BMW Connected during a Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2016. Android, new devices, and new markets are accessible in October.

Munich/Paris. The personal mobility messenger BMW
Connected already comprises many functions designed to assistance users with
their daily mobility needs. Using a stretchable height – a Open
Mobility Cloud – as a basis, it connects touchpoints like smartphones
and smartwatches with users’ cars, so weaving a automobile into their
digital lives. And due to a ability to emanate an intelligent BMW ID
formed on a user’s transport patterns over time, BMW Connected users get a
personalized knowledge over all permitted touchpoints. At the
Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2016, BMW Connected is now set to
benefaction new services, additional devices, and accessibility in some-more countries.


The new refurbish serve improves preference and connectivity.

When it was launched – in Mar in a USA and in Aug in
Europe – BMW Connected was primarily permitted for Apple iPhone users.
From October, Android-based smartphones will also be supported. The
refurbish of BMW Connected will also cover a new Apple Watch Series 2.
Customers will be means to call adult information such as pushing times
formed on stream traffic, as good as a map display a navigation
finish on a watch, and use that information but carrying to
take out their smartphone. Plus, formation into Alexa will also
concede users in Germany and a UK to control automobile functions from
home. For example, a automobile doors can be sealed or a battery’s
assign standing checked.

With BMW Connected, mobility starts before a user gets into a car
and does not have to finish when they find a parking space. Last mile
navigation displays a track users need to take from their automobile to
their final finish on their mobile device. And a new refurbish to
BMW Connected also sees users benefitting from initial mile navigation –
a track behind to their automobile is now permitted around BMW Connected.

New filter functions concede BMW Connected to be blending even more
precisely to personal needs. For instance, searches for charging
stations for BMW i models or vehicles with plug-in hybrid drive
systems can be polished regulating criteria such as a charging method
involved, membership in a ChargeNow network, and a accepted
remuneration method(s). Charging stations that do not accommodate a selected
criteria are not shown. Furthermore, users can entrance some-more information
on their vehicle, such as a tyre vigour and engine oil level.

The new BMW Connected visible pattern increases palliate of use, with
upgraded graphics that whet a concentration on a preferred information.
In sequence to boost a run time of a inclination in use, BMW Connected
now also offers an additional mode that preserves battery life.


BMW Connected is now permitted in some-more countries.

BMW Connected is now permitted in 6 some-more markets: Brazil,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. BMW
Connected was already offering in a USA, Germany, Austria, UK, Italy,
France, Switzerland, a Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal,
Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Poland, a Czech Republic,
and Luxembourg.


Alexa can be related to BMW Connected by users in a USA, Germany,
and a UK, with other markets to follow.