Customer teams dynamic to bind third feat for Audi in Australia

The clothing of a Phoenix Audi takes a evidence from a internal Bathurst Wiradyuri Aboriginal Community, who contributed to a design. The goanna and a platypus are internal animals to Australia, and underline prominently in a design. The goanna is a Wiradyuri people’s totem, while a platypus is a many critical forgetful story in a area. It is a initial time a competition automobile with an Australian Indigenous clothing has ever competed in a motorsport event.

Laurens Vanthoor (B) and Markus Winkelhock (D) – final year’s runners-up with a opening of only dual seconds – are pity a competition automobile of a German group with internal favourite Alex Davison.

Among others, their challengers within a Audi code lineup embody Jamec Pem Racing, who won a Australian GT Championship final year. The patrol is contesting a competition with dual new R8 LMS cars. In a cockpits: two-time Bathurst leader Christopher Mies, his German compatriot Christopher Haase and final year’s runner-up Marco Mapelli (I), and Australians Steven McLaughlan and Garth Tander, who will be pity pushing duties with René Rast (D). The internal Supabarn Supermarkets and Arris/GT Motorsport teams are relying on a new era of a R8 LMS as well. Two of a proven prior models of a competition automobile are completing a lineup of a code with a 4 rings – Teams Hallmarc/Network Clothing and International Motorsport are contesting a eventuality with a R8 LMS ultra.

Following a use sessions on Friday, Feb 5 and subordinate on Saturday, Feb 6, a competition will be hold on Sunday, Feb 7, from 5:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. internal time (7:45 p.m. to 7:45 a.m. CET). While Australian radio channel Seven Network will be airing full-length coverage of a race, meddlesome viewers around a creation can watch live streaming of a movement on a internet:

Audi teams during Bathurst

#2 Audi R8 LMS (Phoenix Racing)

Alex Davison/Laurens Vanthoor/Markus Winkelhock (AUS/B/D)

#3 Audi R8 LMS (Supabarn Supermarkets)

Shae Davies/James Koundouris/Theo Koundouris/Marcus Marshall (AUS/AUS/AUS/AUS)

#5 Audi R8 LMS (Arris/GT Motorsport/Pete Co)

Nathan Antunes/Barton Mawer/Greg Taylor (AUS/AUS/AUS)

#9 Audi R8 LMS ultra (Hallmarc/Network Clothing)

Marc Cini/Mark Eddy/Christer Jöns (AUS/AUS/D)

#74 Audi R8 LMS (Jamec Pem Racing)

Christopher Haase/Marco Mapelli/Christopher Mies (D/I/D)

#75 Audi R8 LMS (Jamec Pem Racing)

Steven McLaughlan/René Rast/Garth Tander (AUS/D/AUS)

#82 Audi R8 LMS ultra (International Motorsport)

Rick Armstrong/Andrew Bagnall/Matt Halliday (NZ/NZ/NZ)