Culture meets technology: Audi during a Berlinale

The Berlinale is an interface between art and technology. With augmenting digitalization, a dual worlds are merging together. “Culture is an critical creation motorist in a multitude given it shows new ways of meditative and new ideas – over linear processes,” explains Jason Lusty, Head of Marketing Germany during AUDI AG. “In an increasingly digital world, a clever artistic attention takes on special importance. It examines things critically, uses artistic premonition to emanate new contexts and supports a acceptance of technical innovations in society.” For this reason, a possibilities and acceptance of new technologies will be one of a topics discussed during a Berlinale as partial of a Berlinale Open House module in a Audi Berlinale Lounge. Panels done adult of reputable experts discussed, among other things, their assessments of a destiny of synthetic intelligence.

The European Film Market (EFM), hold during a film screenings in a central program, has grown into one of a many critical markets for a general film industry. As a partner to a new EFM Horizon creation platform, Audi supports a emanate of digitalization in a film industry. New technologies like practical and protracted reality, connectivity by a Cloud and altered consumer function due to an ever-stronger on-demand enlightenment are changing a film attention and automotive attention alike. The pity of practice drives creation and highlights new options for collaboration.

The code with a 4 rings has facilitated a remunerative esteem for initial film given 2015 with a Audi Short Film Award. This year 23 films from 19 countries are competing for bullion and china bears in a Berlinale Shorts as good as for a Audi Short Film Award, that carries EUR 20,000 in prizes. “Short film is a height for experimentation. Within a really brief time span, it provokes emotions, enables changes in perspective, breaks conventions, tests new formats and explores boundaries,” Lusty said. The jury for general brief film – Christian Jankowski, Carlos Núñez and Kimberly Drew – presented a Audi Short Film Award for works constructed in an superb artistic character and, with it, underscored a significance of a form for amicable discourse.

The Audi Berlinale Lounge can be accessed any day by anyone who is interested. From a balcony, a stars can be watched as they expostulate adult to a red carpet. The contention rounds with distinguished guest and experts yield a demeanour behind a scenes during a Berlinale. There is live song and DJ performances each night during a Berlinale Lounge Nights, starting during 8 p.m. Acts approaching to perform embody Robert Stadlober, Edita Malovčić alias Madita, “Die Höchste Eisenbahn” and a “Major Minors,” among others. All schedules and sum can be found at

As in prior years, Audi City Berlin is a central place to squeeze Berlinale tickets, and will be open daily starting Feb 6 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.:

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