Honda Automobiles: 2015 Honda CR-V

With an all-new powertrain that delivers some-more torque, softened opening and some-more refinement, and permitted new reward features, a 2015 CR-V is both some-more ruggedly jaunty and smarter. These themes are voiced in a compress SUV’s extraneous styling with pattern changes to a front and rear, a mirrors and wheels. The altogether sense these changes yield is assertive and confidant with a wide, plain and planted look, accentuated by reward sum and facilities for a singular Honda style. Available extraneous facilities embody shining LED daytime regulating lights (DRL), LaneWatch™1 and particular 18-inch amalgamate wheels. Included in a changes is a energy tailgate on a new Touring trim, a initial for a CR-V.

Key New Exterior Features

  • Newly designed front fascia including grille, headlights, fender and transformation plate
  • New back fascia pattern with altered permit garnish, fascia sides and bumper
  • Available LED daytime regulating lights
  • Available projector lamp low lamp headlight
  • Two new amalgamate wheels designs, embody new permitted 18-inch wheel
  • Upgraded counterpart pattern with permitted heater and integrated spin signal
  • Power tailgate – initial time permitted on CR-V
  • Available Smart Entry (see Comfort and Convenience section)

Exterior Styling
The confidant front fascia’s one pattern blends a plain griddle and tip atmosphere intake with a four-lamp, multi-reflector halogen headlight arrays in a intelligent ceiling sweep. This energetic griddle figure is inverted subsequent by a aggressive-looking revoke atmosphere intake/skid image design, in resisting silver, and haze light pods to emanate a deep, multi-dimensional look. Commanding plane lines during a back and a resisting china colored transformation image pattern continue a wide, planted demeanour of a new CR-V. The 2015 CR-V’s physique retains a aerodynamic efficiencies of a prior version, with countless pattern elements such as a prolonged roofline and integrated back spoiler that support in producing a low fellow of drag. The EX-L and Touring trims are versed with roof rails that start during a A-pillars and brush along a roofline toward a back finish of a car (available as an appendage on CR-V LX and EX). These rails yield an connection prove for an appendage rack, while also providing a thespian manifest element. The rails are entirely functional, with 3 anchor points per side. The Touring trim also receives special badging with black debossing on a chrome background.

Both a 17-inch wheels, on EX and EX-L trims, and a 18-inch Touring trim wheels—both aluminum alloy—have equivalent multi-spoke aero designs that prove transformation even during a delay and intensify their vast diameter. The bony cast-surface of a 17-inch wheels competition a china monotone color, while a 18-inch amalgamate wheels have a sharp-cut character with a shimmer black and brush aluminum-like finish. Both a 17- and 18-inch wheels are 7 inches wide, 0.5 inches wider than a prior CR-V’s 17-inch wheels. The LX indication rides on 16-inch, five-spoke steel wheels.

Door Design
When a doors are open, a side-sill ornament covering a rocker row creates a some-more approach pathway to a belligerent when entering or exiting a vehicle. This pattern creates a revoke step-over stretch for softened comfort and a rebate in a odds of leg hit with a side of a vehicle.

Distinctive multi-reflector halogen headlights beauty a 2015 CR-V. On EX and aloft trims, a headlight arrays embody a thespian and premium-looking Light Emitting Diode (LED) daytime regulating light (DRL) strip. For a LX trim, a halogen low beams offer double-duty as a DRL. The top-of-the-line Touring trim has multi-reflector and projector headlights, together with LED DRLs for a shining and worldly look. All headlights embody an auto-off underline with EX and above trims also including auto-on capability. Fog lights are enclosed on EX and above trims. The CR-V’S taillight array facilities illuminated taillights and outboard stop lights, and attention-grabbing LED enlightenment for a Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL) that is embedded in a back spoiler.

Side Mirrors
Newly-designed energy side mirrors have a interrelated plane pattern and are aerodynamically optimized to revoke breeze sound and minimize turbulence. Side counterpart housings on a CR-V LX indication are black and those on a EX and above trims have a body-colored tip and black lower. The Expanded View Driver’s Mirror is customary with newcomer side Honda LaneWatch™ enclosed on EX and above trims. The CR-V EX-L and Touring trims supplement exhilarated side mirrors and a Touring trim also adds integrated spin indicators. The side mirrors can be manually folded in for larger preference in parsimonious parking situations. For some-more information on a Expanded View Driver’s Mirror and Honda LaneWatch™, see a Safety and Driver Assistance section.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Guidelines
All CR-V’s embody a multi-angle rearview camera2, manifest on a intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) on a LX indication and on a 7-inch Display Audio shade on all other grades. The camera can uncover a tip view, 130-degree perspective or 180­-degree back perspective when a delivery is in Reverse. The camera is located usually above a permit image on a tailgate. Guidelines assistance drivers sign how tighten they are to an object. The dotted line indicates a closest stretch that a tailgate can be opened. On EX and above trims, energetic discipline prove a projected car trail formed on steering circle position.

Visibility and Glass
The 2015 CR-V provides higher external prominence carrying glorious front and back steer lines for a driver, including a autocratic eye prove spin and a brief brazen invisible length (the stretch a motorist needs to demeanour to see a belligerent in front of a vehicle). The CR-V’s windshield and all windows are done with UV-resistant potion that filters UV light and formula in reduction interior blur over time, revoke cabin temperatures on prohibited days, and some-more fit interior cooling. On EX and above trims, a back windows underline dark-tint remoteness glass.

Power Windows
Power windows, with an auto-up/down driver’s window, are customary on all CR-V models. Individual controls are located on a armrests. Pressing a master switch on a driver’s control row deactivate a particular controls for a front and back passengers.

One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
The CR-V EX, EX-L and Touring trims have a one-touch energy moonroof with lean underline that will entirely open or tighten with a singular hold of a switch. The moonroof resource was intentionally designed to yield plenty headroom. The moonroof has a shifting sunshade that opens with a roof and can be sealed to retard sunlight. To lean or slip a moonroof, a motorist or front newcomer needs usually to entirely press a ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of dire and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof entirely opens or closes automatically. However, if a user wishes to usually partially open or tighten a moonroof (such as to grasp prejudiced ventilation), a lighter hold yields entirely primer control. The moonroof can also lean to yield ventilation. An auto-reverse underline is built in, assisting to safeguard that a moonroof will not forcefully tighten if someone’s palm or arm is positioned in a trail of a glass. If an deterrent is detected, a moonroof resource will free a moonroof.

For a initial time on a CR-V, a 2015 indication includes a preference of an permitted energy tailgate. On a CR-V Touring trim, a tailgate can be facilely non-stop and sealed by dire buttons in a car or on a remote intelligent fob. An interior energy tailgate “open/close” symbol is located on a front console to a left of a steering circle and a “close” symbol is positioned on a underside of a tailgate that is permitted with a tailgate open. The remote intelligent fob also has an “open/close” button. A primer extraneous “open” symbol is located underneath a tailgate handle. The tailgate can be manually sealed during any time during open or tighten operation. As a reserve feature, a tailgate has an auto-detection complement that will retreat instruction if it detects an deterrent (in a form of insurgency opposite a tailgate expostulate motor). The energy tailgate’s expostulate territory is located within a left D-pillar.

On a CR-V LX, EX, and EX-L trims, a primer tailgate facilities twin gas-charged hydraulic struts that palliate opening and a singular pull-down hoop located on a right side. The tailgate can be unbarred with a remote or by dire a symbol inside a driver’s door.

The tailgate has a 360-degree gasket for a parsimonious sign opposite a penetration of water, mud and breeze noise. In addition, a back orifice of a CR-V physique is specifically reinforced to strengthen a tailgate opening, that is a largest opening on a car body. This increasing acerbity during this vicious plcae improves float and handling, as good as interior quietness. The tailgate automatically thatch whenever a CR-V is locked.

Windshield Wipers
Having a 2015 CR-V’s windshield wipers positioned behind and subsequent a back corner of a hood line keeps them subsequent a driver’s normal sightline for softened brazen visibility. In addition, a wipers are positioned out of a airflow over a hood to revoke turmoil that can minister to aerodynamic drag and interior noise. For walking safety, a wiper arm pivots are deformable. (Please see Safety territory for some-more information.) A back windshield wiper is also enclosed as customary equipment.

The front windshield wipers have dual speeds with few and involuntary few operation available. The back wipers have on and few operation as standard.

Operation of a windshield wipers is intuitively elementary regulating a petiole positioned subsequent to a steering wheel; pulling a petiole adult or down operates a front windshield wipers, and rambling a outward partial of a petiole operates a back windshield wiper.

Exterior Colors
Three new worldly extraneous colors have been combined to a CR-V’s palette, Modern Steel Metallic, Obsidian Blue Pearl and Copper Sunset Pearl (a CR-V disdainful color) to yield 10 tone options. All colors are permitted on all trim levels.


2015 CR-V Accessories
A line of Honda Genuine Accessories was grown concurrently with a 2015 CR-V to yield car personalization options for a owner. Like all Honda Genuine Accessories, a CR-V accessories are lonesome by a 3-year/36,000-mile singular guaranty if commissioned by a play during a time of strange car purchase.

Available accessories include:


Exterior Features

Exterior Feature





16-inch steel wheels




17-inch amalgamate wheels



18-inch amalgamate wheels




One-touch energy moonroof with lean feature


Roof-mounted antenna

Roof rails



Power tailgate




Security system


Smart Entry system


Multi-reflector halogen headlights with auto-off




Multi-reflector halogen headlights with auto-on/off



Projector-beam halogen headlights with auto-on/off




Fog lights


Body-colored, energy side mirrors including Expanded View Driver’s Mirror




Heated, body-colored, energy side mirrors including Expanded View Driver’s Mirror and integrated spin indicators




Rear remoteness glass


2-Speed/intermittent windshield wipers




Variable few back window wiper/washer


Reverse-linked few back window wiper/washer

Body-colored doorway handles


1 Display correctness will change formed on weather, distance of intent and speed, and a arrangement might not uncover all applicable traffic. The arrangement is not a surrogate for your possess approach manifest comment of trade conditions before changing lanes.

2 Always visually endorse that it is protected to expostulate before subsidy up; a rearview camera arrangement does not yield finish information about all conditions and objects during a back of your vehicle.