Clever idea, crafty implementation: Audi implemented thousands of worker ideas in 2019

“Ideas aren’t low-hanging fruit anymore these days. Many things have already been improved, and a lot has been implemented. And yet: Our Audi employees are not using out of steam; they keep anticipating copiousness of ways to allege a company. In light of a mutation of a automotive attention in particular, this joining demonstrated by my colleagues is invaluable,” says Marcus Schulte, Head of a Audi Ideas Agency. Klaus Mittermaier, Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG, adds: “Nobody knows a products and processes during Audi improved than those who work here. The Audi employees indicate out where there is room for alleviation or assets intensity and thereby assistance a association save some-more than EUR 100 million per year. That is truly a conspicuous achievement.”

The operation of ideas that are submitted is far-reaching – and it is mostly topics and processes in bland work procedures that Audi employees tackle with their artistic ideas. One instance of a petrify alleviation that creates work most easier during a association with a 4 rings is a “Audi Meeting Assistant” that was automatic by mechanism scientist Michael Luja. Mr. Luja routinely works in Development Convenience Electronics – control units are his daily bread. Some time ago, a 35-year-old had an thought that now creates scheduling a lot some-more fit for many of his colleagues. The Audi worker had prolonged given been angry during how difficult it could infrequently be to enter appointments and meetings in a electronic calendar. It infrequently felt like we were going in circles: If a room was available, a time didn’t fit some participants, and if a participants were all available, there was no room to be found. “As a mechanism scientist, we consider about these things given we know it should unequivocally be easier than that,” says Michael Luja. He automatic his antecedent for a “Meeting Assistant” in only 3 weeks and submitted it to a Audi Ideas Program. This is how he came into hit with a IT department. Together with a experts, Michael Luja worked on serve building a Meeting Assistant, permitting other Audi employees to advantage from his thought today, too.

More information on a Audi Ideas Program Historical credentials and general ideas

Audi has had an worker idea complement given 1967. The Audi Ideas Program in a stream form has existed given 1994. It is a appearance module that allows all employees to minister to a serve growth of their company. When it comes to ideas management, Audi relies on gaunt processes: The dilettante areas obliged examination a suggestions submitted by a employees in a decentralized approach and confirm directly either a ideas are to be implemented. An online apparatus informs a Audi employees of a swell of this routine and ensures a required clarity and routine reliability. And inner Ideas Agency offers recommendation to a employees and carries out unchanging competitions and campaigns. The Audi Group has also determined ideas programs during a general sites. The employees in Brussels, Győr, and San José Chiapa submitted a sum of some-more than 11,000 ideas in 2019. This authorised a association to save some-more than EUR 40 million.