Hybrid locomotive during Audi plant in Ingolstadt

“Our idea is all‑round tolerable logistics,” settled Johann Schmid, conduct of a Audi plant railway in Ingolstadt. “The new railway record allows some-more economical, energy‑efficient and low‑emission rail transport. In tie with a latest framework technology, a plug‑in‑hybrid locomotive sets new standards in shunting and rail transport.”

The finish vehicle plant in Ingolstadt includes 18 kilometers of railways. Every day, 15 goods trains arrive during Ingolstadt North railway hire for Audi – installed with pulpy parts, engines and transmissions, as good as cars from other Audi sites that are prepared for smoothness to customers. And cars constructed in Ingolstadt also start their tour to business by rail. 17 Audi locomotive drivers work during a plant railway. One of their tasks is to allot a wagons to a several plant buildings. One plant locomotive carries out adult to 75 shunting maneuvers any day and operates for an normal of 3,800 hours any year. The new locomotive runs but any emissions inside a plant buildings and can work for adult to dual hours during a time in quite electric mode. Its battery is plugged in during breaks for recharging with CO2‑free electricity, or is upheld while in suit by a diesel engine. Hybrid locomotives are significantly quieter and their CO2 emissions are reduced by half compared with required locomotives during a plant. This means that a plug‑in‑hybrid locomotive emits adult to 60 tons reduction CO2 any year. For a Ingolstadt plant, this is another theatre on a approach to a CO2‑neutral factory.