Fiat during a 2014 Paris International Motor Show

  • The Fiat 500X débuts in a general preview, a new compress crossover in a 500 family that outlines a expansion of a code and record by a growth in a DNA.
  • A beauty with character, a new automobile explores a mint dimension of being 500, where a mature, elegant, all-Italian impression “clothes” – like haute couture – a piece of a automobile that is comfortable, high-performance and always in hold with a world.
  • Available in dual opposite versions with dual opposite souls – one some-more “metropolitan” and a other ideal for convenience – versed with fit diesel and petrol engines, three types of delivery – manual, 9-speed involuntary or twin-clutch 6-speed automatic – and with front-wheel drive, four-wheel expostulate or front-wheel expostulate with Traction Plus configurations.
  • The new Fiat 500X will go on sale in some-more than 100 countries worldwide, including a United States.
  • Paris sees a début of a “500 Couture”, a subsequent limit in disdainful customisation that introduces a new “500 Ron Arad Edition” and a “500 Comics”, “500 Camouflage” and “500 Jeans” showcars, definitely enthralling examples characterised by Italian craftsmanship to make them unique.
  • Created in partnership with a famous designer, a “500 Ron Arad Edition” pays loyalty to a mythological 1957 Fiat 500, a conformation of that is drawn on a bodywork to serve raise a selected essence of a Fiat model.
  • Ron Arad also puts his name to a mount during Paris and a exhibit dedicated to a new Fiat 500X. A sold underline of a arrangement area is an “X” where a 4 particular elements of a 500’s DNA converge: “Heritage”, a reverence to a iconic inlet of a 1957 Fiat 500; a “Pop Art” of a Sixties, with a colours and designs of a period; a “Dolce Vita”, a all-Italian lifestyle embodied by a 500; and “Fashion”, highlighting a attribute between a automobile that symbolises Fiat and one of a sectors where Italian value creates a participation felt worldwide.
  • There are also a other heading lights of a 500 family on a mount – 500L Trekking, 500L Beats EditionTM and 500 MY 2014 Cult models – cars that are really opposite in terms of goal and character, though that have a same roots in common: a iconic Fiat 500.