BMW Group relying on creation capabilities of German prolongation locations for electro-mobility expansion

+++ BMW Group Plant Dingolfing to furnish BMW iNEXT from 2021+++
Plants will be means to build vehicles with explosion engine, plug-in
hybrid or entirely electric expostulate sight in parallel+++


Munich/Dingolfing. The BMW Group currently announced its
skeleton to enhance electro-mobility. At a assembly with Bavarian State
Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, Oliver Zipse, member of the
Board of Management of a BMW Group, obliged for Production said:
“The BMW Group is a colonize and an dignitary in electro-mobility. We
will start producing a entirely electric BMW iNEXT here during our
Dingolfing plant in 2021. This preference will serve strengthen our
German prolongation locations, which, with their innovation
capabilities, play a heading purpose all opposite a prolongation network.
In a area of electro-mobility, in particular, a aim is to ensure
end-to-end systems imagination within a company.”

BMW Group plants worldwide will advantage from a German sites’
prolongation imagination and record knowhow. At 9 locations around
a globe, a association already produces 9 electrified models,
including 8 plug-in hybrids. The all-electric BMW i3, that is
done during BMW Group Plant Leipzig, will be assimilated by a first
entirely electric MINI in 2019, a entirely electric BMW X3 in 2020 and the
BMW iNEXT from 2021. The Dingolfing plant does furnish components such
as high-voltage batteries and electric engines for these vehicles.

Oliver Zipse: “Going forward, a BMW prolongation complement will create
structures that capacitate a prolongation comforts to build models with
a explosion engine, plug-in hybrid or entirely electric expostulate sight at
a same time. This will give us singular coherence and put us in an
optimal position on a cost side.”


BMW Group Plant Dingolfing: Competence Centre for components
for entirely and partially electrified vehicles

With a prolonged knowledge in a margin of electro-mobility,
state-of-the-art prolongation apparatus and specifically lerned staff, the
Dingolfing location, together with a Landshut plant, forms a BMW
Group’s cunning centre for a prolongation of high-voltage batteries
and electric engines. Dingolfing has been producing high-voltage
batteries for BMW i models given 2013. In new years, new production
lines for high-voltage batteries and electric engines for BMW Group
plug-in variety have also been installed. Dingolfing additionally
builds a plug-in hybrid versions of a BMW 5 Series and a BMW 7
Series. From 2021, a plant will also furnish a entirely electric
automobile on site: a BMW iNEXT. Dingolfing will therefore turn the
second BMW Group plcae after Leipzig to build a entirely electric BMW
i vehicle.

Dr. Andreas Wendt, conduct of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing: “Dingolfing
has a lot of knowledge and imagination in ramping adult formidable products –
origination it a ideal plcae for prolongation of a BMW iNEXT. With its
pure-electric expostulate train, incomparable measure and new technologies,
such as unconstrained pushing and digital connectivity, a BMW iNEXT
will be a genuine origination driver. We are unapproachable to have a opportunity
to build this automobile here in Dingolfing. This year, we will be
celebrating BMW’s 50th anniversary in Lower Bavaria. For
me, a BMW iNEXT clearly signals a start of a new epoch and our
goal to make a subsequent 50 years usually as successful.”

The BMW Group has invested a sum of some-more than 100 million euros in
electro-mobility during a Dingolfing site to date, origination a plant more
rival for a destiny and securing jobs. Several hundred
Dingolfing employees already work in areas associated to e-mobility.
Further jobs will be combined over a middle tenure as prolongation ramps up.

Stefan Schmid, Chairman of a Works Council during Plant Dingolfing: “At
Dingolfing, we put a faith in e-mobility and a origination of
tolerable jobs during an early stage. That is now profitable off. The BMW
iNEXT will assistance safeguard a plant’s effort over a subsequent few years
and secure a technological edge. This will capacitate us to offer
employees good prospects for a future.”


Electrification of indication array relocating forwards

The BMW Group is a world’s third-largest manufacturer of electric
vehicles and delivered over 62,000 electrified vehicles to customers
final year, including some-more than 25,500 entirely electric BMW i3s. With
2,864 new automobile registrations in 2016 (+ 26%), a all-electric BMW
i3 was a many successful electric automobile in Germany.

In a initial entertain of 2017, a association delivered roughly 20,000
electrified models to business around a world. The aim is to sell a
sum of 100,000 electrified vehicles worldwide this year.

By 2025, a BMW Group expects electrified vehicles to comment for
between 15-25% of sales. With a high turn of flexibility, a BMW
Group prolongation complement can respond fast to changing marketplace demands
and will be means to confederate opposite expostulate forms directly into
ongoing prolongation as required.

Ilka Horstmeier, conduct of Production Engines and Electrified
Powertrain: “Flexibility is a pivotal success cause in prolongation of
electric expostulate components. Our adaptive prolongation complement is
manageable and innovative: If needed, we can double a manufacturing
volumes in a space of 12 months and respond fast to growing
patron demand. Thanks to a stereotyped modular complement for
supposed eDrive components, we are also able of producing electric
engines and high-voltage batteries with opposite sizes, performance
and constructional shape. We can boost a commission of electric drive
trains in line with direct in particular sales regions.”


BMW Group Plant Leipzig during a heart of a BMW i success story

Ten years ago, growth of a entirely electric BMW Group automobile got
underway with a launch of plan i. BMW Group Plant Leipzig has
done a wilful grant to this undertaking: As a iota of
electro-mobility during a company, a plant has constructed a BMW i3
given 2013 and a BMW i8 given 2014. Project i laid a foundation
for a new prolongation technologies and processes that done this
growth possible. This technological knowhow is not usually reflected
in a qualities of BMW eDrive components, though also in stretchable and
quality-based prolongation during Plant Dingolfing.