BUSINESS ATHLETE: general selling debate for a new BMW 5 Series Sedan enters wilful stage. TV blurb and online film featuring actor Scott Eastwood.

Munich. With usually weeks to go before the
seventh-generation BMW 5 Series Sedan reaches dealerships on February
11, 2017, general communications are entering a wilful stage.
At a core of a debate is a new TV blurb featuring
Hollywood’s Scott Eastwood.


Global shred leader: a BMW 5 Series.

With about 7.9 million units sold, a BMW 5 Series is one of BMW’s
core indication series. The sixth era alone was selected by some-more than
2.1 million customers, creation it a tellurian personality of a premium
top mid-size segment.

The seventh-generation BMW 5 Series is now set to keep this lead.
With even serve extended pushing dynamics, an forlorn operation of
assistance systems, singular connectivity and discerning controls, it
sets new standards in a automotive world. Features embody the
Intelligent Voice Assistant, gesticulate control and a BMW Head-Up
Display – now with a 70 percent incomparable projection area. In combination
with a services of BMW Connected and other innovations, such as
On-Street Parking Information and Remote 3D View, they make a new
BMW 5 Series Sedan a ultimate business automobile.


Comprehensive digital pre-launch communications.

The stream debate has already been underneath approach given 2016, with
extensive pre-launch activities in some-more than 40 markets around the
world. Focusing essentially on digital channels, communications are in
gripping with a BMW 5 Series’ pioneering purpose in connectivity and
digitalization. Numerous teasers relating to BMW Connected and
partially programmed pushing immediately captivated attention,
highlighting a innovations in a new BMW 5 Series. Just a very
initial posts of a stream debate generated some-more than 18 million
contacts on Facebook and over 24 million on Instagram.

An additional member of a essentially digital debate is the
reconstruction of a film array The Hire on After a 15-year break, a latest
charity is now The Escape, a work of a Oscar-nominated director
Neill Blomkamp. The online film includes thespian follow scenes
featuring a new BMW 5 Series Sedan, with cult motorist Clive Owen at
a circle once again. Shortly after going online, a visitor had
been seen in movement by over 5.5 million fans on YouTube. Press
responses were certain via and these alone reached over 125
million people around a world.

“BMW Films has a genuine participation in a amicable web and is a perfect
instance of a approach authentic calm selling can organically support
and extend a product campaign,” explains Hildegard Wortmann, Head of
a BMW Brand.

Meanwhile, in a non-digital world, ‘closed rooms’ in some-more than 70
cities around a universe captivated over 70,000 visitors, who were keen
to see a pattern and technical facilities of a new business sedan for themselves.



Running underneath a aphorism BUSINESS ATHLETE, a communications
debate is now entering a wilful stage. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan
is about a fad of rare connectivity and further
extended pushing dynamics, and has all it needs to take the
business category by storm: it is, utterly simply, a BUSINESS ATHLETE.
Communications concentration on innovation, dynamism, business category and
pushing pleasure, emphasizing them to varying degrees in different
markets around a world.

A pivotal component in a debate is, of course, actor and executive Scott
Eastwood. Scott is a fresh, immature testimonial, and his aspiration and
impetus are a ideal compare for a new BMW 5 Series Sedan.

Collaborations with Scott Eastwood will cover not usually classical TV
promotion though also a operation of online formats.

In a TV commercials, that are 30 and 45 seconds long, a BMW 5
Series asserts a clever character, ardent in a office of its
selected trail in life. Both car and motorist press forward relentlessly,
with a penetrating suggestion and transparent focus. The summary of a commercials is
complemented by a tag-on introducing a plug-in hybrid BMW 530e
iPerformance, and with it a attributes of sustainability and technology.

“The pivotal messages of a blurb are clear: success has to be
earned. Never rest on your laurels,” explains Hildegard Wortmann, Head
of a BMW Brand. “That’s as loyal of a new BMW 5 Series as it is of
Scott Eastwood. And it’s usually one of a reasons a dual go together
so well.”

Scott Eastwood: “I have been a fan of BMW for many years, and it
was a good knowledge operative with their artistic group on this campaign.”

Filmed in and around Los Angeles in a USA, a blurb was
combined by a award-winning executive Alex Feil.

The team-work with Scott Eastwood has also been extended to cover a
array of additional digital brief films, including one smart short
explaining a new Remote 3D View feature. Other resources will be
distributed opposite online and amicable media channels channel-specifically.

At a same time, a selling debate around a new BMW 5 Series
Sedan outlines a launch of BMW’s updated CI and of a new imagery,
that is designed to prominence entirely a aesthetics, impetus and
innovative glamour of a new model. Titles such as “Success isn’t
inherited. It has to be earned” and “Built to outperform” underscore
a ambitions and aspirations of a business sedan, while innovations
such as a Touch Display are presented in additional films.


The debate “BUSINESS ATHLETE” will be blending for use in some-more than
40 countries around a world. In Germany, a debate is launching
underneath a aphorism “DIE EROBERUNG DER DIGITALEN WELT” (“Conquering the
digital world”).


Advertising agencies:

International lead agency:     Jung von Matt (Alster), Hamburg



For serve information, greatfully contact:


BMW Group Corporate Communications

Bernhard Ederer

Business and Finance Communications, Press Spokesperson BMW Group
Marketing and BMW Sales Germany

Telephone: +49-89-382-28556

Email: [email protected]




The BMW Group


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In 2016, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.367 million cars and
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