Four tip clubs in Audi Cup

“The fans are going to declare dual fantastic match-days during a Allianz Arena and on television. From a sporting perspective, a Audi Cup featuring these tip clubs is an critical component in a credentials for a new deteriorate that will flog off usually dual weeks later,” says Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Executive Board Chairman of FC Bayern München AG.

On Tuesday, Aug 1, dual semi-finals will be held. Initially, a losing teams are going to play for third place on Wednesday, Aug 2, before a winners are pitted opposite any other in a final. The kick-off times will be 17:45 and 20:30 (CEST), respectively, any compare durability 90 minutes. As a result, a spectators get to watch all 4 clubs on both days. Tickets can now be purchased during Day tickets are accessible from 20 euros. Two years ago a Allianz Arena was sole out on both match-days. Those who are incompetent to secure a sheet will be means to watch a eventuality on television, as ARD will be airing live coverage from a track on both days on “Das Erste”.

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