• Hyundai Motor hints during distinguished settlement and considerable capabilities of a subsequent epoch hydrogen automobile during preview event
  • Advanced fuel dungeon record boosts range, opening and durability
  • Pure and relaxed settlement – desirous by inlet – reflects relaxing participation on a road
  • New indication to accelerate rollout of immature vehicles, as partial of Hyundai Motor Group’s new eco-vehicle expansion roadmap 

August 17, 2017 – Hyundai Motor has offering an early glance of a subsequent epoch fuel dungeon vehicle, good forward of a hydrogen-powered SUV’s central launch early subsequent year. At a special preview eventuality hold in Seoul, a near-production-ready chronicle exhibited a considerable capabilities while divulgence a unconventional design. The yet-to-be-named indication embodies Hyundai Motor’s joining to a new epoch for modernized eco-friendly automobile development.

Fourth epoch fuel dungeon system
The new SUV shown during a special eventuality previews Hyundai Motor’s second commercially constructed hydrogen indication and uses a company’s fourth epoch of hydrogen fuel dungeon technology. The vehicle, a capabilities and fuel dungeon technologies are an expansion of Hyundai Motor’s tellurian research, expansion and real-world analysis programs. The new automobile reinforces a company’s care in fuel cell-based electric-powertrain systems, total with imagination honed by a world’s initial blurb prolongation of a fuel dungeon automobile in 2013.

The new fuel dungeon indication was grown on 4 pivotal pillars that concentration on fuel dungeon element efficiency, opening (maximum output), durability, and tank storage density.

Fuel dungeon element efficiency: By enhancing fuel dungeon performance, shortening hydrogen consumption, and optimizing pivotal components, a vehicle’s potency is severely softened compared to a a predecesoor, a ix35 Fuel Cell (Tucson Fuel Cell in some markets). The new SUV boasts an potency turn of 60%, or a 9% boost from a ix35’s 55.3%. With extended element efficiency, a new indication targets a pushing operation of some-more than 580km on a singular assign (based on Korean contrast standards).

Performance (maximum output): The new model’s limit outlay is extended by 20% compared to a predecessor, braggadocio an considerable 163PS of power. The fuel dungeon SUV also improves a car’s cold start capability, overcoming a hurdles of starting fuel dungeon vehicles in temperatures subsequent frozen point. The vehicle’s pattern is optimized to concede it to be started during -30 degrees Celsius (22 degrees Fahrenheit), by incorporating pivotal components in a fuel smoke-stack grown by Hyundai Motor. In further to boosting a new car’s capabilities, a extended components – such as MEA (membrane electrode assembly) and bipolar plates – also helped to revoke prolongation costs.

Durability: By contracting rarely durable matter technology, a new hydrogen-powered SUV ensures even larger longevity than a predecessor.

Hydrogen storage: The subsequent epoch hydrogen automobile creates poignant improvements in tank storage density. The tank package now facilities 3 equally-sized tanks, as against to dual of opposite sizes. World-class tank gravimetric ability (hydrogen storage mass per tank weight) was achieved by innovations to a cosmetic ship settlement and fit layering pattern, that resulted in a rebate of thickness.

The mass-produced new automobile will also underline modernized motorist assistance technologies, alongside a endless hydrogen-powered range. The sum of a new ADAS facilities will be disclosed in Jan during a 2018 CES, along with a central indication name.

“With well-developed efficiency, relaxed styling, and uncompromised performance, a subsequent epoch fuel dungeon SUV is a loyal summary of an eco-friendly automobile of a future,” pronounced Lee Ki-sang, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group’s Eco Technology Center. “Hyundai Motor will take lead in building and producing immature appetite vehicles that would eventually element a near-zero glimmer society.”

Futuristic settlement desirous by nature
The new FCEV inherits distinguished settlement facilities from a FE Concept, that was introduced during a 2017 Geneva Auto Show. The new indication builds on a progressing concept’s design, holding an organic and issuing form, desirous by inlet – namely water, a car’s usually glimmer – with a purify settlement emphasizing a non-polluting nature.

The new automobile embodies pristine and relaxed design, that reflects a relaxing participation on a road. It also exhibits a confident, charismatic SUV stance, that reflects a capabilities to transport prolonged distances and try remote places, all while being in peace with nature.

A series of minimalist settlement elements prominence a model’s technical majority and cutting-edge technology. The elementary full breadth position lamps emanate a unconventional outcome that again reflects nature, representing a corner of a horizon.

The high-tech demeanour is protracted by low-drag elements that intensify a purify and ease design. The doorway handles lay flush to a car, while a atmosphere shade – in and with a atmosphere hovel inside a D-pillar – maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. The SUV’s circle settlement aims to constraint both enthralling character and optimized low drag airflow with a specialized two-piece construction.

The purify and elementary interior blueprint intuitively integrates high-tech elements, to equivocate confusion and stress a relaxing presence. The far-reaching dashboard with a high console reinforces a higher SUV-style pushing position and incorporates a ergonomically-designed discerning controls and AV arrangement screen.

Reflecting a extraneous design, a interior facilities resigned nonetheless worldly colors desirous by nature. The understated tones assistance emanate an ultramodern environment, complemented by attention heading bio-materials with eco-friendly certification. Completing a unconventional finish is a singular mix of woven fabric and suede used for accents in a chair design.

New eco-vehicle expansion roadmap
The new indication will spearhead Hyundai Motor’s skeleton to accelerate expansion of low glimmer vehicles, in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s renewed idea of introducing 31 eco-friendly models (Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors combined) to tellurian markets by 2020. This new expansion roadmap also represents a subsequent step for Hyundai Motor and a associate toward realizing a ultimate aspiration of formulating a cleaner sourroundings by eco-friendly vehicles.

Hyundai Motor skeleton to take a multi-pronged proceed to a eco-vehicle program. The association is committed to a destiny automobile choice comprising a accumulation of powertrain options – electric, hybrid and fuel dungeon – to fit customers’ sundry lifestyles.

Spurred on by larger tellurian direct for fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles, a roadmap sets out a brand’s idea of heading a tellurian popularization of hybrid vehicles, expanding a lineup to SUVs and vast vehicles. Another partial of a devise is a expansion of 4WD and FR (Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive) variants, building on a exclusive Transmission-Mounted Electrical Device (TMED) system, that was grown in 2011.

While Hyundai Motor continues to rise a care of a electric automobile marketplace with a stream IONIQ model, a association also aims to settle a lineup trimming from tiny EVs to vast and lush Genesis-brand models. Hyundai Motor’s electric automobile expansion will take place in mixed phases:

  • Launch of EV chronicle of a Kona compress SUV, with operation of 390km in initial half of 2018
  • Launch of Genesis EV indication in 2021
  • Launch of long-range EV, with 500km operation after 2021

Furthermore, Hyundai Motor will rise a initial dedicated pattern for pristine electric vehicles, that will concede a association to furnish mixed models with longer pushing ranges.

Hyundai Motor will also strengthen a tellurian care in hydrogen fuel dungeon technology. This will core on enhancing investigate and expansion efforts to boost FCEV opening and durability, while also creation a record smaller and cheaper so that it can be practical to smaller sedans. As partial of these efforts, Hyundai Motor will betray a new hydrogen-powered train in a fourth entertain of this year.

Hydrogen Society within everyone’s reach
Hyundai Motor will also take partial in a Hydrogen House, projected by a Seoul city government, displaying prototypes of a new fuel dungeon automobile starting currently until Nov 17 that will foster emission-free fuel dungeon vehicles and a Hydrogen Society. It is by initiatives like this that Hyundai Motor will denote how a Hydrogen Energy Society could be satisfied in a not-too-distant future.

Hyundai Motor, a world’s initial automaker to have introduced a mass prolongation line for hydrogen fuel dungeon cars, has granted fuel dungeon vehicles given 2013, and now sells them in 18 countries around a world. The association began researching fuel dungeon record in 1998 and grown a initial fuel dungeon automobile formed on a Santa Fe SUV, as partial of a partnership with CaFCP (California Fuel Cell Partnership).

Through countless years of expansion and production, Hyundai Motor has valid that fuel dungeon vehicles are as rival as inner explosion engine cars in terms of reserve and reliability.

Hyundai Motor will exhibit a new hydrogen SUV early subsequent year in Korea, followed by a North American and European markets. The association will also cruise expanding accessibility of a new fuel dungeon indication to markets with high expansion intensity for eco-friendly vehicles such as China.