Mission America’s Cup defence: BMW Motorsport designed steering circle for ORACLE TEAM USA racing yacht presented during Detroit Auto Show.

  • BMW presents America’s Cup joining during Auto Show in Detroit.
  • BMW Motorsport record used to optimise ORACLE TEAM USA
    (OTUSA)’s America’s Cup Class (AC50) racing yacht.
  • BMW house member Dr Robertson presents innovative steering
    circle to OTUSA skipper Jimmy Spithill.


Detroit. Dr Ian Robertson, Member of a Board of Management
of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW used a North American
International Auto Show in Detroit (USA) in a Defender’s home
nation to launch a countdown to a 35th America’s
Cup. ORACLE TEAM USA will be out to win a many desired sailing
prize in a universe for a third time in a quarrel when a America’s
Cup Match takes place off a seashore of Bermuda in June. BMW is the
Defender’s Technology Partner and supports a pattern group with
engineering imagination from a universe of vehicle manufacturing. Dr
Robertson handed over an innovative steering circle that optimises
a perfectionist steering of a high-tech catamarans, enabling them to
“fly” some-more steadily. This is a many critical cause for speed in
a complicated America’s Cup.

“We are really unapproachable to be Global Partner of a 35th America’s Cup,
that is a many technically perfectionist sailing eventuality in a world,”
pronounced Dr. Robertson. “BMW also supports ORACLE TEAM USA as Technology
Partner with engineering expertise, including a optimisation of
aerodynamics, to emanate a ‘Ultimate Sailing Machine’. Now that the
boats are able of ‘flying’, they need a totally opposite kind
of steering system. The same BMW engineers that pattern a BMW
Motorsport competition automobile steering wheels grown a lightweight,
discerning steering circle for ORACLE TEAM USA, that helps a team
follow profitable seconds as they urge a America’s Cup in June.”

The new steering circle is a outcome of a plan launched during a
record seminar during a Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World
Series eventuality in New York in May. It will underline on house a new
America’s Cup Class catamaran, that a Defender will benefaction in
February. “The America’s Cup Class catamarans are unbelievably quick on
a foils. However, determining and steering these yachts is very
complex,” pronounced Jimmy Spithill, skipper of ORACLE TEAM USA. “This
steering circle is an optimal resolution for adjusting a rudder and
foils. we am anxious with a new complement grown by a BMW race
engineers, as a yacht that can ‘fly’ a longest has a best chance
of winning a race.”

The AC50 catamarans seem to soar weightlessly above a H2O on
their foils. However, what might seem free is indeed a result
of a consistent composition of a foils in a water. In sequence to allow
a yacht to ‘fly’ but respite, a navigator contingency adjust a angle
of a daggerboard foil and rudder foil on a second-by-second basement to
fit a course, wind, speed and position of a opposition. To pull
off all this during probably a same time, he needs an intelligent and
discerning steering module, that works with comprehensive precision,
identical to a steering circle in a racing car. The BMW Motorsport
engineers are really informed with such demands. As in competitive
sailing, a BMW works drivers competing in tellurian GT races, endurance
classics and a German Touring Car Masters (DTM) need a high-tech
steering complement that is discerning to work and allows multitasking.


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