BMW Group expands footprint in China with BMW Brilliance Automotive corner venture

Munich. The BMW Group is expanding a footprint in
China. In a participation of China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang and
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, a BMW Group and a partner
Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings sealed a long-term framework
agreement to serve enhance their corner try BMW Brilliance
Automotive (BBA). BBA is augmenting a ability of a dual local
prolongation comforts Tiexi and Dadong in Shenyang, Liaoning Province,
to a sum of 520,000 BMW code vehicles in 2019. Furthermore, the
all-electric BMW iX3 constructed by BBA is designed for trade to markets
outward of China.


“Today’s signing represents a new section in a success story of our
BMW Brilliance Automotive corner venture,” pronounced Harald Krüger, Chairman
of a Board of Management of BMW AG. “Our agreement sets a long-term
horizon for a destiny in China – a destiny involving continued
investment, serve expansion and a transparent joining to a development
and prolongation of electric vehicles. The subsequent section of our
team-work has a intensity to go over a existent sign – in
China, for China. The all-electric BMW iX3, constructed by BBA from 2020,
will find business around a world,” elaborated Krüger.


Around 560,000 BMW code vehicles were delivered to business in
China in 2017 – some-more than in a subsequent dual largest markets, a US and
Germany, combined. Two-thirds of all BMW vehicles sole in China were
constructed by BBA final year. Local prolongation of a new BMW X3 in China
started in May as scheduled and a ramp-up in a second half of the
year is approaching to serve accelerate expansion in a world’s largest
automotive market. The BMW X3 is a sixth BMW indication localized in China.


“BBA is a cornerstone for a BMW brand’s postulated success in its
largest market,” pronounced Nicolas Peter, Member of a Board of Management
of BMW AG obliged for Finance. “This year outlines a joint
venture’s 15th anniversary. The extensive expansion we have
achieved over these years is usually probable due to a clever and
arguable partnership with Brilliance. Together we have set the
substructure for destiny growth.”


“BMW Brilliance Automotive is a singular success story and stands out
as an instance of devoted partnership,” pronounced Yumin Qi, Chairman,
Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings. “This corner success is also
pushing a mercantile growth of Liaoning province, adding jobs and
wealth to thousands of a associates in a region.”


In further to a dual vehicle prolongation locations, BBA also runs
an engine plant, that includes a battery bureau for a electrified
BMW code vehicles constructed locally in Shenyang. This is a first
battery bureau operated by a reward vehicle manufacturer in
China. Local prolongation of a BMW iX3, a initial all-electric core
indication of a BMW brand, will start in 2020 in Shenyang. The BMW iX3 is
also dictated for trade to markets outward of China.


Today BBA already employs over 800 professionals in a RD
facilities, three-quarters of whom are Chinese. In total, BBA employs
some-more than 16,800 associates. Since 2009, BMW Brilliance Automotive has
invested some-more than 52 billion RMB in a plants in Shenyang. The 2
millionth BMW constructed in China rolled off a prolongation line in
Jan 2018.


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