MINI Yours Customised: From a strange to a personalised singular special.

Munich. Individualisation customary of MINI reaches a
new level. The British reward automobile manufacturer uses MINI Yours
Customised to offer a business a event of providing
comparison ascent products with a pattern they have comparison themselves.
They can afterwards renovate their possess automobile into a privately styled
customised special. The innovative package will turn accessible in
a march of 2018 for lots of MINI models in Europe and other large
markets. The MINI Yours Customised product operation will embody the
indicator inlays famous as side scuttles, trims for a newcomer side
in a interior, LED doorway sills and LED doorway projectors.

Customers can select, pattern and method a ascent collection accessible in
a product operation of MINI Yours Customised during a new Online Shop
privately grown for a new package. The individualised products
will afterwards be made regulating innovative prolongation procedures such
as 3D copy and laser lettering. The modernized prolongation process
permits accurate doing of customer’s wishes. The individually
designed products will be delivered within a space of only a few
weeks. The collection have been designed so that they can be integrated in
a automobile by a patron or by a participating MINI service
partner. The patron can do this some-more than once. This ensures that if
a automobile is sole after a individualised components can be exchanged.

MINI as a colonize for individualisation, digitalisation and 3D printing

The product operation offering by MINI Yours Customised will once again
make a British reward code a colonize and trendsetter in a area
of patron orientation, enlargement of digital services and the
investiture of innovative prolongation processes. Individualisation
has always been rarely valued in a worldwide MINI community. The
unusually vast farrago of special apparatus and strange MINI
accessories already provides business currently with comprehensive
opportunities to conclude observable accents when conceptualizing their
MINI. Designing a automobile is now extended to embody a creative
communication between a manufacturer and a customer. In this
process, MINI offers a patron an event to name between
opposite options and integrates them actively in a pattern process
while maintaining a customary MINI denunciation of design. MINI fans are
means to make a preference between opposite colours, patterns, surface
finishes and icons when conceptualizing MINI Yours Customised products. They
can also confederate their possess texts and their signature into the
design. This forlorn leisure of pattern allows business to
renovate their MINI into a singular special tangible by their personal
character and their possess creativity. Customers can also cgange their design
during any time to compare a change in their aspirations and adopt uninformed ideas.

MINI is committed to digitalisation and innovative production
procedures for realising particular patron wishes. Alongside the
tellurian web shop, a totally new placement method has been
commissioned for approach sales to a customer. Equally, a 3D printing
procession has been privately tailored to a prolongation of individual
products in vast numbers for a MINI Yours Customised package.

Configuration is carried out in an Online Shop dedicated to a new
product range. The integrated user-friendly and stretchable Customiser is
a innovative centrepiece of a web shop. It has totally new
design, structure and programming.  The designs comparison and saved by
a patron will be eliminated in digital form to a appropriate
prolongation trickery after a method routine has been finished and the
information will be used there directly in a analogous production
complement for a make of a singular products. For example, the
digitally tranquil 3D printer will accept instructions on a basis
of a information total in a march of configuration, in method to
furnish scuttles and trims in precisely a form designed by the
customer. All MINI Yours Customised products will be constructed at
prolongation comforts in Germany.

The 3D printers used in this routine are all rarely professional
prolongation comforts that were precisely configured for this purpose
by a BMW Group by vital partnerships with a companies
Hewlett-Packard Inc., Carbon Inc. and EOS GmbH. This is a initial time
that they have been in a position to supply a particularly
high-grade cosmetic qualities comparison for a MINI Yours Customised
programme. The computer-based laser lettering for prolongation of the
doorway sill with customer-specific styling has also been designed
privately to compare a difficult product-quality discipline of
MINI. As a result, all MINI Yours Customised products are in
consent with a same high standards of form, functionality and
haven as a components granted from a bureau in a original
MINI operation of accessories.

Online configuration: templates and pattern worlds as a
height for a eternal creativity of MINI customers.

Customer march and palliate of use were a inaugural considerations
when a Online Shop was designed for MINI Yours Customised products.
When a personal designs are produced, a user is guided by the
particular handling stages as they emanate their personal pattern and
they are means to give giveaway rein to their creativity within this
framework. For example, a side scuttles and a trims can be
designed with colours, aspect finishes and patterns in any sequence.
Finishes and patterns are non-static in scale and can be scaled to meet
your requirements. The user is also supposing with a list of design
worlds from that thematically tailored colours and colours, and
specific icons can be selected. The distance can be sundry and the
facilities can be openly configured within a pattern field. The design
worlds contain icons from contexts such as travel, active leisure
activities, and a abounding and sundry story of a MINI. In addition,
users are supposing with a content margin that they can fill in, scale and
position. There is space for artistic countenance here in method to
immortalise information like a name of a driver, newcomer or
vehicle, as good as a personal summary in a pattern of the
MINI Yours Customised product. Right adult to a indicate when the
configurations have been completed, users can pierce effortlessly
between a particular preference stairs in method to ideally compare up
colours, patterns, icons and lettering.

A operation of opposite colours, patterns and icons from a individual
pattern worlds is also accessible for conceptualizing a bright door
sills and a LED doorway projectors. These pattern facilities can be
supplemented by content that can be openly formulated in a dedicated
field. This provides an total series of opposite versions that
can be total from combinations of colours, patterns, icons and
lettering to emanate a personal signature expressing a attitude,
particular interests and lifestyle of a MINI driver.

If business wish to offer raise their fun with artistic design,
they can share their possess designs with other users by shade shot and
couple for pattern in amicable media.  This is how additional inspiration
is total within a MINI community. If issues come adult during the
pattern process, users can phone or e-mail a experts during the
call centre determined privately for a MINI Yours Customised
programme during any time.

MINI side scuttles customised: Maximum farrago of colours,
finishes, patterns, icons and lettering.

The rims for a side indicator inlays famous as side scuttles are
made in a 3D procession and afterwards embellished in a colour shade
preferred by a patron – Aspen White matt, Chili Red matt, Jet Black
matt, Melting Silver matt or White Silver matt. A choice of surface
finishes and patterns is also accessible for particular configuration.
Each of these options is scalable. Icons from 4 pattern worlds and a
margin for openly formulated texts finish a options for individual
design. It is also probable to yield a side skip with different
designs for a left and right side of a automobile – for instance the
name of a motorist and passenger.

The side scuttles from a MINI Yours Customised programme are each
granted as a dyad in multiple with white instruction indicators.
These are accessible for a MINI 3-door and a MINI 5-door cars and
a MINI automobile in a stream indication range. The shave mechanism
used to mountain customary components can be used for public on a side
panels of a particular vehicle. This allows a side scuttles to be
substituted in a few elementary stairs so they can be altered to fit the
wishes of users.

MINI trim customised: Lots of space for creativity in a interior.

The trim from a MINI Yours Customised programme is also constructed in
a veteran 3D copy procedure. It is a ideal identification
underline for creativity in a interior of a MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door
or MINI automobile automobiles in a stream indication generation. The
trim can be precisely integrated in a dashboard on a passenger
side where it replaces a factory-mounted trim. If necessary, the
trim can be exchanged during any time with another away designed
version. A exigency for this is a upgrading of a automobile with
an suitable base.

A choice of colours between Aspen White matt, Chili Red matt,
Starlight Blue matt, Moonwalk Grey matt and Jet Black matt is
accessible for pattern of a trim. A vast preference of surface
finishes, striking patterns and icons from opposite thesis worlds
emanate additional opportunities for particular styling. There is also
space for execution of a content margin by a patron that same to the
icons can be openly configured in any distance on a aspect of a trim.

MINI LED doorway trims Customised: Welcome to a personally
designed MINI.

The bright doorway trims from a MINI Yours Customised programme
offer as an eye-catcher for a MINI motorist and passengers when the
doors are opened. The pattern options give business a choice between
a versions brushed and black aluminium and between several scalable
elementary patterns. Icons from opposite pattern worlds can also be added
to a mix. The MINI motorist can also literally leave their own
artistic signature behind on this MINI Yours Customised product. The
content margin can be finished as a user wishes with name or messages
regulating uppercase letters and in a form of a user’s possess signature.

The pattern total by a patron is stamped regulating high-quality
laser technology. Individually configurable doorway sills are granted to
compare a particular indication with dual – for a MINI 3-door automobiles
and a MINI automobile – or 4 – for a MINI 5-door automobile
and a new MINI Clubman. They can be precisely bound to the
particular entrance area with a glue pads supplied. The MINI LED
doorway trims customised for a motorist and newcomer doors have LED
enlightenment but any wiring. Their bright margin is activated
by a captivating switch when a doorway is opened. This is partial of the
range of supply as are symbol batteries for energy supply including two
haven batteries and a required public and dismantling tools.
The doorway trims for a back are not illuminated. During the
pattern process, a patron has a choice of conceptualizing each
of a dual or 4 doorway trims independently.

MINI LED Door Projector Customised: clever vigilance for individuality.

The doorway projectors from MINI Yours Customised yield another
considerable and matchless underline when entering and ingress from the
car. They emanate enlightenment that can be away designed and is
projected onto a building in a particular entrance areas by an LED light
source when a motorist and newcomer doors are opened. The hole of
a projection is between 40 and 50 centimetres. Several patterns are
accessible for a pattern of a projection in a colours Chili Red,
Starlight Blue and Black total with White. The user can create
additional individualisation by adding icons from several design
worlds, as good as content and signature in apart focus steps.
There is also an choice of configuring a opposite pattern for the
motorist and newcomer side.

The LED doorway projectors from a MINI Yours Customised Programme can
be commissioned in vehicles of a stream MINI era and in
prototype models. The exigency is that they already have door
projectors or doorway entrance lights. If a vehicles are propitious with door
projectors, a existent slides can simply be substituted with a MINI
Yours Customised products designed by a customer. The range of
supply for all other vehicles includes slides and projectors to
reinstate a doorway entrance lights commissioned during a factory. In both cases,
public can be carried out in a few elementary steps.