Honda Automobiles: Shell in partnership with Honda and Toyota to Bring Seven New Hydrogen Refueling Stations in California

On Aug 9, a California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) awarded a extend of $16,362,500 to Equilon Enterprises LLC a auxiliary of Shell Oil Company (collectively, “Shell”) for a introduction of 7 hydrogen refueling stations in Northern California.

The hydrogen refueling stations will be built in partnership with Honda and Toyota, who will yield financial support, during 7 Shell-branded sell stations opposite Northern California; 3 in a city of San Francisco, and one in any of Berkeley, Sacramento, Citrus Heights and Walnut Creek.

The Energy Commission awarded a extend by a Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP), that invests adult to $100 million each year to support innovations in travel and fuel technologies that assistance California accommodate a energy, purify air, and meridian change goals.

The hydrogen refueling stations will be commissioned in vital locations within a existent network of Shell-branded sell stations, charity existent and destiny fuel dungeon electric automobile drivers high-quality use with elementary and candid automobile refueling in minutes.

We are beholden to a California Energy Commission for extend appropriation that will capacitate business to select hydrogen fuel alongside gasoline and diesel. We will request a worldwide knowledge of some-more than 100 years in selling travel fuels to a success of these hydrogen refueling stations. We are also beholden for a contributions of Honda, Toyota, and Anglo American Platinum to these 7 stations,”stated Oliver Bishop, Hydrogen General Manager for Shell Exploration and Production Company. “A operation of opposite fuels and automobile technologies will be indispensable to accommodate ride needs in a low CO appetite future. Hydrogen fuel dungeon vehicles are one of these solutions.”

“Toyota and Shell have a long-standing attribute in support of hydrogen infrastructure development, dating behind to a 2009 opening of Shell’s usually dedicated hydrogen refueling hire during a trickery in Torrance, California,” pronounced Craig Scott, Advanced Technology Vehicle Senior Manager, Toyota Motor North America. “Toyota is vehement to work with such a forward-thinking appetite association as we transition to a cleaner, hydrogen future.”

“Honda believes fuel dungeon record has good intensity to residence society’s appetite and environmental concerns,” pronounced Steve Center, Vice President, Connected and Environmental Business Development for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With companies like Shell ancillary hydrogen refueling infrastructure, a motoring open and a investment communities will take note that hydrogen is going to be a vital partial of a destiny of clean, low CO mobility.”

“The California Energy Commission is gratified to support a adoption of zero-emission fuel dungeon electric cars by a enlargement of California’s network of hydrogen refueling stations,” pronounced Energy Commissioner Janea A. Scott. “The Commission looks brazen to stability a work with private and open partners to assistance renovate California’s travel complement to assistance a state grasp a hothouse gas emissions rebate goals, urge atmosphere quality, and revoke faith on hoary fuels.”


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Shell: Once operational, a 7 hydrogen refueling stations lonesome by a extend endowment will move a array of hydrogen refueling stations Shell is handling in California to nine. Shell and a affiliates within a Shell Group of Companies are holding partial in several initiatives to inspire a adoption of hydrogen as a ride fuel. In Germany, a Shell organisation is operative with a supervision and attention partners in a cross-sector corner venture, H2 Mobility Germany, to support a expansion of a national enlargement of hydrogen refueling stations. Shell now operates dual hydrogen refueling stations in California, located in Newport Beach and Torrance.

Honda Commitment to a Environment
Based on a prophesy of “Blue Skies for a Children,” Honda is operative to allege technologies that residence society’s environmental and appetite concerns. Honda is targeting a 50 percent rebate in a sum association CO2 emissions on a tellurian basement by 2050, compared to 2000 levels. The association also is essay to comprehend poignant expansion in sales of electrified vehicles, that includes a introduction of a Honda Clarity array of vehicles, commencement with a hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle, launched in 2016, followed by a new Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid in 2017.

Honda also is endeavoring to revoke a environmental impact of a products via their life cycles, including a rebate of appetite use and emissions from a production, placement and sales. This includes a Honda Environmental Leadership Award Program, by that some-more than 150 U.S. Honda and Acura dealers have reduced CO2 emissions by some-more than 34,000 metric tons.

Toyota: Toyota (NYSE:TM), creator of a Prius hybrid and a Mirai fuel dungeon vehicle, is committed to building vehicles for a approach people live by a Toyota and Lexus brands. Over a past 60 years, Toyota has built some-more than 30 million cars and trucks in North America, where it operates 14 prolongation plants and directly occupy some-more than 44,000 people. Toyota’s 1,800 North American dealerships sole scarcely 2.6 million cars and trucks in 2016 – and about 85 percent of all Toyota vehicles sole over a past 15 years are still on a highway today.

As one of a world’s largest automakers, Toyota is in a singular position to figure a destiny of mobility. That’s because in 2015, Toyota announced a tellurian Environmental Challenge 2050, an desirous set of 6 hurdles to eventually emanate a net certain impact on a planet. The 6 hurdles residence 4 formidable environmental issues confronting communities around a world: carbon, H2O availability/quality, element usage/recyclability, and biodiversity.



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