1. Pop that trunk

How To Change a Tire Tip: Pop That Trunk

That’s where you’ll locate a gangling tire and automobile jack. Don’t forget—you’ll need a wrench as well.

2. Line it up

Once you’re beside a flat, line adult your jack with a automobile door’s indicator nearby a bottom (Make certain we have a solid, turn aspect underneath—slopes are bad news).

3. Loosen a lugs

How To Change a Tire Tip: Loosen a Lugs

Before we jack your car, disencumber a wheel’s lugs—once a weight is off, this will make it easier to mislay them.

4. We have lift off!

How To Change a Tire Tip: Lift Off!

Well, almost—before that you’ll need to adjust a jack into place and tie it to a door’s sub-frame. Once that’s done, use a push and finish a lift.

5. Out with a old…

Now that it’s jacked, finish stealing a circle lugs. Then we can reinstate a prosaic with your gangling before we start tightening a lugs once some-more (we find tightening them in a star pattern—up-down-side-side—works best).

6. Get low

How To Change a Tire Tip: Get Down Low

Now that a new tire is firmly on, retreat a jack and reduce a automobile behind on down. With a weight behind on a tire, finish tightening a lugs and you’re prepared to roll.

Pro tip: Because it’s a spare, try to expostulate with a 50/50 rule—drive no faster than 50 MPH, for no some-more than 50 miles in total.

*Too most tire trouble? Ford Roadside Assistance is always tighten by—it only takes a phone call to get things rolling.