01/04/2017, Fountain Valley, CA


  • Hyundai Motor reveals a health and mobility judgment cockpit to favour a contentment of drivers when travelling or traveling.
  • The cockpit has biometric intuiting record and is designed to emanate an in-car knowledge to support a certain mental state of a driver.
  • Hyundai Motor presents this Healthcare Cockpit judgment by an immersive practical existence room during CES 2017.

Jan. 4, 2017 – Hyundai Motor Company has suggested a destiny prophesy for health-conscious vehicles that connects mobility and wellness by formulating in-car conditions that boost thoroughness or relaxation. Unveiled during a 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, ‘Health + Mobility Cockpit’ is a judgment enabled by a monitoring of health and associated indicators to assistance conduct a highlight and other disastrous effects of driving.

In a nearby future, a array of sensors via a automobile could guard a earthy and mental state of a driver, detecting all from a driver’s viewpoint to their respiratory rate and respirating depth. Also a automobile could magnitude heart-rate variability for highlight response, and use eye tracking and facial underline approval to lane application and romantic state. To foster mental recognition and focus, a automobile could afterwards respond by delivering a customized multi-sensory experience.

Commenting on Hyundai Motor’s thoroughness on a wellbeing of a customers, John Suh, Head of Hyundai Ventures said, “For many a daily invert leads to stress, frustration, and a feeling of squandered time. In further to automating a pushing task, record can also be used to change a driver’s state of mind by formulating conditions that favour a safer and healthier mental state, boosting their thoroughness or assisting them relax while roving so that drivers competence be reduction fatigued when nearing during their destination.”

Sensory ‘bursts’ emanate graphic micro experiences
Micro practice are delivered by ‘Mood Bursts’ that can be used to emanate a accumulation of earthy and mental responses. If a Healthcare Cockpit’s sensors detect that a motorist is losing thoroughness during a wheel, an ‘Alert Burst’ can be triggered to rivet them. Or if sensor information shows a motorist is in trade or a motorist has towering highlight levels, a ‘Calm Burst’ can be activated to boost relaxation.

Most importantly Mood Bursts can be personalized, choreographed practice to emanate a preferred earthy or mental impact. Sensory ‘bursts’ emanate distinct, resisting moments rather than enlarged environmental change. Mood bursts mix dual or some-more of a following micro practice to emanate several motorist responses:

Posture – In response to information that suggests a motorist is losing thoroughness or alertness, a driver’s chair can automatically adjust to a some-more honest position. Alternatively, if sensors detect motorist annoy or agitation, activate pneumatic lumbar systems can massage a driver’s reduce behind to foster relaxation.

Scent – Combining a operation of opposite scents can bleed a accumulation of motorist responses as deemed compulsory by a health and wellness monitoring systems. For example, lavender or eucalyptus-based aromas can ease a driver, while smells such as cedar or peppermint can vitalise and buoy a senses.

Light In a same approach as emergence stimulates a senses to arise a body, varying levels of comfortable and cold lighting can widespread opposite a dashboard to impact application and mood.

Temperature – Contrasting temperatures can ease or buoy a motorist as required, so a Healthcare Cockpit can clarity a ambient heat of a automobile and approach cooler or warmer atmosphere towards a motorist to change responsiveness or raise comfort.

Sound – One of a many effective feeling micro practice utilizes sound to rivet a driver’s senses or to de-escalate a stressful environment. The car’s song and radio applications are means to sync with a Healthcare Cockpit’s sensors to emanate loose or energetic environments. Alongside a form of sounds played, volume can boost during an ‘Alert Burst’, while softer, acoustic song can be interconnected with a ‘Calm Burst’.

Focused goal creates a eloquent commute
Hyundai’s health and mobility concepts concede drivers to intentionally change modes for increasing personal capability or relaxation. Many distractions are inside a car, so a Healthcare Cockpit uses a following modes to assistance drivers be both protected and prolific though carrying to take their eyes off a road:

Enrichment – Integrated smartphone applications curate find playlists of new music, radio stations, podcasts and news stories.

Connection – Hands-free review with family and friends reduces siege and keeps drivers connected to a universe outward of a car.

Reflection – One-touch recording allows drivers to be alone with their thoughts, and constraint them when impulse strikes.

Check-list – Small though compulsory tasks are achieved by voice commands and smartphone integration.

The Hyundai Motor counter during CES presents an immersive practical existence knowledge for visitors to learn how their mood can be shifted by a multiple of feeling outputs. Showcasing a prophesy for destiny mobility, Hyundai Motor also presents a operative connected automobile judgment and a practical existence unconstrained pushing make-believe to denote how a connected height operates.