Full-throttle by hell: BMW contests a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring with a traditionally clever contingent.

Munich. The 24-hour foe during a Nürburgring (GER) will be held
for a 45th time in 2017 – and BMW Motorsport has rarely
been so good placed in peculiarity and apportion as in this season. A
sum of some-more than 40 BMW foe cars are purebred for a 24-hour
race. The 13 BMW M235i Racing creates adult a largest contingent. This
is a entry-level indication in a patron racing product operation of BMW
Motosport. Nine BMW M6 GT3 will foe a SP9 class, all looking
to get a tip outcome in a altogether standings during this endurance
classic. The new BMW M4 GT4 will be on a starting grid as the
media car.


BMW has distinguished 19 altogether wins during a legendary
Nürburgring-Nordschleife given 1970, 8 of that were one-two
results. They have racked adult a sum of 177 category wins – some-more than any
other brand. There have been 1,580 BMW starts during a 24-hour race
between 1970 and 2016. In comparison, Opel in second place has fewer
than half as many starts. The final win was in 2010, with a BMW M3 GT
of BMW Team Schnitzer and a drivers Augusto Farfus (BRA), Jörg
Müller (GER), Pedro Lamy (POR) and Uwe Alzen (GER).

In a stream motorist squad, in further to Farfus (1 win) and Müller
(2 wins), there are dual other drivers who have already won during the
Nürburgring: a dual BMW newcomers Marc Basseng (GER) and Timo
Scheider (GER). Philipp Eng (AUT), Maxime Martin (BEL) and Alexander
Sims (GBR), a reigning winners of a 24-hour foe in
Spa-Francorchamps (BEL), will once again group adult to paint BMW.
Many other obvious BMW works drivers will also be in action,
including DTM champions Marco Wittmann (GER), Bruno Spengler (CAN) and
Martin Tomczyk (GER).

Endurance exam for a new BMW M4 GT4.

In further to a BMW M6 GT3, BMW M235i Racing and numerous
highwayman BMW cars, a new BMW M4 GT4 will also take on a endurance
classical in a Eifel region. The media automobile cockpit will be common by
Dirk Adorf (GER), who will once again yield explanation for RTL
NITRO, BMW Motorsport Junior Ricky Collard (GBR), Jörg Weidinger (GER)
and British engine racing publisher Jethro Bovingdon (GBR). Adorf
played an critical purpose in a growth of a BMW M4 GT4, since
he gathering for a vast suit of a testing. Collard and Weidinger,
who takes to a lane as a exam and growth operative for BMW M
GmbH, were also concerned in a growth and will put a car
by a paces once again in a “Green Hell”.

The M Festival takes place within a horizon of a 24-hour race
for a seventh time. In a vast BMW M Hospitality area fans and VIP
guest have a eventuality to knowledge a special eventuality programme
focussed on a many absolute minute in a world.


Drivers and those in assign speak about a 24-hour foe during a Nürburgring:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “The
24-hour foe during a Nürburgring is a prominence of a European GT
deteriorate in 2017. No other manufacturer has competed in this eventuality with
as many success as BMW. With 19 altogether wins, we have been partial of the
24h Nürburgring success story given 1970, and have made a event.
The fans prerogative a teams with illusory support each year and I’m
certain a same will be loyal in 2017. The ‘Green Hell’ has turn a
second home for BMW Motorsport and BMW M, that is demonstrated by the
M Festival, that has incited into a permanent tie on a support
programme of a 24-hour race. To suffer sporting success on the
Nordschleife, we need gifted teams and reliable, quick drivers.
We will contest with both once again this season, as good as
rival cars – a BMW M6 GT3 in particular. This might only be our
biggest and best patrol of all time during a Nürburgring. But it will, of
course, once again be an intensely formidable foe – due to the
perfectionist track, a clever foe and all a surprises that a
24-hour foe in a Eifel plateau has in store.”


Torsten Schubert (team principal, Schubert Motorsport):
“Finally, a week that we have been meticulously preparing
for over a past months is here. The 24 Hours of Nürburgring is of
good significance to me and a whole team, and is a prominence of
a season. We are unapproachable to be competing during a ‘Green Hell’ for the
sixth year in a quarrel with works support supposing by BMW Motorsport.
Unfortunately, notwithstanding clever performances in new years, we never
had a fitness required to make it onto a podium. Now, with a BMW
M6 GT3, a unequivocally clever motorist choice and a rarely encouraged team, we
are good positioned to be adult there during a front. Hopefully fitness will
be on a side this time.”


Charly Lamm (team principal, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“The 24-hour eventuality during a Nürburgring is a special foe and
yet any doubt one of a highlights of a general GT
season. Our group has gifted copiousness of noted moments during the
event. In 2017, we lapse to a ‘Green Hell’ with a BMW M6 GT3. The
Nordschleife is an outrageous challenge. That is loyal for a circuit,
a foe stretch and a clever field. The whole group needs to stay
entirely focused over a time of 24 hours. We have collected copiousness of
knowledge during preparations. We now need to make best use of it at
a weekend. The whole group is unequivocally looking brazen to this
plea and is rarely motivated.”


Hans-Peter Naundorf (team principal, ROWE Racing):
“We have no doubt finished a many heated preparations for
a 24-hour foe that we have ever been concerned in. The starting field
is some-more well-balanced and stronger than ever before. There are even
some-more manufacturers purebred than ever who could win a race. The
changes to a regulations in sold meant that everybody is facing
doubt and it is tough to decider a opening of a car. The
VLN races and a subordinate foe didn’t yield many clarification.
Even yet we don’t know accurately how we magnitude up, we are positive
and demeanour brazen to a good battle.”


Jens Klingmann (#19 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport):
“I have been competing for Schubert Motorsport during the
Nürburgring 24-hour foe for as prolonged as we have been a BMW works
driver. We have been tighten to a lectern on a few occasions, and even
tighten to victory. Most times, we have only not had that small bit of
fitness that we need. We are now a unequivocally well-coordinated group – not
only a drivers yet also a mechanics and engineers so we am
intensely optimistic. The primary aim during a 24-hour foe is to make
it to a finishing line. If we can conduct that, you’re median there
already. Nonetheless, we have to pull on from a start and make sure
that we stay in touch. we consider that we have a unequivocally good possibility with
a car.”


Jörg Müller (#19/#20 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport):
“No matter how mostly we have competed in a 24 Hours
Nürburgring, this marathon is always a unequivocally special plea that I
demeanour brazen to. After my bad fitness final year, when we late while
being in a lead, we have a measure to settle with a ‘Green Hell’. I
have a illusory group and glorious drivers during my side, with whom it will
unequivocally be probable to quarrel for a win again. With a bit more
racing fitness than final year, anything is probable for us.”


Augusto Farfus (#42/#43 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“This foe will unequivocally be a prominence of a year. It
is good to be pushing for Schnitzer once again. we have so many great
memories of this team. we will also be competing in dual cars. That is
unique. The Nürburgring is like a propitious dip, and it is positively the
many severe march of a season. But we can frequency wait to get
pushing there again.”


Timo Scheider (#43 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“This foe is, and will always be, something special. Quite
some time has upheld given my altogether win in 2003. This means that I
am looking brazen even some-more to my initial 24-hour foe as partial of the
BMW Motorsport family, with a BMW M6 GT3. We have copiousness of
proclivity to finish as high as probable in a standings. We have to
make it by a foe clean to have any possibility of that happening.
We positively have a quick car. The one who creates no mistakes and has no
technical problems will be a winner. we feel like we have prepared well.”


Alexander Sims (#98/#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):
“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to a Nürburgring. It will be my
fourth tour in a 24-hour foe on a Nordschleife and something
new has happened each time. It won’t be a normal race, there will be
copiousness of hurdles once again. Driving in dual cars for a first
time in my career is positively a new aspect of this race, and it
will positively be interesting. we will unequivocally give it my all. It
goes yet observant that a aim of a foe is to win. Last year, we
were a best-placed BMW in fifth. Hopefully we can urge a little
in a second year with a BMW M6 GT3.”


Maxime Martin (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing): “The
24-hour foe during a Nürburgring is one of a tip racing events of the
year. For BMW as a whole and for us as drivers. With all a traffic
and a intensely prolonged and perfectionist track, it is a outrageous challenge. It
will be formidable once again this year, yet we am unequivocally looking
brazen to it. We have been so tighten to removing a 20th
win for BMW so often. It would be good if it worked out this time. It
goes yet observant that a vicinity to Belgium means we am hoping
for lots of fans from my home nation again. That always gives me that
additional proclivity – even yet that isn’t unequivocally required during the
Nordschleife. You are always rarely encouraged there.”


Nico Menzel (#100 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport):
“This is my first-ever 24-hour foe – and we get to start on
a Nordschleife in a BMW M6 GT3. Driving by night will be
interesting. The many critical thing is to strech a finish line
after 24 hours. We should have adequate for a tip 10 finish, as prolonged as
we don’t have any vital problems. we am unequivocally looking brazen to
starting for Walkenhorst and we am beholden for a trust that a team
has placed in me. It is positively not a matter of march for a Junior
to get a possibility like this.”


Dirk Adorf (#40 BMW M4 GT4, Securtal Sorg Rennsport):
“The 24-hour foe is a ideal theatre to arrangement a BMW M4
GT4 in a BMW Motorsport pattern to a open and intensity customers
as sales begin. Plenty of work and passion has left into the
growth of a newest patron racing automobile from BMW. Every driver
who has tested a BMW M4 GT4, either they contest in a DTM or in
GT racing, has been tender with a performance. We have already
built adult an bargain of a automobile interjection to a comprehensive
contrast and we are certain that we can yield business with an
superb product that emphasizes a multiple of pristine performance
with reserve and comfort for drivers.”


Overview of a motorist line-ups in a BMW M6 GT3:


#19 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport

Jens Klingmann (GER), Jörg Müller (GER), John Edwards (USA), Tom
Onslow-Cole (GBR)


#20 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport

Jesse Krohn (FIN), Jörg Müller (GER), Bruno Spengler (CAN), Kuno
Wittmer (CAN)


#42, BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer

Marco Wittmann (GER), Tom Blomqvist (GBR), Martin Tomczyk (GER),
Augusto Farfus (BRA)


#43, BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer

Augusto Farfus (BRA), Alexander Lynn (GBR), António Félix da Costa
(POR), Timo Scheider (GER)


#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing

Markus Palttala (FIN), Nick Catsburg (NED), Alexander Sims (GBR),
Richard Westbrook (GBR)


#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing

Philipp Eng (AUT), Alexander Sims (GBR), Maxime Martin (BEL), Marc
Basseng (GER)


#33 BMW M6 GT3, Falken Motorsports

Peter Dumbreck (GBR), Alexandre Imperatori (SUI), Stef Dusseldorp
(NED), Marco Seefried (GER)


#100 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport

Christian Krognes (NOR), Michele di Martino (GER), Matias Henkola
(FIN), Nico Menzel (GER)


#101 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport

Henry Walkenhorst (GER), Jordan Tresson (FRA)