MINI during a 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Munich. MINI is moulding a destiny of civic mobility
by providing pushing fun in augmenting diversity. At a 2017
Frankfurt Motor Show, a British reward code gives visitors an
sense of how a observable MINI feeling will rise in future
to cover a broader operation over a stream indication program. Innovative
concepts and technologies yield additional room for particular flair
and rarely romantic experiences, while stability to raise the
stirring sharp-witted and indication potency that are customary of MINI.

The MINI Electric Concept showcased in Frankfurt for a first
time embodies a whole new dimension of a brand’s characteristic
go-kart feeling, now mixing it with locally emission-free mobility.
The judgment automobile conveys a summary of tolerable urban
travel in MINI impression while during a same time previewing a
volume prolongation indication that will follow soon. The initial purely
electrically powered MINI to be made in large-scale production
will go on a highway in 2019 – precisely 60 years after a classic
Mini was initial launched. It will make electromobility a highly
romantic knowledge that combines pushing fun, impression and individual
aptitude – as is evil of a MINI brand.

Lots of pushing fun on a tiny aspect area – this traditional
component will sojourn an constituent partial of MINI in a future, too. It
is a elemental component of a impression that is subsequent from
fantastic engine racing success. 50 years ago a classical Mini
achieved a third undisguised feat during a Monte Carlo Rally. The MINI
ACV 30 judgment investigate presented 20 years ago, demonstrated usually how
many a model’s racing career shabby not usually a story of the
classical Mini though also a growth of a complicated MINI. The
Anniversary Concept Vehicle that came out right on time to symbol the
30th anniversary of a car’s third delight during a “Monte”
showed how a classical Mini’s evil pattern facilities – such as
a hexagon radiator grille and a vast round headlamps – could
be eliminated to a complicated automobile concept. The substructure mill was
laid for a new epoch full of pushing fun and particular impression in a
accumulation of forms.

Diversity and particular impression are also embodied by the
other elements of a MINI trade satisfactory showcase in Frankfurt. From 14
to 24 September, a British reward manufacturer presents a broad
cross-section of a range, containing elements drawn from a current
indication program, a abounding preference of discretionary apparatus and a latest
additions in a area of appendage and lifestyle products. The setting
for this arrangement of both stream and destiny equipment is Hall 11 during the
categorical opening to a Frankfurt trade satisfactory centre, a site that will be
common by a BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands.

More pushing fun, some-more style, no emissions: MINI Electric Concept.

The MINI Electric Concept is modern, precisionist and
good dynamic, providing a demeanour forward to a new form of urban
mobility giveaway of internal emissions that still guarantees unmistakable
pushing fun. The extemporaneous response of a electric engine to every
transformation of a accelerator adds a whole new dimension to hallmark
code agility. The absolute expostulate of a MINI Electric Concept draws
a appetite from a lithium-ion battery, ensuring limit operation and
customary MINI sharp-witted total with emission-free mobility.

The MINI Electric Concept not usually stands for increasing driving
fun, it also adds a hold some-more impression in internal emission-free city
traffic. Its pattern combines hallmark code proportions and design
facilities with specific sum reflecting a fact that is purely
electrically powered. Since a electric engine does not require
cooling air, a hexagonal front grille is sealed in sequence to enhance
a car’s aerodynamic properties. There are also twine glass
tie tools that revoke aerodynamic drag. The paint finish in
Reflection Silver and Interchange Yellow is suggestive of a MINI E
presented in 2008. Produced in a tiny array of some 600, a latter
was subjected to margin tests in bland pushing conditions, thereby
providing pivotal insights for a growth of a quite electrically
powered BMW i3.

The MINI Electric Concept is a subsequent step along a approach to
tolerable civic mobility. The BMW Group announced in Jul 2017 that
a enlargement of a indication operation to embody electrically powered
vehicles was to be a executive post of a corporate strategy. In this
connection, start of prolongation of a initial quite electric MINI was
announced for 2019. Based on a MINI 3 door, a electric vehicle
will be made during a MINI plant in Oxford. Its drivetrain will
be constructed during a Dingolfing and Landshut sites – a competence
centres for e-mobility within a BMW Group prolongation network.

Paving a approach for electric pushing fun:
the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4.

The universe premiere of a MINI Electric Concept comes
usually a few months after a launch of the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 (combined fuel consumption:
2.3 – 2.1 l/100 km; total energy consumption:
14.0 – 13.2 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions from fuel: 52 –
49 g/km). The initial plug-in hybrid indication of a British code is
already paving a approach for quite electric and therefore locally
emission-free pushing fun. Thanks to a battery operation of adult to 42
kilometres in a NEDC exam cycle, a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4
facilely overcomes a boundary of civic mobility but producing
any CO2 emissions during all. And tolerable MINI feeling is
ensured over city limits, too: a tip speed of 125 km/h is possible
in electric pushing mode.

This means that pristine electric energy is already sufficient to
take caring of many bland driving. The explosion engine comes into
play if a aloft turn of opening is required. Together a two
energy units furnish a complement outlay of 165 kW/224 hp. Here again, the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 offers an wholly distinctive
experience. The precisely tranquil interplay between a combustion
engine pushing a front wheels and a electric engine powering the
back wheels creates for an intelligent all-wheel expostulate complement that
guarantees autarchic pushing fun in all continue conditions and on all
highway surfaces.

MINI feeling in a reward compress segment: MINI Countryman
and MINI Clubman.

The launch of a indication various with plug-in hybrid
expostulate once again creates a MINI Countryman a colonize of a whole new
dimension of a customary go-kart feeling. Its prototype was
groundbreaking, too: it was a initial all-wheel expostulate indication of the
code to be means to hoop severe terrain, winning over additional
aim groups with a allege into a reward compress segment. The
stream era of a MINI Countryman offers even some-more space for
passengers and luggage and a conspicuous boost in float comfort and
functionality, as good as serve advancements in a areas of sporty
flair, potency and reward characteristics. In serve to the
plug-in hybrid drive, there are 3 petrol engines and 3 diesel
engines to select from for a all-rounder, and a all-wheel drive
complement ALL4 is accessible for 4 of these models.

The success of a MINI Clubman shows usually how good a British
code has now turn determined in a reward compress segment. In
this hotly competed automobile category, a singular physique judgment already
sets it detached from a rest. With a strikingly prolonged roof line, four
side doors and a dual separate doors during a rear, a MINI Clubman is
a complicated interpretation of a classical sharpened brake. Five
fully-fledged seats, a vast luggage cell and a different range
of options in terms of space placement means a indication perfectly
meets mobility needs that go distant over those of quite urban
mobility. The MINI Clubman is serve accessible with 3 petrol
engines and 3 diesel engines. The dual many absolute engines can be
total with a all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4 on request.

Three originals in a tiny automobile reward segment: MINI 3 door,
MINI 5 door, MINI Convertible.

The judgment investigate of a MINI Cooper for a 21st
century was presented during a Frankfurt Motor Show 20 years ago. A
singular success story began shortly afterwards: a relaunch of the
British code offering a new interpretation of a underlying principle
– namely limit interior space and functionality within a smallest
probable aspect area. The outcome was a initial tiny automobile in the
reward shred and a new original. The MINI now aroused
unrestrained with a flexible pushing properties, strenuously expressive
design, fascinating tradition and particular style.

The brand’s classical physique judgment is also embodied in a latest
era of a MINI 3 door. With a really excellent expostulate and chassis
technology, on-going motorist assistance systems and intelligent
connectivity, it meets a needs of complicated aim groups who attach
significance to pushing fun, innovative technology, peculiarity and
character. The new MINI 5 doorway demonstrates how a tradition-steeped
component of a crafty use of space can be modernized with a further
boost in functionality that formula from a physique extended in length
by 161 millimetres, dual additional doors and 3 seats during a rear.
The contingent of tiny automobile originals is dull off with a MINI
Convertible. In a purpose as a solitary reward automobile in a small
automobile segment, a four-seater is still peerless in a stream indication generation.

Four petrol engines and 3 diesel engines are accessible for
a MINI 3 doorway and a MINI 5 door. The MINI Convertible is available
in 3 petrol engine and dual diesel engine variants.

Top athletes of particular character: a John Cooper Works models.

The John Cooper Works models awaken passion for motor
racing. The indication preference of tip athletes now encompasses four
particular characters that all have one thing in common: an overall
package – comprising engine, cessation and both extraneous and interior
pattern – that was grown on a basement of sound racing experience
and fine-tuned on a competition track. This creates MINI John Cooper Works
a summary of limit opening in a reward tiny car. In the
MINI John Cooper Works Convertible, intensely sharp-witted scurry capacity
is total with extemporaneous open atmosphere pleasure.

Two additional impassioned athletes are also lined adult for a start
in a reward compress segment. The MINI John Cooper Works Clubman and
a MINI John Cooper Works Countryman communicate heated race-track
feeling total with total bland practicality. Both models put
a energy of their turbo engine on a highway around a customary all-wheel
expostulate complement ALL4.

For serve sum on central fuel expenditure figures,
central specific CO2 emissions and energy expenditure of new cars,
greatfully impute to a “Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions
and energy expenditure of new cars”, accessible during all sales outlets,
from Deutschen Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1,
73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at
Manual CO2 (PDF ‒ 2.7 MB)
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