BMW during a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas.

BMW during a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas.



BMW is moulding a destiny of mobility and a approach we knowledge it
by ongoing growth projects and technically revolutionary
innovations in programmed driving, intelligent connectivity and
interior design. At a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, taking
place in Las Vegas on 5 – 8 Jan 2017, a German reward automobile maker
will benefaction a far-reaching operation of new products and services that are set
to title this radical change in a really nearby future. It will also
be divulgence a prophesy of an interior whose pattern and user
interface are extensively blending for entirely programmed pushing on board
a automobile that is seamlessly integrated into a driver’s digital
life. The innovations BMW is presenting during a CES uncover in design,
record and functionality emphasize a company’s heading purpose over
many years – by a ConnectedDrive programme – in a margin of
connected driving.


BMW’s pioneering advances in a areas of programmed driving,
intelligent connectivity and control and arrangement systems are closely
interconnected. The association offers rarely innovative systems and
technologies in all these areas. Examples embody a driver
assistance systems accessible for a brand’s stream indication range, the
BMW Connected digital mobility messenger and discerning and flexible
control and arrangement systems such as a Head-Up Display, BMW iDrive,
voice control and BMW gesticulate control. Such technologies yield an
ideal height for innovations directed during delivering a futuristic
mobility knowledge tangible by hallmark BMW characteristics.


Steady swell towards programmed pushing is shortening motorist stress
and charity drivers a new grade of leisure in how they use their
time in a car. At a same time, intelligent connectivity between
vehicles, drivers and a outward universe is formulating new operation for
efficient, artistic and sensitive use of this freed-up time. At the
CES 2017 show, BMW will be showcasing a intensity of connected
mobility with proof drives in a antecedent formed on a new BMW
5 Series Sedan. This will yield an event to experience
innovative digital services underpinned by BMW Connected and the
stretchable Open Mobility Cloud platform. BMW will also benefaction the
BMW Connected Window – a prophesy for an innovative digital touchpoint
highlighting a extent of probable applications for BMW Connected
services not usually in a automobile though also in a home. Looking into the
destiny of interior design, a concentration will be on innovative arrangement and
control technology. The BMW i Inside Future sculpture during a CES show
will showcase BMW HoloActive Touch, that outlines a new dimension in how
drivers name and control vehicle, navigation, infotainment and
communication functions.


The destiny of personalised driving.

Demonstration drives in a BMW 5 Series Sedan-based prototype
will gleam a spotlight on a personalised, connected driving
knowledge in a rarely programmed vehicle. A accumulation of technical
modifications to support programmed driving, formed on a research
growth projects of unconstrained driving, have been
incorporated into a new BMW 5 Series for a functions of the
demonstrations. On specific track segments, drivers can palm over
both longitudinal control tasks and parallel control to the
assistance systems, that frees them adult to combine on other
activities. The sensor and control record that creates it possible
for drivers not usually to nominee acceleration and braking to the
automobile though also to take their hands off a steering circle for long
durations during a widen is formed on a further-refined prototype
resolution formed on a motorist assistance systems already propitious in
today’s prolongation vehicles. This is another sign of a high
peculiarity and intensity of a record already deployed in current
BMW models.


From prophesy (CES 2016) to product (2017): a BMW Connected
personal digital mobility companion.

With ConnectedDrive, BMW was an early colonize in enabling extensive
in-car entrance to online infotainment and communication functions. In
open 2016, BMW went on to yield a digital height – in a shape
of BMW Connected – that business can entrance not usually in their BMW
though also on a far-reaching operation of inclination outward a vehicle. This allows
mobility formulation to be seamlessly integrated into users’ digital
lifestyles, ancillary them both on a highway and in other areas of
their daily lives. The judgment of BMW Connected and a Open Mobility
Cloud was initial presented during CES 2016. The marketplace launch in a USA
took place shortly after, in Mar 2016. BMW Connected has been available
in Europe given Aug 2016, and China followed fit in a fourth
entertain of 2016.


A serve element presented by BMW during final year’s CES and likewise
brought to marketplace in record-quick time is a investigate application
Remote 3D View. By mixing a Surround View motorist assistance
element with BMW Connected connectivity features, this element allows a
three-dimensional perspective of a automobile and a vicinity to be
transmitted around a mobile information tie to a driver’s smartphone.
The service, that allows drivers to keep their eye on their parked
automobile during any time, regardless of their location, will make its
prolongation indication entrance in Feb 2017 on house a new BMW 5 Series Sedan.


Intelligent connectivity.

BMW Connected turns a automobile and mobile inclination into touchpoints
for a Open Mobility Cloud. At CES 2017, BMW will be showcasing
digital services that will concede drivers of destiny programmed vehicles
to optimise a approach they devise their daily lives. One such underline will
capacitate drivers to entrance wide-ranging information about places or
buildings they see along their route. The information can be selected
regulating BMW Augmented Gesture Control – a new form of gesticulate control –
by indicating during a sold building, for example. The connected
pushing knowledge will also be extended by intelligent voice control.
BMW Connected demos will underline a idealist judgment of an in-car
voice-controlled personal digital partner that business are
informed with in other areas of their daily life. The element being
presented during CES 2017 is a in-car focus of Microsoft’s
Cortana. This means that a voice-controlled capabilities already
offering by Microsoft Cortana on a home PC could or smartphone in
destiny also be accessible on house a BMW. For example, BMW Connected
can yield a sign en-route of an arriving appointment for which
no plcae has nonetheless been fixed. And Cortana can be used to make a
suitable grill recommendation and haven a table.


Another use probable with destiny versions of BMW Connected is
smoothness of tens of thousands of products while a patron is on the
road. Amazon Prime Now, that is integrated into all a user’s
inclination (both in and outward a vehicle) around a Open Mobility Cloud,
enables products to be systematic by a app while drivers are on the
approach to their subsequent destination. The En-Route Delivery use will be
presented during CES 2017 in and with Amazon Prime Now.


A serve instance of this partnership with Amazon Prime Now is BMW
Passenger Mode. Based on a comparison route, BMW Connected can tell
when a automobile will switch to programmed pushing and a motorist could
have time, say, to use Amazon Prime Video. In Passenger Mode, the
automobile can afterwards adjust to a passengers’ needs in different
situations. For instance, when rear-seat passengers start personification a
video, a interior lighting is immediately dimmed and a sunblinds closed.


Innovative control and arrangement technologies.

The BMW i Inside Future sculpture during CES 2017 focuses on the
opportunities and hurdles presented by entirely programmed driving.
What will we be means to do in an interior of a future? What kind of
knowledge will a automobile tour offer? BMW i Inside Future shows there
will be no dispute between personalisation and pity in a automobile of
a future. It also showcases BMW HoloActive Touch, BMW’s latest take
on a destiny of in-car control and arrangement technology.


BMW HoloActive Touch is a latest section in a story that began with
BMW iDrive. That system, that was insubordinate when initial introduced
and was subsequently copied via a automotive industry, was
both a surrogate for and a element to compulsory switches and buttons.


With a Air Touch system, featured during CES 2016 in a BMW i Vision
Future Interaction judgment car, BMW presented a breathtaking arrangement that
can be operated only like a touchscreen – solely that there is no
tangible hit involved. Now this element has been taken a stage
serve with BMW HoloActive Touch. BMW HoloActive Touch fuses the
advantages of a BMW Head-Up Display, BMW gesticulate control and
discerning touchscreen functionality with insubordinate record to
emanate a totally new kind of user interface for a vehicle
interior of a future. This innovative interface between a driver
and automobile consists of a free-floating practical arrangement that is
projected in a area above a centre console. The element is operated
directly by finger movements, while an ultrasound source provides
pleasing acknowledgment of a driver’s commands. That said, in neither
box is there ever any tangible hit between a motorist and a user interface.


BMW Connected Window: a digital touchpoint.

The invariably expanding functionality of BMW Connected is formed on
a thought that a pierce towards ever-increasing digitalisation, whether
on a pierce or in a home, is set to foster a endless nonetheless during the
same time precisely personalised link-up of each area of a lives.
Using a Open Mobility Cloud, BMW Connected will be seamlessly
integrated into mixed digital touchpoints. At CES 2017 BMW will be
presenting a BMW Connected Window prophesy to illustrate the
possibilities these developments offer for a personalised and
intelligent encouragement of digital lifestyles. The BMW Connected
Window integrates each form of information applicable for daily
mobility planning. Using a Open Mobility Cloud, this practical window
offers digital functions to support personal daily formulation and
countless other aspects of particular lifestyles.


The BMW Connected Window extends BMW Connected’s wide-ranging
functionality to embody digital life during home. It shows a user – at
a applicable time and in a applicable area of a home – what actions
might be compulsory for personal mobility planning. Since a element is
related adult with BMW Connected, exchanging information and contacts,
formulation a user’s personal mobility bulletin and selecting
infotainment functions are probable not only in a automobile and on a
smartphone though also on a “big screen” in a user’s possess home. The
record is operated regulating gesticulate control, i.e. by intuitive
touchscreen-style commands – though but indeed touching a screen.


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