BMW Motorsport News – Issue 32/2017.

VLN: Eventful competition on a Nordschleife.

After holding a mangle for a few weeks over a summer, a VLN
Endurance Championship kicked off a second half of a deteriorate with
turn 5 during a Nürburgring. Two BMW M6 GT3s finished in a top
8 during a finish of an eventful 6 Hour ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen on the
Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER). Alexandre Imperatori (SUI) and BMW
works motorist Jörg Müller (GER) came home seventh in a #3 Falken
Motorsports car. They were followed over a line in eighth place by
Claudia Hürtgen (GER), Felipe Fernández Laser (GER) and Frederik
Nymark (DEN) in a #20 Schubert Motorsport BMW M6 GT3. In contrast,
a ROWE Racing group was struck by misfortune: a organisation of a #99 BMW
M6 GT3 was forced to retire from a competition following a large crash,
by no error of a own, while severe for a win. BMW works
motorist Philipp Eng (AUT) led a competition when he was forced off a track
while lapping a slower car. The BMW M6 GT3 crashed heavily into the
barriers, though Eng emerged unhurt. He had been pity a driving
duties with Markus Palttala (FIN) and Nick Catsburg (NED). ROWE Racing
also ran a new BMW M4 GT4 in turn 5 of a VLN. BMW Motorsport
Junior Ricky Collard (GBR) and a BMW Juniors’ coach Dirk Adorf
(GER) continued a growth work on a new BMW patron racing
car. They were corroborated adult during a circle by Thorsten Drewes (GER) and
Iain Wright (GER). The BMW M4 GT4 finished second in a SP8T class.
Also in movement were BMW Motorsport Juniors Mikkel Jensen (DEN), Dennis
Marschall (GER) and Beitske Visser (NED), who were supposed on the
multi-level programme for gifted youngsters this year. They competed
in a BMW M235i Racing and used a competition to acquire a Nordschleife
permit, that is released by a German Motorsport Association (DMSB).


BMW M235i Racing Cup: Schrey claims third win of a season.

Last year’s BMW Sports Trophy winner, Michael Schrey (GER), claimed
his third win of a deteriorate in a BMW M235i Racing Cup category during round
5 of a VLN Endurance Championship during a Nürburgring (GER).
Schrey common a cockpit with Alexander Mies (GER) this weekend. At
a finish of a six-hour race, a Bonk Motorsport twin finished over a
path forward of David Griessner (AUT), Daniel Zils (GER) and Yannick
Fübrich (GER) from Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport. The third mark on
a lectern went to Heiko Eichenberg (GER) and Oskar Sandberg (GER) in
a BMW M235i Racing run by a Securtal Sorg Rennsport team. In total,
17 cars started in this class.


GT racing: BMW M6 GT3 in movement in Australia and Japan.

The BMW M6 GT3 was not usually in movement on a Nürburgring-Nordschleife
(GER) this weekend, though also in Australia and Asia. Round dual of this
season’s Australian Endurance Championship was hold during Sydney
Motorsports Park (AUS). Steve Richards (NZL) and James Bergmüller
(AUS) finished 13th in a BMW M6 GT3 run by BMW Team SRM.
The Blancpain GT Series Asia was in Fuji, Japan. Among those in action
was FIST – Team AAI with dual BMW M6 GT3s and a motorist pairings of
Jun San Chen (TPE) / Shinichi Takagi (JPN) and Jesse Krohn (FIN) /
Sean Walkinshaw (GBR). Chen/Takagi came home 13th and
19th in a dual races. Krohn/Walkinshaw were
14th in competition one, though unsuccessful to finish competition two.


GT4 Northern Cup: Ekris Motorsport celebrates pretension win.

The Ekris Motorsport group enjoyed a ideal home tour in a GT4
Northern Cup. The penultimate eventuality of a season, during Zandvoort (NED),
saw Max Koebolt (NED) and Ricardo outpost der Ende (NED) hang adult a title
with races to spare. Having finished eighth on Saturday, a twin came
home third in a Ekris M4 GT4 to explain a place on a lectern on
Sunday. The outcome gave championship leaders Koebolt / outpost der Ende an
irrefutable lead going into a final turn of a deteriorate during the
Nürburgring (GER). “It is illusory to win a pretension with one race
weekend remaining. To have finished it in front of a home fans, during our
home circuit, creates it unequivocally special,” pronounced Koebolt. Van der Ende
added: “What an extraordinary feeling. we am unequivocally happy. This is my sixth
pretension with Ekris Motorsport and a 22nd of my career, but
it still feels fantastic.”


BMW patron racing: BMW M6 GT3 during a M Festival in China.

M Festival goes to China: The initial M Festival in China was hold in
Shanghai on Friday and Saturday. BMW Motorsport used a eventuality to
benefaction a patron racing programme to a Chinese public. The BMW
M6 GT3 anxious fans and intensity engine racing customers. Among those
in Shanghai was BMW works motorist Jens Klingmann (GER). He attracted
copiousness of attention, quite when giving cab rides, that were
followed in live tide by 3 million viewers. At a shutting M
Night, Klingmann also told guest during a M Festival of his experiences
with a BMW M6 GT3 during racetracks around a world.