From bottle to fabric: Seat upholstery done of PET

Sustainability is a executive post in a Audi corporate strategy. This relates to record as good as to a prolongation processes. Seat upholstery done from delegate tender materials are being used for a initial time in a fourth era of a Audi A3. Up to 89% of a weave used consists of recycled PET bottles, that are remade into chronicle in an elaborate procedure. This formula in fabrics that pledge a same peculiarity standards in terms of demeanour and feel as required weave upholstery.

Turning a aged into a new

The bottle disappears in a hole of a retreat vending machine, and a patron in Germany gets €0.25. But what happens then? While still in a shop, a disposable bottles are dense for lorry ride in sequence to save space. Once they have arrived during a recycling plant, they are sorted by color, distance and quality. Foreign matter such as a caps are separated. A mill afterwards crushes a bottles into flakes, that are washed, dusty and melted down. Nozzles figure continual cosmetic strands out of a mass. Once they have dried, a appurtenance chops them into tiny pieces. This formula in granulate, differently famous as recyclate, and this undergoes holder to emanate threads. Wound onto coils, these are used in a final theatre to make materials. 

More than 100 PET bottles in a singular A3

All in all, adult to 45 PET bottles with a ability of 1.5 liters are used per seating system. On tip of this, an additional 62 PET bottles were recycled for a runner in a new Audi A3. Other components in a interior are also increasingly done of delegate tender materials, e.g. insulating materials and absorbers, a side row trims of a luggage compartment, a loading building and a mats. The idea is clear: The commission of recycled element in a Audi swift is to arise extremely in a entrance years. In a process, a reward code will continue to offer a business products with a high turn of peculiarity that they are used to.

At present, a chair upholstery is not nonetheless done totally of recyclable material. “The reduce covering of woven material, that is connected to a top element with adhesive, is what poses a challenge. We are operative on replacing this with recyclable polyester,” says Ute Grönheim, who is in assign of element growth in a textiles multiplication during Audi. “It is a idea to make a chair upholstery totally from pure element so that it can be recycled again. We are no longer really distant divided from this.” In a prolonged term, all chair upholstery opposite all indication array will be done of recycled material.

Three recycled covers on offer

There are 3 opposite element designs for a Audi A3; they have an adult to 89% share of recycled material. One of these is a steel gray element “Torsion” for a pattern preference on that yellow resisting stitching creates visible highlights. In addition, a element “Puls” is available. In a S line, it facilities a black and china tone multiple and is accentuated by stone gray resisting stitching. Later on, it follows in black and red with resisting stitching. In the apparatus line in question, these designs form a simple charity and can be total with side bolsters done of synthetic leather.

A video display a prolongation routine of PET fabric will be accessible during Audi MediaTV soon.