If you’re a parent, we know only how many ungainly conversations can occur between we and your teen—and there are some genuine doozies (everything from “Are we dual going steady?” and “It’s unequivocally time we got a job, mmmkay,” to “Soooo, have we even suspicion about college yet?”).

But given it’s Teen Driver Safety Week, there’s another review you’ll wish to have with your child subsequent time they ask to steal a automobile keys—it has to do with creation certain they’re pushing delicately and (in a age of smartphones) though distractions.

With a code new driver’s permit comes leisure and excitement, though it’s critical to make certain that your new motorist is a obliged one with tips from Ford, as good as with a MyKey® technology—enabling we to module limited pushing modes, such as speed boundary and audio volume, into your car.

Every small bit of recommendation and Ford tech helps, and if that means a somewhat annoying plead in a end, so be it. Try these tips when it’s time to have “The Talk” with your teen—it might be awkward, though one day they’ll appreciate you!

Talking to your teen about protected pushing is a unequivocally critical review to have. Driving safely means expelling distractions, pushing solemn and gripping speed in check. An critical element: Keeping your phone away.

Give texting a time out

We compensate lots of courtesy to a phones these days with all of a texting and #hashtagging, though when it comes to protected pushing that’s something we should not be doing. Distracted driving is a critical problem, and smartphone use—and anything else that takes a eyes off a highway and hands off a wheel—can lead to reduced greeting time for a motorist when confronted with a change in a trade around them.. Let your teen know that checking their phone, or any other hand-held electronic device while pushing is a large no-no, let alone a defilement that comes with unequivocally high fines and demerit points.

Know a (speed) limit

According to Transport Canada, 40 per cent of deadly accidents as a outcome of speeding engage immature drivers (ages 16-24). It’s critical to safeguard your teen understands that speeding doesn’t only discredit them, though rather all drivers pity a road. And if that isn’t adequate inducement for them to delayed down, a penalties and fines positively will be.

Stay intelligent and sober

Like dreaming and assertive highway behaviour, marred pushing is an intensely critical issue. There’s unequivocally no violence around a brush on this one, and your teen needs to know only how dangerous and plain foolish marred pushing can be. Period.

So a speak might have been a bit awkward, even officious worried during times, though during a finish of a day it’s something that a primogenitor has to plead with their teen.

As for a birds and a bees talk, we’ll leave that one to you…