01/04/2017, Fountain Valley, CA


  • Hyundai Motor extends joining to patron caring with creation by divulgence ‘Mobility Vision’ concept
  • Concept pairs Connected Car and Smart House for seamless technological convergence, permitting users to ‘move while living, and live while moving’
  • Hyundai Motor blurs line between home and automobile during CES in Las Vegas

Jan. 4, 2017 – At a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, Hyundai Motor has suggested a ‘Mobility Vision’ judgment that, in a future, will bond unconstrained cars to vital and operative environments. Signaling a start of a new era, Hyundai Motor’s Smart House record blurs a line between mobility and vital and operative space, integrating a automobile into a daily lives of users.

The Smart House judgment shown during CES is an critical proof of Hyundai Motor’s skeleton for ‘Mobility Vision’, that places Connected Car technologies during a core of a home. The CES arrangement suggests how a automobile could strew a picture of a required vehicle, integrating itself with a vital space when docked, before apropos a mobile vital space when business need to pierce around.

Hyundai Motor’s destiny prophesy creates full use of a automobile for mobility and, crucially, when not roving it enables business to continue vital but stop by integrating a functionalities with a home. The new judgment combines a comfort, preference and connectivity comforts of a automobile and a home into ‘one space’.

Hak Su Ha, Director of Hyundai Design Center said: “Hyundai Motor recognizes a stress of connected technologies and a border to that they could advantage a customers’ daily lives. Our Smart House judgment entirely integrates a automobile into a home, eventually creation a user’s life some-more gentle and convenient. By seamlessly consistent comforts from a automobile with home and work environments, a user knowledge is undeviating either socializing, operative during home, or on a move.”

When ‘docked’ with a Smart Home, Hyundai Motor’s mobility judgment becomes an constituent partial of a vital space, behaving useful functions and enhancing a vital environment. For example, a mobility judgment can act as an atmosphere conditioner; share a party comforts by mirroring audio and visible outputs with a home’s intelligent devices; and even yield energy in puncture situations, regulating a on-board fuel dungeon as a generator.

In further to presenting an innovative resolution to overpopulation and singular vital space, a ‘Mobility Vision’ aspiration extends to connected technologies that make users’ lives easier on a daily basis. Hyundai Motor’s investment in ‘hyper-connectivity’ will turn so modernized that users will not feel a transformation of ride as they continue regulating a vital and operative space. Advanced communication with other cars and trade systems means a user can continue vital until they strech their end creation it probable to lift on operative or relaxing but interruption.