GM Canada Congratulates Parkwood Estate on 100 Years of Inspiration and Innovation

GM Canada Congratulates Parkwood Estate on 100 Years of Inspiration and Innovation






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OSHAWA, Ont. – On Friday Sep 8, 2017 General Motors of Canada boss and handling director, Steve Carlisle, addressed a assembly during a Parkwood Estate Centennial Celebration dinner. The prepared content of his remarks is below. As always, a speaker’s difference are definitive. 


I am gay to be here this dusk to supplement GM’s congratulations to Parkwood on it’s Centennial year.

As a home of GM Canada’s owner Colonel Sam McLaughlin, this is indeed a really special place for me and a family of GM employees and dealers opposite Canada. It is not only a smashing estate property, we consider we will agree, Parkwood is a special place where we can clarity a vision, aspiration and innovative suggestion of Colonel Sam.

As we know, R. S. McLaughlin was one of Canada’s biggest business leaders and innovators.  He was positively during a forefront of change in his time as he transformed, what was one of a largest carriage companies in a British Empire into one of a initial automotive companies in North America.

From a files during GM we came opposite a minute to his carriage dealers in 1915 that we found to be both engaging and timely. In it he wrote:

“Time and waves wait for no man. The invention of a gasoline engine and a adaption to vehicular transport is, in my judgement, during benefaction operative a series in a horse-drawn car trade.”

With that he announced arrangements to take caring of his normal business while converting his carriage factories to a make of “five thousand automobiles as a minimum” for a Chevrolet Motor Company that led to a first of GM of Canada in 1918 – that means that we’ll have another centennial miracle to applaud subsequent year!

Sam McLaughlin was handling by a “innovator’s dilemma” prolonged before we wrote books on a subject. we can’t assistance though take impulse from that as a automobile zone transitions currently by what is positively a many poignant and fast duration of change given a time of Colonel Sam’s letter.

If he were here today, we trust he would have desired to see a innovative new lorry module we are scheming during Oshawa Assembly. But he would have also been looking around a dilemma during how synthetic comprehension and appurtenance training could urge life for his customers. He’d be focused on automobiles that are electric, connected, unconstrained and shared. And we am certain he would be operative with universities and a whole operation of partners — as we are currently — to conclude a destiny of mobility that promises 0 emissions, 0 trade overload and 0 collisions.

So, in my two, now roughly 3 years behind in Canada, I’ve turn increasingly preoccupied with R. S. McLaughlin and his suggestion of creation as an impulse for us during a stream epoch of intrusion and transformation.

Having pronounced that, we also need to acknowledge to a special additional tie to Colonel Sam, by one of his friends and fishing buddies of a day, Dr John Oille, who is, in fact, a good grandfather of my wife, Andrea Derby, who is here with me tonight. Andrea and we are really celebrated to be here with a GM Canada group to applaud Parkwood’s centennial. 

To symbol this good legacy, we would now like to commend and call on Col. Sam’s granddaughter, Jocelyn Shaw to join me on theatre for a print that Parkwood will place in a time plug they are curating.

Thank we and congratulations Parkwood on your Centennial anniversary.