Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Press Kit

The new Civic brings an towering turn of comfort and preference to an affordable, compact-class car, with countless Civic firsts and customary or discretionary reward facilities typically found in some-more costly vehicles. From a preference of accessible Smart Entry and Pushbutton Start/Stop to a palliate of use of a new electric parking stop and Hill Start Assist, a Civic offers useful technologies that make pushing easier and some-more convenient. 

Key Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Smart Entry and Push Button Start (available)
  • Remote Engine Start* (available)
  • Hill Start Assist (see Chassis territory for some-more information)
  • Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror (available)
  • Driver Preference Settings* (available)
  • Capless Fueling System*
  • Electric Parking Brake*

* First for Civic
^ First for Honda

Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
The 2016 Civic offers a upscale preference of Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop.

Remote Keyless Entry
Remote keyless entrance is customary apparatus on all Civic models. The call pivotal pattern (LX trim) has an integrated conductor in a hoop with lock, unlock, case open and panic buttons.

Smart Entry
Smart Entry also allows a motorist to approach, open and use a case but regulating a pivotal or dire a symbol on a remote. With a remote in his or her possession, a motorist simply presses a recover symbol and opens a trunk. As a reserve and preference feature, a Smart Entry complement will not concede a conductor fob to be sealed in a interior of a Civic.

Push Button Start/Stop
On a Civic EX and above, once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a motorist simply pushes a START/STOP symbol positioned on a instrument row while dire a stop pedal to start a vehicle. Powertrain operation and certain electrical functions are finished when a START/STOP symbol is pulpy again during a end of a drive. For appendage mode, a motorist simply presses a START/STOP symbol but dire a stop pedal. The new Civic’s START/STOP symbol facilities a pulsating light to assistance a motorist some-more simply locate a button.

Remote Engine Start
Civic EX trims and above underline customary remote engine start. This enables drivers to start their Civic in allege of a drive, thereby activating a meridian control complement with a aim heat of 72 degrees before they get to a automobile – quite useful in impassioned hot- or cold-weather conditions. The complement will automatically work a heater, front and back defrosters, front exhilarated seats (if equipped), exhilarated side mirror, and atmosphere conditioning as needed.

The remote engine start underline is built into a pivotal fob granted with a vehicle. To start a engine remotely, a owners presses a LOCK symbol and afterwards binds a ENGINE symbol for a second. The Civic’s jeopardy lights will flash, indicating that a vigilance has been received. When a engine is started remotely, a wipers, lighting and audio systems sojourn off, and a confidence complement stays set. The engine will run for adult to 10 mins after remote starting and can be extended by another 10 mins regulating a same procedure, and afterwards close off automatically if a owners doesn’t strech a automobile within that time. When a owners does get to a Civic within 10 minutes, or extended duration if a procession is instituted a second time, a engine will keep regulating while a owners unlocks a vehicle, gets in, relates a stop and presses a Civic’s START button, that turns on all of a vehicle’s systems.

Driver Preferences
The Civic EX and above trims come with dual keyless remotes with singular identifiers. Each remote can be set with singular profiles to accommodate a particular preferences of dual opposite drivers. The accessible preferences embody motorist chair and counterpart positions. Other preferences embody audio complement pre-sets, atmosphere conditioning preferences, and navigation complement settings. In a eventuality both owners use a automobile during a same time, a Civic will commend a keyless remote that approaches a driver’s doorway first.

After parking, a press of a LOCK symbol on a remote will concurrently close all a doors and trunk. On EX and above trims a hold of a soft-touch close symbol on possibly front doorway hoop thatch all doors and case to secure a Civic. The complement will not concede a remote to be sealed in a interior of a Civic.

Walk Away Door Lock
Included on EX and above trims, a new Walk Away Door Lock underline automatically thatch a Civic when a motorist leaves a vehicle. This hands-free locking capability adds bland preference that’s generally useful when a motorist has his or her hands full or is distracted. In standard use, when all doors are sealed and a motorist walks away, a Civic will automatically close when a pivotal holder’s stretch from a automobile exceeds 6.5 feet for dual seconds or some-more and when no other pivotal is rescued inside a vehicle. An heard buzzer sounds and a jeopardy lights peep to endorse that a automobile has locked. The Walk Away Door Lock underline is programmable, and might be incited on or off as a motorist prefers. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

Auto On/Off Headlights
All Civic models underline auto-on/off headlights for larger convenience. The headlights are multi-reflector/projector-beam units on all Civic models solely a Touring, that has auto-on/off LED headlights. All Civic models underline thespian LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
A Civic first, a EX-L and Touring Sedan models underline an electrochromic interior rearview counterpart that automatically dims during night pushing to revoke glisten from a headlights of following vehicles.

Capless Fueling System
Capless fueling eliminates a fuel cap, definition that fueling a automobile simply requires opening a fuel lid, refueling, and afterwards shutting a lid. This intelligent and easy-to-use pattern eliminates a need to hold a unwashed fuel cap, reduces a probability of deleterious a vehicle’s paint with a fuel top or tether, or forgetful a fuel top during a gas station. It also eliminates a probability of activating an emissions warning by unwell to scrupulously re-install a fuel cap. And finally, a capless fueling complement allows a use of a smaller fuel-cap door, that cleans adult a lines of a vehicle.

The complement consists of dual integrated components, an outdoor shiver resource that prevents a penetration of mud and dust, and a self-sealing fueling strap that is sealed by a torsion spring. Both work automatically.

At a gas station, a motorist simply pushes a fuel lid to recover it and afterwards inserts a fuel nozzle. Inserting a projection automatically opens a outdoor shiver and fueling flap. When fueling is complete, stealing a fuel projection automatically closes both a fueling strap and outdoor shutter.

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
The Civic’s Electric Parking Brake creates regulating a parking stop easier and some-more gentle and frees adult changed core console space for storage and other functions. (See a Chassis territory for some-more information.)

Hill Start Assist
The Hill Start Assist duty helps to forestall a automobile from rolling retrograde when a motorist switches from a stop pedal to a accelerator pedal while a automobile is stopped on a hill. (See a Chassis territory for some-more information.)

Comfort and Convenience Features

(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)