Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Press Kit

Benefitting from Honda’s automobile wrapping expertise, a Civic interior – a spaciousness, intelligent design, gentle fit and discerning controls – has always been a rival strength. The new Civic interior takes that judgment brazen with new levels of quality, excellence and expanse for Civic and a compress class.

With 97.8 cubic feet of newcomer cabin volume, a Civic tops a compact-class for interior space and comfort, with class-leading headroom, legroom, shoulder clearway and side conduct clearance. Class-leading brazen prominence of 84.31 degrees is aided by new, ultra-thin A-pillars, and rear-seat passengers will conclude newly done front seats with a narrower top form (in a shoulder area) and smaller headrests that lend a back cabin a some-more open, ethereal feel. The reworked instrument row provides incomparable knee room for a driver, while rear-seat feet space in softened with an boost of 27mm in a space between a front chair rails.

The Civic Sedan has a case ability of 15.1 cubic feet – 2.6 cu-ft. incomparable than a prior indication and among a largest in a rival class. Spacious adequate to simply accommodate 4 vast golf bags, a new case area is easier to entrance and use, with a reduce lift-over tallness and wider opening. The Civic LX facilities a one-piece back folding seatback, while EX and above trims underline a 60/40 separate and folding back seatback. The figure of a case pass-through is now some-more rectilinear with a 20-percent boost in area.

Key Interior Features

  • 97.8 cubic feet of cabin space
  • 15.1-cubic feet case with bucket pass-through
  • Available 60/40 separate and folding back chair (EX and above)
  • Ultra-thin A-Pillars for extended prominence
  • Soft-touch, one-piece instrument row upper
  • 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen with integrated HVAC controls (EX and above)
  • 7-inch Driver Information Interface (DII)
  • Android Auto™1 and Apple CarPlay® *2 harmony (EX and above)
  • Premium comfort and preference facilities (see a Comfort and Convenience section) 
    • Smart Entry and Push Button Start
    • Remote Engine Start*
    • Hill Start Assist*
    • Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror*
    • Walk Away Door Locking*
    • Driver Preference Settings*
    • Capless Fueling System*
    • Electric Parking Brake*

* First for Civic

Interior Materials

The new Civic interior takes a excellence of Honda’s many affordable sedan to a new turn with high-quality reward touches and upscale materials practical liberally throughout. Highlights embody a soft-touch instrument row top surface, doorway pad rug seams and soothing doorway top panels. Fit, finish and materials have perceived tighten attention, and soothing leather seating is customary on EX-L and Touring trims.

Interior Design
The new Civic interior blends a energetic and far-reaching blueprint with uniformly integrated record facilities and-high peculiarity materials. All Civic models have vast new instrumentation, while EX and above trims underline a full-color 7-inch Driver Information Interface (DII) display, and 7-inch tone touchscreen Display Audio complement with a purify and neat appearance. The Civic has always been famous for a user-friendly design, and a new era builds on that reputation. With totally redesigned packaging, a Civic has a some-more open ample feel assisted by such pattern changes as a backs of a front seats carrying new neat styling giving back passengers a atmospheric feeling. A redesigned instrument row done probable a some-more compress meridian control complement opens adult combined knee room, and a tandem stretch (distance between a front and back chair hip point) is increasing by 1.8 inches. The back chair knee clearway was also increased, by 2.17 inches.

All critical systems and controls in a Civic are positioned within easy strech of a driver. Controls for a systems used many frequently – audio, journey control, Bluetooth®3 HandsFreeLink®, accessible navigation complement with voice approval and intelligent Multi-Information Display – are conveniently positioned on a steering wheel. The categorical orchestration is an easy-to-read analog design, supplemented with digital and striking displays. Typical of Honda interior design, a soft-touch switchgear of a Civic is engineered to broach a high-quality feel and certain action.

2016 Civic vs. 2015 Civic Interior Dimensions

(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)


Interior Colors
The Civic’s interior palette is worldly and concurrent and is offering in new black, gray or beige colors – fabric in a LX, EX, EX-T, leather in a EX-L and Touring.

Sedan Interior Colors

(See a Exterior territory for some-more information about extraneous colors.)

Front Seats
The Civic’s all-new front bucket seats are designed to yield welcoming support for a far-reaching operation of physique types, along with secure parallel support for cornering. New chair support designs are 17-percent lighter, some-more gentle and some-more adjustable. A relocated seatback recline focus indicate improves comfort, and a operation of a chair bottom tallness composition has been increasing by 10mm (0.4 in). A new accessible tractable thigh support for a driver’s chair offers 14-degrees of tilt. To assistance urge a brazen perspective and emanate a feeling of honesty for back chair passengers, a front seatbacks have a narrower top form and smaller headrests. The Civic seats underline fabric seating surfaces in LX, EX and EX-T trims, with leather-trimmed seats in a EX-L and Touring trims, regulating seperated leather on name areas of a front seats.

The driver’s chair in LX, EX and EX-T models is manually tractable for fore-and-aft, seatback angle and tallness adjustment. The EX-L and Touring facilities power-operated versions of a same adjustments, along with an tractable thigh support, for a sum of 8-way appetite adjustability. The Touring adds a front newcomer chair with 4-way appetite adjustability. Heated front seats are customary in a Civic EX-T and above. Heating now includes both a chair bottom cushions and front seatbacks (previously usually a bottom newcomer pillow was heated). The 3-level front chair heater controls are positioned within easy reach, usually next a meridian control complement controls.

Rear Seats with Available 2-Level Heating
The Civic’s ample second-row seating is designed for limit comfort and versatility, with a folding seatback. In The Civic LX, a back seatback is one piece, while in EX models and above, a 60/40 separate and folding pattern creates it easy to accommodate passengers or prolonged cargo. For a initial time ever in a Civic, 2-level tractable back exhilarated outboard chair bottom cushions are customary in a Touring model. Controls for a back chair heaters are positioned within easy strech on a back of a front core console.

Center Console
The Civic interior offers a operation of accessible storage facilities for a motorist and passengers. The core console is specifically engineered to offer a sporty coming joined with a versatile usability we competence design in an SUV. With a superiority of smartphones in many people’s lives, a console is engineered around a “tech center” theme. Up front, it has a 2-tier smartphone tray with a handle government pass-through for orderly connectivity. EX and above trims have a rubber pad to assistance secure a phone and embody LED lighting for night visibility. There’s also an additional phone storage slot on a driver’s side.

The new electronic parking stop replaces a required primer parking stop lever, pardon adult some-more console space for a incomparable armrest and incomparable storage space. The categorical storage cell is surfaced by a sliding, deeply padded armrest that facilities an combined in. of adjustability, compared to a prior Civic. A span of crater holders are mainly located, and can accommodate vast 42-ounce cups when a padded armrest is placed in a rearmost position. By shifting a tractable crater hilt rearward, there’s space to accommodate even a vast sports splash bottle. Inside a console, a tiny object tray slides front and abaft a full length of a console. With a crater hilt removed, a console offers a category heading 7.2-liters of storage, adequate to accommodate iPads and other vast items.

The Civic Sedan has a case ability of 15.1 cubic feet – 2.6 cu-ft. incomparable than a prior models, and among a largest in a rival class. Spacious adequate to simply accommodate 4 vast golf bags, a new case area is easier to entrance and use. The liftover tallness has been reduced by an inch, and a opening is wider and longer front to rear. Inside, a bucket building is 2.8 inches longer front to rear, and a straight tallness of a bucket cell has increasing by 1.6 inches. The Civic LX facilities a one-piece back seatback that can be lowered to enhance a bucket area, while EX models and aloft have a 60/40 separate and folding back seatback. The figure of a case pass-through is now some-more rectangular, and with a 20-percent boost in area, from 2.9 sq-ft. to 3.5 sq-ft., loading prolonged apparatus is many easier. The case is carpeted and lined, and a proxy gangling is located in a good underneath a removable territory of a cargo-area floor.

Large Trunk with 60/40 separate pass-through

Steering Wheel
The steering wheel, leather-wrapped on EX-L and Touring models, incorporates a many ordinarily used controls, permitting a motorist to keep their hands on a circle and their courtesy on a road. Bluetooth®3 HandsFreeLink® and audio complement controls are located on a left side of a steering wheel, and embody a new touchpad control that creates is easy to corkscrew and name apparatus that seem on a audio screen. Cruise control controls are on a right and Driver Information Interface (DII) controls are located on a left side. Trims with Honda Sensing™ have LKAS and ACC controls located on a right side of a steering circle as well. In all trims, a steering circle offers primer lean and telescopic adjustment.

Power Windows, Lock and Mirrors
Power windows are customary apparatus on all Civic models and embody auto-up and -down operation on a driver’s and front passenger’s windows. Power doorway thatch and appetite mirrors are customary apparatus on all Civic models. Civic EX and above embody exhilarated extraneous mirrors. Smart entrance is customary on Civic EX and above trims.

One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
The Civic EX trim and above have a one-touch appetite moonroof with lean underline that will entirely open or tighten with a singular hold of a switch. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

Climate Control Systems
For a initial time ever, all Civic models have a customary involuntary meridian control system. The new complement offers a 10-percent alleviation in warm-up time compared to a prior complement and now facilities a refrigerant with a many reduce GWP (Global Warming Potential). To assistance preserve energy, a complement employs a new Variable Displacement Compressor (VDC). Unlike a required compressor that can usually work during 100-percent and contingency be switched on and off frequently to preserve fuel when a cooling bucket is comparatively low, a VDC can change a outlay formed on a cooling needs, ensuing in incomparable efficiency, reduced drag on a engine and smoother climate-control performance.

Civic EX-T and above trims embody dual-zone operation, for a optimal comfort of both a motorist and front-seat passenger; and in further to earthy controls, incorporate meridian control functions in a Display Audio touchscreen on EX and above trims.

Sliding Sunvisors
To yield some-more stretchable shading from a sun, all Civics now come customary with shifting sunvisors. The motorist and front newcomer sunvisors can now be changed along their ascent shafts, with 3.9 in. operation of motion, to yield perpendicular shade for a eyes even when a front seats are in their rear-most position.

The Civic LX has analog orchestration with vast tachometer, flanked by a coolant-temperature sign on a left and fuel-level sign on a right. A digital speedometer is positioned in a core of a tachometer. EX models and above have a executive Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Driver Information Interface (DII) tone arrangement that depicts an analog tachometer, digital speedometer and additional selectable information.

The sign package gradually illuminates to give a motorist a welcoming feel on entry. When a doorway is initial opened, a instrument lighting illuminates and afterwards brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument row afterwards comes alive, indicating that a automobile is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

Driver Information Interface (DII)
The Civic instrument row provides critical automobile information around a Driver Information Interface (DII) positioned mainly in a scale panel. Controls positioned on a right side of a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a DII arrangement by mixed screens of information from sources including LKAS, ACC and more, when equipped. The Maintenance Minder™ complement alerts a Civic motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a DII and should a error start with a vehicle, specific warning information will appear. The arrangement indicates when to change a oil, atmosphere cleaner, delivery fluid, hint plugs or coolant, as good as when to stagger a tires.

(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)


(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

Engine Immobilizer
Complementing a remote entrance complement is a customary engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded pivotal prevents a automobile from being started-even if a automatic transcribe of a pivotal is used. A transponder, built into a key, signals a immobilizer control section that a pivotal is genuine. If a automobile is hot-wired, or an unapproved pivotal is used, a engine will not start.

Continuously Variable Transmission Controls
When versed with a accessible Continuously Variable Transmission, a Civic has a required straight-gate shifter that is discerning and easy-to-use and takes adult small space in a core console. New LED indicator lights on a console make a stream rigging environment and preference transparent and simple.

1 Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google Inc.

2 Apple CarPlay is a purebred heading of Apple Inc.

Depending on use, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® can share certain user and automobile information (e.g., automobile location, speed and other doing conditions) with Google and a use providers or a connected iPhone, respectively. See Google’s and Apple’s remoteness policies for sum per a use and doing of information uploaded by Android Auto or Apple CarPlay®. Use of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® is during user’s possess risk, and is theme to agreement to a Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® terms of use, that are, respectively, presented to a user when a Android Auto focus is downloaded to a user’s Android phone or enclosed as partial of a Apple iOS terms of use. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay® automobile formation is supposing “as is,” and Honda can't pledge operability or functionality now or in a destiny due to, among other conditions, changes in a germane program or doing system, use interruptions, or disfavour or obsolesce of vehicle-integrated hardware or software. See play for details. Only use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® when conditions concede we to do so safely.

3 The Bluetooth® word symbol and logos are owned by a Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such outlines by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., is underneath license.

4 For optimal tire wear and performance, tire vigour should be checked frequently with a gauge. Do not rest only on a guard system. Please see your Honda play for details.