Mixed feelings for BMW Motorrad Motorsport on WorldSBK Saturday during Assen.

Assen. BMW Motorrad Motorsport gave a clever opening in
Saturday’s competition during Assen (NED) to endorse a ceiling trend in the
FIM Superbike World Championship, though a critical collision for Jonas
Folger (GER) overshadowed a good results. Running in seventh
place, a supplement from a BMW satellite group Bonovo MGM Racing
crashed out only before a finish. After initial examinations in
a Medical Centre, Folger was eliminated to sanatorium for further
checks as a precautionary measure, that he was means to leave again
in a meantime. Michael outpost der Mark (NED) from a BMW Motorrad
WorldSBK Team was fourth in a initial competition on his home circuit. His
team-mate Tom Sykes (GBR), who started from 20th on a grid, was
personal seventh.


Folger had been a fastest BMW supplement after a clever opening in
a morning’s Superpole. He claimed sixth spot, on a second quarrel of
a grid. Van der Mark finished Superpole in ninth place. Sykes
endured some behind luck, as a technical emanate prevented him from taking
to a lane until a finish of a session. He chalked adult the
second-fastest time though a path was not personal as it had begun
only a few fractions of a second too late. As Sykes’ time did not
count, he had to start from 20th on a grid.


All 3 BMW riders gave impressively clever performances in the
competition itself. At a start, Folger shielded his sixth place, outpost der
Mark fell behind for a brief duration and Sykes changed adult 5 positions
true away. However, outpost der Mark sprinted quick adult by the
field, reaching fifth place on path three. One path later, he was in
fourth and vigilant on shutting a opening to a heading trio. Folger held
on to sixth mark before dropping down one place on path 16. Meanwhile,
Sykes continued to work his approach adult by a margin from a back,
reaching eighth position. Folger, however, crashed out dual laps before
a end, heading to an evident red flag.


Quotes after competition one during Assen.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “The
many critical thing is that Jonas is doing flattering good after that
fall. That was a day of churned feelings for us. We had to switch
Michael’s engine in a morning and he was incompetent to attend in
a third giveaway use session. We had a technical problem with Tom
during qualifying. We were means to repair that and he still available a
quick lap, that would have been good adequate for second place though the
path was not personal as he crossed a line only shortly after the
finish of a event definition that he started from 20th on a grid.
After blank out on practice, Michael put in a good path to secure
ninth place in qualifying. Jonas was doing unequivocally good and it was
good to see him placed so high up. At a start of a race, Michael
was pushed far-reaching on spin one and fell behind to 13th place, though he
recovered from that unequivocally quick and finished fourth in a end, 1.2
seconds divided from a podium. That was a unequivocally clever performance,
that we had not approaching after this morning. Tom also rode a very
good competition after starting during a back. In a second half of a race,
he was a fastest supplement out there with his path times. Starting from
sixth on a grid, Jonas was means to keep gait unequivocally good and we could
see that a work had paid off. Unfortunately, he crashed out on one
of a fastest corners on this circuit and slid underneath a air-fence.
We were blissful to get a news that he is doing good after some initial
examinations. We will start from a same positions tomorrow though if we
furnish a same spin of opening in a competition as we did today, we
are good set to aim for a lectern finish.”  


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“Both riders unequivocally showed their fighting spirit. After
carrying missed this morning’s FP3, Michael struggled a bit in Superpole
to make best use of his tyre so he did a unequivocally good pursuit to put it on
a third quarrel of a grid. Tom sadly had a technical issue, and to
skip a checkered dwindle by so narrowly and his lap, that would have
put him second on a grid, not counting unequivocally was vicious fitness for
him. So he had to start from a behind though both riders did a fantastic
pursuit in a race. Michael mislaid a lot of time entrance together with Lucas
Mahias in a standard initial dilemma m�lange though fought behind unequivocally well. I
consider if it wasn’t for that he could have been in a conflict for the
lectern positions since finishing only a bit some-more of a second behind
when a red dwindle came out showed how most swell he had made. And
equally Tom came by unequivocally good from a grid. We will take that
outcome and build on that. Tomorrow is another day and altogether it has
been a good pursuit in a circumstances. we am unequivocally unapproachable of a guys and
all a tough work they have finished on and off a track. We are looking
brazen to tomorrow.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It
was a tough Saturday, to be honest. This morning, we did not do any
laps as we had a automatic problem and so we went true into
Superpole. We suspicion we can do dual laps with a subordinate tyre but
we could only do one so it was utterly tough. P9 on a grid wasn’t
great, and also my start was not a best. we had some wheelieing and
mislaid some positions there, afterwards we got a bit of wrangling with another
supplement going into spin one and a initial path wasn’t unequivocally clean, but
afterwards true divided we had a good gait and we managed to pass some riders
one by one. At a finish we had a identical gait as a guys in front of me
who were fighting for a lectern though we only could not get any closer.
We need to find a small bit additional hold to have a gait so we can
conflict with them.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It has been a
small bit of a impression building day. We have been detrimental in
Superpole and that set a stage for a opening competition today. We had a
slight technical issue; satisfactory play to a marshals who brought a bike
back. The boys did an unimaginable pursuit to get me behind out there and we
managed to get a path in that was good adequate for second position on
a grid though unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Then during a start of the
race, we finished an excusable initial path and divided we went. Unfortunately
we had some limitations, we feel we had an emanate that finished it
formidable for me to consistently make a apex. We will check that and
again, we know a bike a small bit more. For tomorrow we will
make some changes. Overall, it was again a clever display from BMW
from a not so good start position. Michael rode a unequivocally clever competition and
it is only explanation that we have been operative hard.”