BMW 320d ED entirely complies with all authorised requirements: German Federal Motor Transport Authority

Munich. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority
(KBA) currently published a commentary of tests conducted on a BMW 320d
EfficientDynamics Edition (Fuel Consumption Combined ltr/100 km
4.3–3.9 (4.1–3.8), CO2 g/km 113–102 (109–99)) and reliable that the
car examined entirely complies with all authorised requirements. The tests
were carried out following critique of a car’s emissions’
opening in Dec 2017 by a environmental run group
“Deutsche Umwelthilfe” (Environmental Action Germany).


Klaus Fröhlich, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG
obliged for Development, explained: “As a matter of principle, BMW
Group vehicles are not manipulated and approve with all respective
authorised requirements. Our diesel engines are clean. The open and
policymakers can rest on that – and, many of all, so can a customers
and employees.”


The commentary of a latest KBA tests once again endorse what has been
regularly proven by countless central reviews conducted by
authorities worldwide: The BMW Group has no bootleg activities or
technical supplies of any kind that change a exam mode for
recording emissions.


This naturally also relates to a recently criticised BMW
320d EfficientDynamics Edition – as proven by a formula of extensive
test-bench and highway testing. With courtesy to BMW Group vehicles, TÜV
Süd already reliable behind in 2015: “The NOx total (…) for all
vehicles tested are within a technically explainable and expected
toleration and, in a opinion of TÜV SÜD, denote really robust
glimmer performance.”

Specifically, this means that a efficacy of a emissions
control systems compulsory for empty gas diagnosis entirely reflect
standard patron pushing behaviour. There is no intervention
(“manipulation”) of any kind that could change car emissions.

The KBA exam formula also advise that a emissions readings
criticised by “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” resulted from forced driving
situations and injured execution of tests, and are therefore not representative.


Fröhlich: “The KBA exam commentary uncover utterly clearly that a vehicle
examined was not manipulated. We therefore find a procession adopted
by “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” to be unsuited and a formula meaningless.”


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