MINI renewed a partnership with Pitti Immagine. MINI returned to Pitti Uomo for a 91st edition, that ran from 10 to 13 Jan during a Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

Florence. MINI returned to Florence and a venue at
a Fortezza da Basso for a 91st book of Pitti Uomo and also
renewed a partnership with Pitti Immagine for 2017, confirming a
common passion for creation and an inherited courtesy to detail,
peculiarity and a integrity to pull serve in sequence to anticipate
new trends.


MINI and Pitti Immagine focusing together on rising talents.

Passion, creation and investigate are a countenance of a creative
partnership, fake between MINI and Pitti Immagine, mixing two
worlds joined by values and objectives that are related to a
contemporary lifestyle approach.

The partnership between a dual companies continued for Pitti Uomo
91, that ran from 10 to 13 Jan during a Fortezza da Basso in
Florence: focusing again on rising talent in a conform world, on
a latest lifestyle trends and civic culture.

MINI so becomes a impulse for designers and rising artists,
not usually for a cultured qualities, though also for a inlet of
posterior passions and impactful ideas.


MINI FLUID FASHION meets The Latest Fashion Buzz.

In this book of Pitti Uomo, MINI and Pitti Immagine were coming
together again to give petrify support to general fashion
designers by presenting The Latest Fashion Buzz.

Within a space during Piazzale delle Ghiaie, MINI was hosting 6 young
and rising conform designers comparison together with Pitti Immagine,
L’Uomo Vogue and GQ, who had a event to benefaction their
collections and strictly uncover themselves to a universe of fashion.


David Catalán (Spain), Estelita Mendonça (Portugal), Feng Chen Wang
(China), Sissi Goetze (Germany), Pronounce (China), Luca Magliano
(Italy) – these talents from opposite countries and educational and
veteran backgrounds had been comparison on a basement of a theme
MINI FLUID FASHION “Bold Meets Genderless”, MINI’s
interpretation of conform being confidant and boundless, transcending
exemplary manners and addressing a heterogeneous, gender-fluid target.


Among a 6 immature gifted designers, Pronounce (China) stood out
for his ability to mix creativity and an innovative use of
materials in a informative melting pot, enriched by his personal
practice as a complicated cosmopolitan, winning himself one year of free
education offering by CREATIVE AND MORE, a talent scouting group in fashion.


The MINI Space represented not usually a business space though also a
loll and public indicate where visitors could take a mangle and breathe
in an atmosphere of innovation, style, pattern and lifestyle; a place
where generations of conform designers, buyers, press and visitors
could understand not usually a formula of a partnership, though above all
a village of visions and values that connect MINI and Pitti Immagine,
a automotive and pattern universe with that of conform and lifestyle.


MINI and Pitti

The Pitti Immagine is an annual trade uncover hold in Italy with a focus
on fashion. The Pitti Uomo, a trade uncover exclusively for men’s
fashion, has been hold twice a year in Florence given 1972 and
promotes young, arriving and infrequently radical conform labels.
MINI and Pitti Immagine have been operative together on several projects
given Jan 2015.

During past Pitti Uomo editions, MINI showed that a truth and
pattern imagination can also be practical outward of a automotive world:
At Pitti Uomo 88, MINI presented a “MINI Gentleman’s Collection”,
designed together with 6 immature Italian talents. The six-part capsule
collection total Italian trade with artistic and innovative details.


During Pitti Uomo’s 90th edition, MINI presented a MINI
FLUID FASHION plug collection, a limited-run sweatshirt collection
grown in partnership with 5 international, up-and-coming
designers. The comparison talents interpreted a optimistic, open and
eternal opinion of a MINI code in 5 opposite fashion
statements on a sweatshirt designed by MINI.


Following a outrageous success of these activities, a collaboration
with immature designers and talents will continue during a 92nd
Pitti Uomo in Jun 2017.



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