorist Leah Pritchett and Funny Car racer Matt Hagan finished off an considerable dual days of subordinate for Mopar Dodge//SRT competitors during a NHRA New England Nationals by progressing their reason on a tip starting spots in their classes streamer into rejecting rounds on Sunday, Jul 8, during New England Dragway.
Pritchett sped to her second stick of a deteriorate in her Mopar Dodge Top Fuel appurtenance before a sellout throng in Epping, New Hampshire, earning her second uninterrupted No. 1 qualifier symbol during a venue and ninth altogether of her career. The No. 1 qualifier symbol in Funny Car was a third of a deteriorate for Sandvik Coromant Mopar Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car motorist Hagan, his initial during New England Dragway and a 33rd of his career.
Don Schumacher Racing (DSR) star Pritchett carried her factory-backed Mopar Dodge Top Fuel dragster to a No. 1 position in a second subordinate eventuality on Friday, regulating HEMI®-engine energy to uncork a 3.742-second elapsed time (ET) during 324.51 mph that jumped her from sixth adult to a tip spot.
The Friday dusk run also warranted a six-time Top Fuel eventuality personality 3 reward points, and Pritchett combined 3 some-more on Saturday when she was second quickest in her initial subordinate try and third quickest in Q4. Gunning for her second win of a season, Pritchett will open eliminations on Sunday opposite Audrey Worm.
Carrying movement from his feat during a many new NHRA eventuality in Ohio dual weeks ago, Hagan warranted dual reward points and was No. 2 after his initial subordinate attempt. The fortifying Epping eventuality personality combined 3 some-more points and changed his DSR Mopar Dodge Funny Car adult to No. 1 with a 3.932/320.20 pass that hold adult by Saturday’s dual final subordinate rounds. Hagan was once again quickest on a charts in Q4, upping to 8 his subordinate reward points total.
Hagan now sits alone in second in a Funny Car standings and will compare adult initial with Terry Haddock as he seeks his second uninterrupted win of 2018 and his second true during Epping.  
The whole DSR Funny Car patrol dominated in qualifying, with Hagan heading all 4 Mopar Dodge drivers in posting a 4 quickest passes in a final subordinate eventuality on Saturday. Mopar-powered Infinite Hero Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car motorist “Fast” Jack Beckman followed tighten behind his stablemate during qualifying, banking dual reward points en lane to locking down a No. 2 symbol and a date with Jeff Diehl.
Ron Capps, a two-time Epping personality (most of any motorist in a Funny Car class), collected 4 reward points and parked another Mopar Dodge in a top-five starting symbol by claiming a fourth positon. He’ll matchup in a must-see initial turn conflict with stream points personality Courtney Force. Make-A-Wish Dodge Charger motorist Tommy Johnson Jr. done it 4 DSR entries in a tip half of a Funny Car margin and warranted dual reward points with a second quickest run in Q4. Johnson will start No. 8 on Sunday and line adult in a initial turn opposite Cruz Pedregon.
Tony Schumacher done it a 1-2 finish on a subordinate charts for Mopar-powered Top Fuel machines. The eight-time Top Fuel World Champion and two-time NHRA New England Nationals personality raced to a No. 2 symbol and faces Jim Maroney in turn one.
Mopar Dodge//SRT Notes Quotes
(best elapsed time in bold)
Leah Pritchett, Mopar Dodge Top Fuel Dragster
Qualified No. 1, will face No. 16 Audrey Worm
Friday: (4.194 seconds during 203.52 mph – Q1); (3.742/324.51 – Q2)
Saturday: (4.044/245.23 – Q3); (3.858/319.75 – Q4)

“I consider a pivotal to a movement for anybody that’s personification for Sunday is to variegate their portfolio. The final time we were successful during that was in Atlanta when we won. Last year we always looked brazen to Q2 since we had a plain Q1. We found some problems heading adult to this competition that let us get a plain run down on Q1 so we could chuck all during it, all a Mopar energy on Q2. (That run) was accurately what we wanted and afterwards we used Saturday as use for competition day.  The movement is there, and we have all a faith and certainty in this team. They never give up, they’re always steady and a tough work is profitable off. I’m unequivocally proud.

“We always have a good volume of certainty since of a classification that we’re with. We have a good pool of talent, though we do feel like now we have that additional turn of confidence. Finally, a competition automobile is doing what we tell it to do, and we know that’s been humiliating for (crew chief) Todd (Okuhara) who’s been undone by that. It’s been like a box of Unsolved Mysteries, and to solve a lot of that this weekend feels unequivocally good. The final time we competent No. 1 was Houston and that’s when we were a Mopar automobile so it feels good for both Top Fuel and Funny Car to be on tip for Mopar since they unequivocally put all of a energy behind us.”
Matt Hagan, Sandvik Coromant Mopar Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
Qualified No. 1, will face No. 16 Terry Haddock
Friday: (4.012 seconds during 304.67 mph – Q1); (3.932/322.04 – Q2)
Saturday: (4.112/311.05 – Q3); (4.027/318.47 – Q4)

“We’ve got a good racecar right now. It’s going down a racetrack each lap, it’s using on 8 cylinders. (Crew chief) Dickie (Venables) has a unequivocally good hoop on a tune-up right now and that builds confidence. That certainty carries over to me as a driver, usually being means to concentration on a lights adult there and not meditative about either a automobile is going to go down a lane or not or either I’m going to have to pedal or do what we have to do.

“Everything kind of sets itself adult off of Q1. That’s what we’ve been observant all year long, if we go down Q1 we set yourselves adult for Q2. Then once you’re there we get something to work off of Q1 and we can see Dickie kind of like ‘Okay we’re here, this is what we gotta do,’ and it usually goes from there. You give a man a run or dual and he’s flattering lethal with it. Sometimes we skip it Q1 and afterwards we’re behind a whole weekend. Being means to come out here and lay down a good array and be No. 2 out of a box, usually carrying that to work off of was good.”

Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
Qualified No. 2, will face No. 15 Jeff Diehl
Friday: (4.066 seconds during 317.04 mph – Q1); (3.956/320.20 – Q2)
Saturday: (4.542/190.48 – Q3); (4.042/317.87 – Q4)

“Finally removing a tune-up behind into that window where we have a likely competition car. Once we have a likely competition car, it’s not a large step to make it a discerning competition car. Right now we consider we are creation comprehensive strides. we consider that Monday exam in Norwalk helped us a bunch. we can't wait to get into competition day.”

Tony Schumacher, U.S. Army Top Fuel Dragster
Qualified No. 2, will face No. 15 Jim Maroney
Friday: (5.193 seconds during 132.71 mph – Q1); (3.744/330.31 – Q2)
Saturday: (4.838/149.96 – Q3); (4.757/154.72 – Q4)

“You have to pull a pouch infrequently to get ahead. That’s what this U.S. Army group does. We continue to pull ourselves. Mike Neff and Phil Shuler aren’t going to behind down and they are driven to make this group unchanging winners. We were oh so tighten on that final run to creation a accurate path we were perplexing to make. You have a feverishness currently and everybody is factoring in that. We went behind to what we did during Bristol, where were shifting down a lane in prohibited conditions, and afterwards we see a integrate cars put adult some midst 3.80s and we adjust to that. We usually missed it slightly. we can feel how tighten a automobile is. We’re vehement for tomorrow. Our idea for a second half of a deteriorate is to be a best on Sunday’s and we’ve got a good event tomorrow.”

Ron Capps, NAPA Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
Qualified No. 4, will face No. 13 Courtney Force
Friday: (4.384 seconds during 209.69 mph – Q1); (3.978/320.89– Q2)
Saturday: (4.099/310.41 – Q3); (4.040/319.67 – Q4)

“That’s a approach it goes sometimes. The approach we see it is we’ve been trying, we have 6 races to make adult ground, and we wish to be No. 1 going into a Countdown. It’s a prolonged shot with her (Courtney Force) approach out in front of us, though there’s usually one approach to do it and that’s take caring of business ourselves and try to get that group out early. We don’t ask to competition them, they’re a good group though there’s a possibility now to make some belligerent up.”

Tommy Johnson Jr., Make-A-Wish Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car
Qualified No. 8, will face No. 9 Cruz Pedregon
Friday: (4.026 seconds during 316.82 mph – Q1); (4.023/322.58 – Q2)
Saturday: (4.222/238.68 – Q3); (4.036/317.49 – Q4)

“I consider with competition day conditions likely to be identical to what we had here in a final run that’s a good run. We were second-best of a eventuality to finish qualifying, that should be flattering good. If we can continue a coherence on competition day, dual 4.02s and a 4.03, that should win some rounds.”

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FOX Sports 1 will promote 3 hours of live eliminations coverage of a NHRA New England Nationals starting during 1:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, Jul 8.

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