Honda Automobiles: American Honda Reports Apr Sales with Record for Honda Trucks

  • Honda Division sales adult 1.2 percent for initial 4 months of 2017
  • CR-V posts fifth true record month, adult 26.6 percent for a year
  • HR-V sets new Apr record, adult 25.5 percent for a year
  • Civic and Accord sales sojourn clever with sell customers
  • Acura TLX sales burst 39.1 percent in Apr

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. currently reported Apr sales of 138,386 Honda and Acura vehicles, a diminution of 7.0 percent from year-ago results. The Honda Division saw a diminution of 6.3 percent on sales of 124,254 vehicles, while Honda trucks were adult year-over-year, posting a 1.2 percent benefit on sales of 61,114 units. Acura Division sales of 14,132 cars and SUVs were adult from final month and were led by a TLX sedan with a 39.1 percent burst in Apr contra year-ago results.  


With clever lorry sales and sustained, plain direct for cars stability in April, Honda Division sales grew 1.2 percent for a initial 4 months of 2017. The Honda CR-V and HR-V continued their record-setting ways, both posting record Apr sales, as a Ridgeline pickup also posted plain Apr formula of 3,186 units, and Pilot continued to knowledge clever direct in a face of compelled supplies.

Despite a marketplace change toward SUVs, Honda saw continued clever sell direct for cars, with Fit recording sales of 4,871 units, Accord posting sales of 26,938 units, and Civic again commanding a 31,000 mark, with probably all sales entrance from individual, sell automobile buyers.

  • Honda trucks had a best-ever April, gaining 1.2 percent on sales of 61,114 units
  • CR-V led lorry gains with an Apr record of 32,671 vehicles, adult 13 percent
  • HR-V set a new Apr record, rising 22.4 percent on sales of 8,527
  • Ridgeline sales surpassed 3,100 units in April
  • With another clever sales month of 31,211 units, Civic was simply a best-selling newcomer automobile in America on a sell basement for a initial 4 months of 2017
  • Clarity Fuel Cell posted 34 sales for a month, pulling sum deliveries to 126 units

“While there seems no finish in steer to consumers’ adore event with trucks and SUVs, we continue to keep a concentration on newcomer cars to say a offset sales brew in a sell marketplace,” pronounced Jeff Conrad, comparison clamp boss of a American Honda Automobile Division. “Our efforts to build some-more Honda light trucks during a plants in North America are profitable dividends with sales annals for both CR-V and HR-V.”


Acura multiplication sales of 14,132 units were led by TLX, that posted a best month given Oct 2015 on sales of 5,258 units, adult 39.1 percent from final April, following a clever first-quarter selling campaign.  Next month TLX will accept an additional boost with a launch of a significantly redesigned 2018 model, with 3 graphic variants including a new V6-powered A-Spec model, adding assertive new styling to a opening oppulance sedan.   

  • TLX available a best-ever Apr and second best month ever on sales of 5,258 units, adult 39.1 percent over final year
  • Acura light lorry sales remained clever with MDX and RDX mixing for sales of over 7,845 units, with a launch of a new 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid approaching to boost sales in a months ahead.

“We’re saying a new selling efforts ring with buyers with TLX posting clever sales in a tough segment,” pronounced Jon Ikeda, clamp boss ubiquitous manager of Acura. “With a new 2018 TLX rising subsequent month, including a all-new A-Spec model, we demeanour brazen to broadening a interest with performance-focused buyers.”


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