In Muskoka, Ontario, French’s Fine Homes, is a tighten weave family run business with a generational unrestrained for Ford vehicles. Bert French, a father of a family was a Ford male and his passion for a vehicles was upheld down to each child. Ever given a siblings can remember, their family has been a Ford Family. Whether for work or personal use, everybody owned a Ford. Bert went so distant as to embody a “Ford Only Parking” pointer in a expostulate way.

His adore of Ford vehicles started behind when his father bought him a used Model T in a 1930’s. As a operative man, he converted a Model T into a lorry and built a substructure for a family plantation with his father. No matter a job, he knew he could count on his Ford. Even if a pursuit was 150KM away, Bert enjoyed his Fords and knew a stretch valid no compare for his truck.


According to his eldest son, Bert owned each kind of collect adult Ford made. “I remember him carrying 48 Ford Panel trucks, 54 collect adult trucks, and ’52, and a ’55, and a ’56. You know we can go on and on. He’s had only about each kind of Ford lorry they can make.” and his collection grew to over 100 vehicles strong. It comes as no warn that each kin schooled to expostulate with a Ford.

“My father was always like that, it was all about a people.”

It comes as no warn that Bert would stop and assistance stranded motorists during a sirocco in his afterwards Ford Bronco. With his low seductiveness in Ford vehicles displayed in a family home and business, it’s protected to contend Bert was a life prolonged Ford fan.