Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Press Kit

With a jaunty new stance, modernized aerodynamic styling and accessible LED lighting, a new Civic Sedan boasts a youthful, reward and sporty new impression that advances Civic pattern into a subsequent era. Its windswept lines are complimented by a many extensive aerodynamic wrapping of any Honda to date, including finish underbody paneling, improving both fuel potency and cabin quietness. A new flush-mounted acoustic potion windshield serve isolates a cabin while compelling well-spoken airflow, while new accessible facilities such as Smart Entry, Capless fueling, Remote Engine Start, rain-sensing windshield wipers and Walk Away doorway thatch creates this a many worldly and easy-to-use Civic yet.

Key Exterior Features
• Acoustic glass, flush-mounted windshield*
• LED daytime regulating lights (DRL)*
• Projector-Beam Halogen Headlights with Auto-On/Off
• Available LED headlights (Sedan Touring)*
• LED spin signals*
• LED taillights*
• Available Honda LaneWatch™1 (EX and above)
• Available One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
• Available Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
• Available remote engine start*

• Smart wipers*
• Rain-sensing wipers (Sedan Touring) *

* First for Civic
^ First for Honda

Exterior Styling
Stylistically, a 10th era Civic Sedan represents an sparkling and thespian enrichment of Honda’s longest-running model. Lower, longer, wider and some-more robust than a prior generation, a issuing lines, new signature chromed “wing” front fascia and accessible reward LED lighting, extended wheelbase and brief overhangs code a new Civic as a personality in a class, both technologically and in design.

In front, assertive aerodynamics, LED daytime regulating lights and an accessible in-line LED headlight array lend a new Civic a complicated demeanor.

The muscular, high-tension side form soars ceiling from a front circle arches rearward, with a wilful impression line rising by both doors and by a behind circle arches. A second, revoke impression line extends from behind a front wheels adult by a doors and meets a behind circle arches, emphasizing a energetic and romantic design. The new incomparable and wider circle and tires serve stress Civic’s eloquent stance, while a prolonged wheelbase, brief overhangs and unconditional cabin hothouse serve supplement to a energetic feel of a exterior.

The windshield is flush-mounted to a cowl, improving aerodynamics and quieting a interior. Panel gaps are minimized and a B-pillars are black-finished, with immaculate trim surrounding a side windows to visually stress a unconditional cabin shape. The side potion is flush with a pillars to revoke breeze sound in a cabin, while also improving a peculiarity feel of a new Sedan. Behind a unconditional roofline and C-pillars, a flush-mounted behind window is neat and shallow, assisting to a new model’s aerodynamic efficiency. While in back, LED “light pipe” taillights continue a wing pattern pattern of a headlights in an observable new Civic persona. A behind mouth spoiler adds a sporty aptitude to a EX-T and above trims.

LED Lighting
In a initial for a marketplace segment, all 2016 Civic trims incorporate a far-reaching operation of light-emitting diode (LED) extraneous lighting features, including customary LED daytime regulating lights (DRL), LED one-touch spin signals, and LED taillights, stop lights, license-plate light and core high-mounted stop light. Additionally, a Touring trim receives new Honda LED headlights in an in-line pattern and side mirror-mounted LED spin signals.


Civic Sedan Touring
In a initial for a Civic, a Sedan in a new Touring trim includes LED low- and high-beam headlights. Arranged in a low, neat and compress in-line display, a LED high beams yield a longer a wider operation of prominence during night driving. The Touring trim also includes LED spin signals integrated into a side counterpart housings.

The LED lighting has several advantages beside softened visibility. The LEDs are both mercury giveaway and lead free, benefiting a environment. They need reduction energy to work than normal illuminated lighting, that helps a Civic’s fuel efficiency. They have a longer life and are upkeep free. And finally, a LED arrays are versatile, enabling a new Civic Sedan to offer breakthrough pattern elements not formerly possible.

Power Side Mirrors
Newly designed energy side mirrors have a nominal pattern and are aerodynamically optimized to revoke breeze sound and minimize turbulence. For 2016, a side counterpart housings on all Civic models are body-colored. The Civic EX and above trims supplement exhilarated side mirrors and a Touring trim serve adds integrated LED spin indicators. The side mirrors can be manually folded for larger preference in parsimonious parking situations.

Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
The Expanded View Driver’s Mirror is customary with newcomer side Honda LaneWatch™ (below) enclosed on EX and above trims. (See a Safety and Driver Assistive territory for some-more information.)

Honda LaneWatch™
The Civic EX and above trims embody Honda’s LaneWatch™1 arrangement that uses a camera located during a bottom a passenger-side extraneous counterpart to arrangement a wide-angle perspective of a newcomer side alley on a Display Audio screen. The picture appears when a right spin vigilance is activated, or when a symbol on a finish of a spin vigilance petiole is pressed. (See a Safety and Driver Assistance territory for some-more information.)

One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
The Civic EX and above trims have a one-touch energy moonroof with lean underline that will entirely open or tighten with a singular hold of a switch. The moonroof resource was intentionally designed to yield plenty headroom. The moonroof has a shifting sunshade that opens with a roof and can be sealed to retard sunlight. To lean or slip a moonroof, a motorist or front newcomer needs usually to entirely press a ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of dire and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof entirely opens or closes automatically. However, if a user wishes to usually partially open or tighten a moonroof (such as to grasp prejudiced ventilation), a lighter hold yields entirely primer control. The moonroof can also lean to yield ventilation. An auto-reverse underline is built in, assisting to safeguard that a moonroof will not forcefully tighten if someone’s palm or arm is rescued in a trail of a glass. If an deterrent is detected, a moonroof resource will free a moonroof.

Integrated Rear Window Antenna
Bonded onto a behind window is a wire-type receiver that is optimized to assistance broach glorious radio accepting but a disastrous impact on car aerodynamics that would be caused by a normal pillar antenna.

Power Windows and Locks
Power windows are customary apparatus on all Civic models and embody auto-up and -down operation on a motorist and front passenger’s windows. Power thatch are standard, and a customizable auto-locking underline can be configured regulating a Driver Information Interface and steering wheel-mounted controls.

Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
The Civic in EX and above trims embody a upscale preference of Smart Entry Push Button Start/Stop. The element simplifies approaching, entering and handling a Civic. To benefit entry, a driver/passenger simply pulls possibly of front doorway handles while a remote in his or her possession. (See a Comfort and Convenience territory for some-more information.)

Remote Engine Start
Civic EX trims and above underline customary remote engine start. This enables drivers to start their Civic in allege of a drive, thereby activating a meridian control element with a aim heat of 72 degrees before they get to a car – quite useful in impassioned hot- or cold-weather conditions. The element will automatically work a heater, front and behind defrosters, front exhilarated seats (if equipped), exhilarated side mirror, and atmosphere conditioning as needed. (See a Comfort and Convenience territory for some-more information.)

Windshield Wipers
The Civic LX has 2-speed few windshield wipers, while a EX and above trims have non-static few windshield wipers. The Touring trim has rain-sensing wipers described below.

Designed to cover a limit probable windshield area, a left (driver) and right (front passenger) windshield wipers (intermittent on EX and above trims) are 25.5 inches and 18 inches long, respectively. For improved appearance, a wipers are dark low on a front cover when not in operation. The wiper engine uses a built-in ECU, shortening complexity compared to a prior Civic’s wiper mechanism. As well, a new wiper engine public saves 3.08 pounds compared to a prior generation.

Mounted on a windshield behind a behind perspective mirror, a Rain Light Sensor combines dual functions into one territory to control a Smart Wipers and Rain Sensing Wipers functions listed below.

Smart Wipers
Laws in some states need drivers to spin on a headlights when a wipers are handling in a rain. In all trims, a new Civic helps a motorist approve with these laws by automatically educational a headlights when a wipers are activated in stormy conditions (with headlight switch in Auto).

Details include:

  • The light sensor detects a ambient liughtness and determines when to spin on or off a headlights, while also augmenting a enlightenment of a wiper switch and orchestration for good visibility.
  • If sleet is intermittent, a lights stay on for a fixed interlude before automatically branch off again.
  • Operation is shown around an indicator on a instrument panel.
  • The attraction can be tranquil by a environment in a MID.

Rain Sensing Wipers
In a initial for Civic, a Touring trim includes rain-sensing wipers that automatically activate if H2O is rescued on a windshield.

Details include:

  • The sleet sensor detects flood on a windshield and controls a wipers formed on apportion of H2O detected.
  • The attraction can be tranquil by adjusting a few wiper.

Capless Fueling System
A initial for Civic, capless fueling eliminates a fuel cap, definition that fueling a car simply requires opening a fuel lid, refueling, and afterwards shutting a lid. This intelligent and easy-to-use pattern eliminates a need to hold a unwashed fuel cap, reduces a probability of deleterious a vehicle’s paint with a fuel top or tether, or forgetful a fuel top during a gas station. It also eliminates a probability of activating an emissions warning by unwell to scrupulously re-install a fuel cap. And finally, a capless fueling element allows a use of a smaller fuel-cap door, that cleans adult a lines of a vehicle. The fuel doorway unlocks with a hoop remote recover inside a vehicle. (See a Comfort and Convenience territory for some-more information.)

Exterior Features

* First for Civic
(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

Exterior Colors
All 2016 Civic Sedan trims are accessible in 9 extraneous colors including 4 new lead colors and one new pearl color. All colors have a clever character, charity fluent contrasts that element a Civic’s body-panel curves and angles, while also exhibiting a intelligent oppulance appearance. The colors are:

  • Luna Silver Metallic (new)
  • Aegean Blue Metallic (new)
  • Cosmic Blue Metallic (new)
  • Burgundy Night Pearl (new)
  • Taffeta White
  • White Orchid Pearl
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Rallye Red

The extraneous colors are keyed to a 2016 Civic’s 3 new accessible interior colors:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Beige 

See a following page for a list indicating extraneous and interior colors.

(See a Interior territory for some-more information on interior colors.)  

1 Display correctness will change formed on weather, distance of intent and speed, and a arrangement might not uncover all applicable traffic. The arrangement is not a surrogate for your possess approach visible comment of trade conditions before changing lanes.