MINI prepared for Silk Way Rally 2018.

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Silk Way Rally 2018

05 Jul 2018


MINI prepared for Silk Way Rally 2018


  • Two MINI John Cooper Works Rally choice for Silk Way Rally 2018.
  • Significantly revised track sees eventuality apart into two
    apart races.
  • First book of Silk Way Rally 2018 will be contested in
    Russia only.


Munich. Two MINI crews of Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) with Timo
Gottschalk (GER) and Joan ‘Nani’ Roma (ESP) with Alex Haro (ESP)
will choice for a start of a 2018 Silk Way Rally in Russia. The
lectern eventuality will be staged in Astrakhan on Friday 20 Jul before
a seven-day, 3,570km competition starts a following day.


Unlike a prior book of Silk Way Rally, this year the
competitors will not transport opposite Kazakhstan to cranky a limit into
China. They will instead finish a competition in Moscow on 27 Jul before
contesting a second book of a convene in China this September. 


It will be a tiresome start to a convene for drivers and navigators
with a marathon theatre designed for day dual – this means that the
competitors will have no overnight support from their group or
mechanics during this partial of a race.


Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) is no foreigner to Silk Way Rally, having
contested a prior dual events with MINI and X-raid. In 2016,
together with this year’s co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER), a pair
enjoyed success with a second place finish overall, including two
theatre wins along a way. For 2017, with unchanging co-driver Gottschalk
injured, Al Rajhi was interconnected with Tom Colsoul (BEL) and a driver
gifted a some-more formidable race.


Despite a clever start, finishing fourth in theatre one, a pairing
faced poignant hurdles and a ensuing chastisement on day two,
forcing them down to 41st place overall. Refusing to give
in though, a span battled tough and scored a tip 10 finish overall.
However, Al Rajhi is looking brazen to returning to a eventuality in the
MINI John Cooper Works Rally with his unchanging co-driver.


Al Rajhi: “We have lustful memories of a convene and
finishing second in 2016. The routes are always good and diversified
and we are extraordinary to find out what we will have to cope with in
Russia. It is a empathize that China will be wanting and a rally
hence will be distant shorter, though a routes in Russia are
anything though easy so it will still be a challenge. We had success with
a new win during a Kazakhstan rally, so we’re anticipating to replicate that.”


For associate MINI competitor, Joan ‘Nani’ Roma, a Silk Way Rally will
be a totally new challenge. The gifted convene motorist has never
before raced in Russia. He will be accompanied in a MINI John Cooper
Works Rally by unchanging co-driver and associate Spaniard Alex Haro. The
competition signals a pair’s lapse to racing following Nani Roma’s
liberation from conduct and neck injuries postulated during a third stage
of a 2018 Dakar Rally.


Roma: “After a prolonged break, we are finally behind in
a cockpit of a MINI. We have used a lot and are prepared for
a prolonged stages that we will have to face, though Alex and we will
positively need some time to find a rhythm. we am looking brazen to
a event, even some-more so since we have not contested a convene in
Russia. It’s a empathize that China is not partial of a report as the
dunes would have helped us to ready for a 2019 Dakar in Peru.”


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