BMW Group recognises worker joining / Ceremony honours 4 employees for proffer work

Munich. The BMW Group presented 3 of a employees with a BMW
Group Award for Social Commitment in approval of their outstanding
intentional activities during a rite during BMW Welt. 168 applications were
submitted from 14 countries this year – some-more than in any previous
year. The winners, who were selected by a jury done adult of company
representatives, any perceived an capacity of 5,000 euros, that will
directly advantage their use projects. Projects were recognized for
“commitment opposite borders”, “commitment to integration” and
“commitment in one’s possess country”. The Vera and Volker Doppelfeld
Foundation also presented a special capacity for a joining of
a immature associate.

Ilka Horstmeier, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
obliged for Human Resources and enthusiast of a award, was impressed
by a employees’ commitment: “I am unapproachable of a associates who really
wish to change something by personal joining in their free
time. For me, they are purpose models – not only within a company, but
also over it. We honour amicable shortcoming as partial of who we are
as a BMW Group: We adore what we do!”

Many of a BMW Group’s some-more than 134,000 employees worldwide
proffer with giveaway and amicable projects in their giveaway time and
take responsibility. The BMW Group has paid reverence to these
contributions to a amicable village given 2011 with a “BMW Award
for Social Commitment”. This year, projects from South Africa, Peru
and Germany were recognized – from tolerable training materials to
carts for infirm children to a quarrel opposite child trafficking and
environment adult a hospital. The award-winners in detail:

Belen Vasquez-Torres (39), who assimilated a BMW Group in 2015, is a
Development procedure leader. In her giveaway time, she determined a
sanatorium plan in Peru, that she now leads. She perceived a award
for “commitment opposite borders” for her efforts to assistance children with
leukaemia in Trujillo get medical care. The capacity will assistance account a
clergyman and a hospital jester for one year.

Kurt Lada (51) has been a director during BMW Group Plant Regensburg since
1989 and volunteers with Motorsportclub Hemau e.V. as a girl trainer
as partial of a karting plan focused on inclusion. He perceived a BMW
Group Award for “commitment to integration”. This will capacitate a
specifically blending kart to be built, so immature people who have
problem walking can suffer karting alongside robust children.

Shaylen*, who has worked for a BMW Group in South Africa since
2013, was presented with a BMW Group Award for “commitment in one’s
possess country”. His efforts strengthen girls in South Africa from sexual
attack and child trafficking. Shaylen aims to get children off the
streets and ensures they get medical care, among other assistance – risking
his life to do so. The capacity will be invested in housing, food and
medical care.

The Vera and Volker Doppelfeld Foundation presented a special award
for committed immature associates to Karin Gresser (26), an IT specialist
during a BMW Group in Munich given 2018. She submitted a project
“WeltFAIRsteher”, a Germany-wide educational plan dedicated to
tolerable development. The award-winner grown interactive
activities for pupils aged 10 and comparison and was also concerned with
conceptualizing educational projects, fund-raising and organisational
development. The capacity will be used to enhance a Germany-wide
project, that roughly 1000 children have participated in given 2016.


*) name changed