BMW Group tip automotive employer for immature IT professionals


No other vehicle manufacturer is some-more renouned as an employer
among immature IT professionals than a BMW Group. In a “Information
technology” difficulty of a “trendence Graduate Barometer 2017”
employer rankings usually published, a BMW Group was the
highest-rated vehicle manufacturer in Germany, during series three,
trailing usually a large names in IT. In early May, graduating
engineering and business students already named a BMW Group as
their elite employer in a “trendence Graduate Barometer”.

“The surpassing change in a attention presents a ancestral opportunity
for immature talents to figure a mobility of a future,” explains
Milagros Caiña-Andree, member of a Board of Management of a BMW
Group, obliged for Human Resources. “Following a successes
among both engineering and business students, a certain response
of mechanism scientists shows that immature IT professionals are also
looking for a kind of hurdles we can offer.”

With a measure of now 10 per cent, a BMW Group changed adult another
0.9 commission points from a prior year and softened on its
position dual years in a row. This was a company’s best outcome in a
decade and, together with Google and Microsoft, it is one of IT
graduates’ 3 tip employers. The BMW Group’s recognition as an
employer also increasing in Austria, where a association was a second
many renouned choice for immature IT professionals, behind Google.

In a comparison between sectors, a automotive attention was the
number-two margin of activity for immature mechanism scientists and –
interjection in partial to a opening of a BMW Group – was once again
some-more renouned than a prior year. Only IT use providers were
ranked aloft by their industry’s immature talent.

The “trendence Graduate Barometer Germany” this year surveyed a
sum of 52,000 graduating students from 196 colleges and
universities in Germany, including around 5,500 IT students.

Another investigate published currently by LinkedIn also reliable a strong
seductiveness in a BMW Group as an employer. The BMW Group was a most
renouned automotive employer in a “LinkedIn Top Companies 2017” study.