BMW Motorrad achieves a sixth all-time sales high in period in 2016. Sales boost by 5.9% to 145,032 vehicles. BMW Motorrad continues to grow. Focus on new markets and delay of a indication offensive.

Munich. BMW Motorrad once again sole some-more motorcycles
and maxi scooters in 2016 than ever before. Supplies increasing by 5.9
% as compared to a prior year. As of Dec 2016, a sum of
145,032 vehicles (previous year: 136,963 units) were granted to customers.

Stephan Schaller, President BMW Motorrad: “2016 was once again a
rarely successful year for BMW Motorrad. For a sixth time in
duration we have been means to set a new sales record. we would like
to offer my frank interjection to all a business worldwide for the
huge trust they have placed in us. Over a final 6 years, BMW
Motorrad has increasing a deliveries to business by around 50%
(2010: 98,047 units / 2016: 145,032 units). We are good on a way
to achieving a designed sales aim of 200,000 vehicles in 2020.”

Impressive sales enlargement in Europe and Asia

The many noted enlargement in sales in 2016 was seen in all European
markets. There was an boost in deliveries to business in France
(13,350 units / +6.4 %), Italy (12,300 units / +10.3 %), Spain
(9,520 units / 19.4 %) and a UK (8,782 units / +7.1 %), for
example. All in all, some 7.5% some-more vehicles were granted to
business in Europe, including Germany, as compared to a previous
year. The Chinese marketplace in sole is stability to show
substantial enlargement intensity for BMW Motorrad with a dynamic
boost in sales. As compared to a homogeneous duration of the
prior year, deliveries increasing by 52.7 % to 4,580 units. Sales
in Thailand (1,819 units / +42.1 %) and Japan (+ 6.7 %) were also
good above a prior year.

As before, Germany stays a biggest singular marketplace for BMW
Motorrad. With 24,894 units sold, BMW Motorrad achieved enlargement of
4.5% and led a marketplace as a whole. BMW Motorrad is also forward of
a margin in a applicable BMW shred over 500 cc ability in Spain,
Austria, Belgium, a Netherlands, Russia and South Africa. In the
USA, BMW Motorrad achieved a second best sales outcome to date with
13,730 units.

Water-cooled R 1200 GS is a many successful BMW motorcycle.

The top-selling BMW Motorrad array is traditionally a R
series. Equipped with a hallmark BMW fighter engines, a share of
sales achieved by these motorcycles in 2016 was 77,787 units or 53.6
%. At a indication level, a dual transport enduro bikes R 1200 GS and GS
Adventure led a BMW top-seller ranking. In a significantly tougher
rival environment, 12.1 % some-more vast enduro models were sold
than in a prior year (R 1200 GS: 25,336 units / + 7.0 % and R
1200 GS Adventure: 21,391 units / + 18.8 %). The furloughed classical R
1200 RT followed with 9,648 units (-11.9 %) in third position.

The sporty BMW S models – a supersports bike S 1000 RR, the
energy roadster S 1000 R and a journey bike S 1000 XR – have
grown into an additional post of strength within a BMW
motorcycle range. A sum of 23,686 S models were supplied
worldwide. The share of these models in a sum sales volume was
16.3 %. The supersports motorcycle S 1000 RR (9,016 units / – 5.8 %)
and a journey bike S 1000 XR (8,835 units / + 74.6 %) are
now fourth and fifth in a BMW Motorrad ranking.

Model descent moves into a subsequent round.

In 2017, BMW Motorrad continues a indication descent with the
widest operation of motorcycles in a company’s history. As Schaller
says: “We intend to sojourn a benchmark in a shred of premium
motorcycles. To this finish we will continue to consistently pursue our
indication descent in a BMW Motorrad segments of 310 to 1600 cubic
centimetres capacity. For a 2017 deteriorate we will be charity our
business 14 new or revised models.”

The new G 310 GS is due to be launched in a second half of the
year. Like a G 310 R does in a shred of BMW roadsters, the
second indication of a BMW G array transfers a hallmark facilities of
a GS family into a new BMW shred subsequent 500 cubic centimetres.
In a “Heritage” universe of knowledge business will have a choice
of 5 opposite models in 2017. The R nineT derivatives “Pure”,
“Racer” and “Urban G/S” extend a operation that will also embody a R
nineT Scrambler and a creatively revised lead indication R nineT. While
any of a 5 models has a possess graphic and classical form, they
all share a singular air-cooled fighter engine. Whether featuring
specific improvements or radical revisions, there are new products
to be found in all array – such as a new R 1200 GS, a new S
1000 R and a new K 1600 GT and GTL.

The new K 1600 B is targeted privately to a US market. With
a launch of a “Bagger” BMW Motorrad is fluctuating a luxury
shred with a in-line 6-cylinder engine to embody a highly
romantic and disdainful motorcycle. As Stephan Schaller says: “In
a years to come, a USA will be a second many critical market
for BMW Motorrad after Germany. We see good intensity here. In the
subsequent few years we aim to tangibly boost a marketplace share in the
USA. In fact we’re already laying a substructure for long-term
enlargement by introducing new products tailored privately to market
needs such as a new bagger and a classical R nineT family in the
“Heritage” segment, and we’re also fluctuating a sales and
placement structure, too.”

As partial of a designed expansion, BMW Motorrad is swelling its
worldwide play network. Especially on a American continent and
in Asia in sole there are skeleton to enhance to a sum of 1,500

Looking forward to 2017

Based on a extensive strategy, BMW Motorrad stays on
lane for growth. Stephan Schaller, General Director of
BMW Motorrad: “With a well-developed indication descent we have laid the
cornerstone for a successful motorcycle deteriorate in 2017. We feel very
assured relocating forward into a New Year and we design to see
ongoing tolerable and essential growth. These forecasts of course
assume a fast mercantile environment.”


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