Extremely athletic, intensely versatile: The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman.

The second era of a MINI Countryman is a biggest and most
versatile denote in a whole operation of a tradition-steeped British
brand. And another greatest now relates to a energy territory of the
MINI John Cooper Works Countryman. With an outlay of 170 kW/231 hp, it
is a many absolute engine ever to be propitious in a MINI: in
multiple with a customary all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4 and a robust
automobile concept, it ensures that a latest serve to a family of
tip John Cooper Works athletes takes a MINI knowledge to a whole
new spin – in terms of both foe lane feeling on a highway and
impassioned pushing fun over unsurfaced terrain.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman (combined fuel
consumption: 7.4 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 169 g/km) sprints
from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds with both a customary 6-speed
primer smoothness and a discretionary 8-speed Steptronic sports
transmission. In doing so it is 0.8 or 0.7 seconds faster than the
MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4. The higher opening qualities of
a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman are serve reflected in
a lively on halt sprints, cornering lively and
deceleration performance. These qualities are a product of an
altogether package that has been gathered formed on John Cooper Works
racing expertise, including not usually a engine and all-wheel drive
complement though also a sports cessation with 18-inch John Cooper Works
light amalgamate wheels and Brembo sports stop system, special body
facilities to optimise aerodynamic properties and cooling atmosphere intake,
and a model-specific cockpit with John Cooper Works sports seats.
The well-developed station of a new
MINI John Cooper Works Countryman within a reward compress segment
is underscored by means of disdainful customary facilities including
MINI Driving Modes, LED headlamps, Comfort Access and a Radio MINI
Visual Boost.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman: an overview of the
contribution and figures.

– 4-cylinder turbo engine with 170 kW/231 hp and 350 Nm torque. –
Efficiency-optimised all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4 as standard. – Sports
cessation with Brembo sports stop complement and 18-inch light alloy
wheels. – Engine, cessation and aerodynamics harmonised formed on
John Cooper Works racing expertise. – Sprint from 0 to
100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, 0.8 seconds faster than the
MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4, limit speed: 234 km/h.

John Cooper Works Aerodynamics Kit with generally vast atmosphere inlets at
a front. – Model-specific interior with John Cooper Works sports
seats. – Exclusive customary trim embody LED headlamps, MINI Driving
Modes and Comfort Access. – Five wholly fledged seats, and a
poignant boost in space, luggage cell distance and
flexibility as compared to a prototype model. – MINI Connected as
a personal mobility partner for bland use and when travelling.

More power, some-more space and some-more foe lane feeling on all

The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman is a inheritor to the
brand’s initial tip contestant designed for a compress shred and fitted
as customary with a all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4. The new car’s
enrichment over a prototype is reflected not usually in an output
that is increasing by 10 kW/13 hp and a efficiency-optimised design
of a ALL4 complement though also in lengthened outmost measure and a
substantial boost in space, flexibility and functionality. With an
serve of some 17 centimetres in length and 3 centimetres in width
along with a wheelbase prolongation of 7.5 centimetres, space
accessibility on a 5 wholly fledged seats is now significantly
optimised. The luggage cell can be stretched as compulsory from
450 litres to as many as 1 390 litres. This creates a new MINI
John Cooper Works Countryman a tip contestant with all-round qualities
that provides impassioned pushing fun and well-developed flexibility –
either on a foe track, divided from asphalted roads, in everyday
trade or over lengthier distances.

World premiere in Shanghai, marketplace launch in open 2017.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman will be presented to the
open for a initial time in Apr 2017 during a Shanghai Motor Show.
The marketplace launch will get underway in open 2017.

Developed from longstanding knowledge of foe marks and
convene trails.

In serve to state-of-the-art technology, a sold character
of a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman is also subsequent from the
brand’s longstanding and successful engine racing tradition. It was 55
years ago that a classical Mini clinched a initial feat – when the
Mini Cooper won a British Touring Car Championship. Since afterwards the
name of mythological sports automobile engineer John Cooper has stood for the
brand’s racing success and a impassioned pushing fun it offers on a road.

Exactly 50 years after a final of 3 undisguised wins by the
classical Mini during a Monte Carlo Rally, a new
MINI John Cooper Works Countryman now points a approach to further
success in this discipline. The new book of this all-rounder
provides a basement for a foe automobile grown by MINI and
a X-raid Team for long-distance rallies. The MINI John Cooper Works
Rally is set to take on a hurdles of a world’s toughest
marathon contests, starting with a Dakar Rally in 2017. As such it
succeeds a MINI ALL4 Racing, that was grown formed on a first
era of a MINI Countryman and won a Dakar Rally 4 times
in succession.

Perfectly harmonised altogether package for tip performance.

The John Cooper Works code has been integrated underneath a MINI
powerful for 10 years. This tighten tie dates behind to a early
years of a classical Mini, whose sporting talent was rescued and
promoted by John Cooper. Today it impacts definitely on a extreme
pushing delight offering by a MINI John Cooper Works Countryman.
The engine, transmission, all-wheel drive, suspension, aerodynamics
and cockpit pattern are not usually geared towards tip performance, they
are also precisely harmonised with a automobile judgment of a new
MINI Countryman. As a result, a latest John Cooper Works denote is an
altogether package for stirring performance, fabricated with racing expertise.

Engine: energy smoothness and sound with racing character.

The 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine commissioned transversely during a front
of a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman demonstrates performance
characteristics desirous by engine racing. It has a specific chronicle of
MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology with a turbocharging complement integrated
in a expel steel manifold, petrol approach injection, a fully
non-static valve control complement VALVETRONIC and non-static camshaft
control (double VANOS). Made of rarely temperature-resistant material,
a turbocharger generates a charge-air vigour that is now
increasing to 2.2 bar. This creates a basement for rarely enterprising and
long-lasting energy delivery. The engine puts a limit torque of
350 Newton metres on tide during between 1 450 and
4 500 rpm. It delivers a rise outlay of 170 kW/231 hp
within an engine speed operation of 5 000 and 6 000 rpm.

The sold facilities of a new engine grown for
John Cooper Works models embody specific pistons, a vast charge-air
cooler and an additional radiator. In serve there is a sports
empty complement that not usually supports a engine’s performance
characteristics though also gives them an considerable acoustic and visual
dimension. Reduced empty gas vigour promotes extemporaneous power
delivery, while a controllable empty strap and a special geometry
of a tailpipe assistance beget a rarely romantic sound that is
customary of John Cooper Works models. The sports empty complement also
has slim chrome covers for a twin tailpipes.

6-speed primer smoothness as standard, 8-speed Steptronic
sports smoothness as an discretionary extra.

The customary 6-speed primer smoothness is weight-optimised in
pattern as good as exhibiting a high spin of inner potency and
change comfort. A rigging sensor enables active engine speed adaptation
for quite energetic shifting. Short shifts and a model-specific
rigging push doorknob promote accurate rigging selection. An 8-speed
Steptronic sports smoothness is optionally available, operated by
means of a admirably designed selector push as good as shift
paddles during a steering wheel. It offers quite brief shift
times and a Launch Control duty for traction-optimised sprint
manoeuvres from standing.

This also has a certain impact on efficiency. With a standard
primer transmission, a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman has a
total fuel expenditure of 7.4 litres per 100 kilometres and a CO2
emissions spin of 169 grams per kilometre. In and with the
8-speed Steptronic sports transmission, these total are reduced to
6.9 litres and 158 grams respectively (provisional EU exam cycle

With ALL4 from a mud highway to a foe track.

The opening ability of a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman
is not usually really high, it is also intensely versatile in terms of the
power operation of uses. This is due to a ALL4 all-wheel drive
system, that not usually optimises traction on unsurfaced turf such
as mud roads though also enhances float fortitude in inauspicious weather
conditions and improves lively when holding bends boldly on the
foe track. The system’s electronic control territory is related to a DSC
(Dynamic Stability Control), ensuring a consistently quick and precise
response during all times in distributing a expostulate torque between the
front and behind wheels.

Thanks to a compress and weight-optimised design, a current
chronicle of a ALL4 all-wheel expostulate complement offers a particularly
fit form of non-static energy distribution. It consists of a power
take-off shelf rigging on a front spindle differential, a dual-section
propeller missile and a behind spindle differential with an
electrohydraulically tranquil hang-on clutch. In sequence to revoke the
torque detriment that occurs when expostulate energy is eliminated to a rear
axle, a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman uses active DSC with
a brand’s evil front-wheel expostulate in normal situations on
a road. Only when required does a hang-on purchase send drive
torque to a behind wheels within a fragment of a second.

Sports framework for limit lively when sprinting, on bends
and during braking manoeuvres.

The high-quality cessation record of a new MINI John Cooper
Works Countryman offers a ideal basement for limit opening and
fascinating doing properties. It is designed to harmonize with the
intensely high engine outlay of this versatile tip contestant as good as
a prolonged wheelbase, vast lane and low centre of gravity. A
single-joint open strut spindle during a front is total with a
multilink behind spindle in a model-specific version. What is more, the
customary sports cessation of a new MINI John Cooper Works Clubman
facilities a quite parsimonious set-up of a cessation and damping
systems. The speed-related Servotronic steering support – serve a
customary underline – promotes accurate doing on bends and comfortable
manoeuvring during low speeds.

The sports stop complement was designed in partnership with
dilettante manufacturer Brembo and comprises 4-piston fixed-caliper
front brakes on a front wheels, guaranteeing consistently high
deceleration rates even when subjected to heated use. The brake
calipers are finished in red and bear a John Cooper Works trademark at
a front. The Dynamic Stability Control complement also ensures optimum
traction on sprints, lively on bends and protected deceleration. Its
functions embody Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Electronic
Differential Lock Control (EDLC) – that acts as an electronic locking
duty for a front spindle differential – and Performance Control for
stretchable branch when holding bends during speed. The customary trim also
includes 18-inch John Cooper Works light amalgamate wheels in Black Thrill
Spoke. John Cooper Works light amalgamate wheels in a sizes 18 and
19 inches are optionally available.

MINI Driving Modes and Dynamic Damper Control capacitate an
individualised automobile set-up.

The customary MINI Driving Modes capacitate a automobile set-up that is
geared towards both a conditions on a highway and a driver’s
sold preferences. A rotary switch during a bottom of a rigging or
selector push is used to activate a settings SPORT, MID and GREEN.
This influences a evil curves of a accelerator pedal and
steering, a engine acoustics, a change characteristics of the
8-speed Steptronic sports transmission, if a latter is fitted, and
a Dynamic Damper Control set-up. The characteristics of the
electronically tranquil dampers are geared to a quite dynamic
pushing character in SPORT mode and support a some-more comfort-oriented style
in a other dual modes. GREEN mode is designed for gentle yet
efficiency-optimised driving. A ancillary underline here is the
coasting function, that can be used in and with a 8-speed
Steptronic sports transmission. In GREEN mode, a drivetrain is
decoupled during speeds of between 50 and 160 km/h as shortly as a driver’s
feet is private from a accelerator pedal.

Exterior: a transparent denote of versatile athleticism.

The extraneous pattern of a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman
expresses a model’s sold multiple of impassioned athleticism
and well-developed versatility. With a length of 4 299
millimetres, a breadth of 1 822 millimetres and a tallness of
1 557 millimetres, it is certainly a biggest top
contestant in a family of John Cooper Works models. The typical
proportions of a energetic all-round sports automobile are serve emphasised
by model-specific features, in sold including the
John Cooper Works Aerodynamics Kit. Key elements of a car’s powerful
coming embody a vast cooling inlets in a front apron, which
take adult a space indifferent for parking lights and haze lamps in a new
MINI Countryman. The customary roof rails and a model-specific roof
spoiler underscore both a tallness of a physique and a fact that its
pattern is geared towards best aerodynamic balance.

The side spin indicator surrounds famous as side scuttles bear a
red accentuation line and a John Cooper Works logo, as does the
hexagon radiator grille with evil honeycomb pattern; the
trademark also appears on a tailgate. There are 4 non-metallic and six
lead variants to select from for a physique finish of a new MINI
John Cooper Works Countryman. Here, Rebel Green is an choice reserved
exclusively for John Cooper Works models as is a resisting paint
finish for a roof and extraneous counterpart caps in Chili Red.

Interior: some-more space for racing passion.

Inside a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman, a versatile
opening qualities can be gifted on 5 wholly fledged seats
and in a evil sports automobile atmosphere. In serve to
John Cooper Works sports seats with integrated headrests, features
such as a John Cooper Works sports steering circle with multifunction
buttons, a John Cooper Works gear or selector push and a roof
ship in anthracite all minister to a car’s heated feeling of
racing flair.

A sold cockpit pattern is total with optimised space
and a high grade of versatility. Head, shoulder and leg room are
significantly some-more inexhaustible than in a prototype model, both during the
front and a rear. The behind seats can be shifted
longitudinally by adult to 13 centimetres in a 60 : 40 split, while
additional flexibility is supposing by backrest elements that are
tilt-adjustable and foldable in a
40 : 20 : 40
split. One singular choice for array stops in sold MINI character is
a Picnic Bench, a stretchable aspect that folds out of a luggage
cell and provides seating for dual people. Another optional
wise is an electric tailgate control that allows touchless opening
and shutting in and with a customary Comfort Access.

Exceptional contestant with disdainful fittings.

The well-developed station of a new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman
both in a reward compress shred and a brand’s denote module is
underscored by a disdainful apparatus items. The customary LED
headlamps optimise prominence when pushing in a dim as good as
giving a coming of a car’s front territory a distinguished contour.
The daytime pushing light is generated by a rope of light running
wholly around any headlamp, serve regulating LED technology. Standard
facilities also embody journey control with stop duty and a Radio
MINI Visual Boost including USB hollow and operation around MINI
Controller on a centre console, and there is a 6.5-inch shade in
a executive instrument that displays a start design specific to John
Cooper Works when a motorist gets in a car.

Modern motorist assistance systems, high-quality options for
comfort and sold style.

The motorist assistance systems grown for a stream model
era raise comfort and reserve in a new MINI John
Cooper Works Countryman, too. The customary collision warning with city
braking duty can be extended to embody a Driving Assistant
complement with camera-based active journey control, walking warning
with initial stop function, high lamp partner and highway sign
detection. Other facilities to select from embody Park Distance Control
with sensors during a front, behind perspective camera and Parking Assistant. In
serve to information on highway speed, speed boundary and overtaking
bans detected, stream navigation directions and Check Control
messages, feedback from a motorist assistance systems and lists of
write contacts and party programs, it is also probable to
arrangement a now comparison rigging and a varicoloured engine speed
scale on a special John Cooper Works Head-Up Display.

The module of discretionary apparatus apparatus for a new MINI
Countryman is also accessible for a intensely sporty denote version.
These embody a scenery potion roof, 2-zone involuntary air
conditioning, chair heating for motorist and front passenger, windscreen
heating, electrically heatable and folding extraneous mirrors and an
alarm complement with a red LED standing indicator in a fin antenna.

Central instrument with touchscreen, MINI Find Mate and MINI
County Timer.

Other options embody a Harman Kardon hi-fi system,
a MINI navigation complement and a MINI navigation system
Professional. The facilities of a Wired package including MINI
navigation complement Professional contain a Touch Controller on the
centre console and an 8.8-inch colour shade in a central
instrument; a latter is a touchscreen, permitting functions to be
comparison and practiced during a tip of a finger. Also enclosed in the
Wired package is MINI Find Mate, one of a latest digital services to
be combined to MINI Connected. MINI Find Mate consists of supposed tags
with a wireless tracking duty that can be trustworthy to commonly
used objects and transport items, enabling them to be conveniently
located around MINI Connected. If a tab is located outward a wireless
range, a many recently purebred position is displayed on the
on-board mechanism and on a driver’s smartphone. As shortly as the
smartphone or automobile moves behind into a tag’s wireless range, the
tab can be activated and acoustically located.

In and with a Wired package it is also probable to use the
MINI Country Timer, that registers all transport over sloping, uneven,
unsurfaced or snow-covered roads and tracks. The generation and
power of pushing on perfectionist turf is displayed in customary MINI
character on a executive instrument screen.

MINI Connected, a digital personal mobility assistant.

The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman also demonstrates
fascinating opening and good flexibility in a area of
connectivity. Going over a informed functions of an in-car
infotainment program, MINI Connected acts as a personal mobility
partner in a tip contestant of a denote range, too Based on a
stretchable platform, a Open Mobility Cloud, MINI Connected integrates
a automobile seamlessly into a MINI driver’s digital life via
touchpoints such as a Apple iPhone and Apple Watch.

Thanks to a constituent judgment of MINI Connected, mobility
doesn’t start in a vehicle. MINI Connected informs a motorist of the
best depart time formed on calendar entries and stream traffic
data. Address information and appointments saved by a motorist formerly on
a smartphone around MINI Connected are automatically eliminated to the
automobile and do not have to be entered in a navigation complement again.
MINI Connected can also save frequently visited places as favourite
destinations, and it detects frequently lonesome routes such as the
daily run between home and work so as to be means to surprise a driver
in a eventuality of astonishing trade delays.