IN-Campus Strategic Investment: New Technology Park for Future Projects

Construction of a site has already started on prejudiced areas of a former refinery site—in gripping with a swell of dirt decontamination. The initial constructional engineering magnitude there will be a plan house, a vast formidable done adult of 4 buildings. 42,000 m2 of bureau and seminar space will be accessible there to around 1,400 Audi employees and partner companies for innovative record projects. Development work will start there in late 2020. Wide-ranging infrastructure work for a whole construction territory 1 of a IN-Campus site is also now underway.

A vital strength of IN-Campus is a large, continual area of 75 hectares, a likes of that can't be found anywhere else in Ingolstadt. It offers an event to emanate a spacious, flexible, and appealing record park in that high tech and creativity co-exist. 60 hectares of a area will be used as a blurb and industrial park in a future, while a remaining 15 hectares will be easy to inlet and landscape. One serve advantage is a geographical location: The site is located tighten to Audi’s categorical plant and directly on a A9 freeway, that it skeleton to use as a digital exam area for a growth of unconstrained driving. The Ingolstadt Süd turnpike opening will be stretched for this purpose and accept a approach tie to IN-Campus.

Free access, open structures, and atmospheric outside comforts will be a hallmarks of a campus impression of a site. The aegis area is a immature mezzanine in a east, that facilitates a near-natural transition to a riverside woodland. The riverside woodland and a Danube run adjacent to a north of a site. IN-Campus connects a civic universe with a serenity of a Danube wetlands; it creates an interface between high tech and nature. From north to south—from a Danube to a Audi Sportpark—a far-reaching parkway with inexhaustible immature areas will run opposite IN-Campus in a future. This far-reaching “campus vein” will be a executive component of a site.

In further to a plan house, other high-rise buildings will turn off construction territory 1: a vehicle reserve center, an IT center, a duty building, a glow department, and an appetite center. The latter will act as a control core for a rarely technological energy-based judgment on a whole campus site.

IN-Campus is being built on a former refinery site in Ingolstadt, that was in operation for 43 years. In 2015, IN-Campus GmbH, a corner try of AUDI AG and a city of Ingolstadt, acquired this 75-hectare site. Renovation work started in a tumble of 2016 and is set to have been finished by a finish of 2022. The high-rise buildings in construction territory 1 are expected to have been finished by 2023.