Beyond pushing pleasure: innovative luxury, BMW-style.

Munich. As partial of a stirring indication offensive,
BMW has grown a new participation for a oppulance cars that sees the
form and positioning of a many disdainful members of a range
polished into a graphic product category. The arriving BMW 8 Series
and BMW X7 as good as a BMW i8 and a arriving BMW i8 Roadster will
join a BMW 7 Series in a brand’s significantly stretched luxury
shred line-up. These cars interest strongly to a heart, so they are
quite good placed to heighten a evil lifestyle of
business in this shred with authentic, emotionally engaging
experiences. The temperament and opinion common by BMW’s chosen models
are echoed in a newly designed trademark that combines a black-and-white
chronicle of a manufacturer’s roundel initial used 100 years ago with
a association name “Bayerische Motoren Werke” created out in full. The
new participation for a brand’s luxury-segment models will be unveiled
for a initial time during a IAA Cars 2017 uncover in Frankfurt on
14 – 24 September 2017.

With a classical, understated cultured and a company’s original
name spelt out, a trademark highlights BMW’s matchless history. The
adventurous to try standalone solutions and concepts, and a ability
to take on hurdles and emerge from them stronger, are deeply-rooted
elements of BMW heritage. This proceed – encompassing all from
a initial altitude-world-record-breaking aero engine to a launch of
a BMW i code – has proven to be a recipe for success, as good as
showcasing a company’s passion, certainty and benefaction for bringing the
destiny into a benefaction day. And it is also apparent in a lifestyle
of a aim organisation good accustomed to perplexing new things, holding the
lead and selecting a giveaway and eccentric trail in life.

“For these people, life is all about creation a best probable use of
a time accessible to them,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice
President Brand BMW. “Their sign is ‘to possess a moment’ – i.e. to max
out each snap-shot of time with suggestive and pleasing things.”


Free-thinking, pioneering suggestion creates on-going luxury.

Luxury in a automobile represents a fruit of unequaled imagination in various
fields of development. Authentic, constrained and, above all, modern
oppulance draws on a good of tradition and pioneering spirit, and is
secure in years of experience, deepening believe and a talent for
innovation. The flagship models in a BMW portfolio consolidate a new
bargain of oppulance – one that brings together an emotionality
tangible by inspirational aesthetics and a fun of pushing with the
believe of leisure and self-determined individuality.

The ongoing growth of oppulance as a judgment is closely related with
a numbers 7 and 8 in a BMW indication scheme. The BMW 7 Series luxury
tavern has served as a manuscript of disdainful pushing pleasure, as per
a brand’s unmistakeable style, for 40 years now. Elsewhere in the
range, a avant-garde, energetic and innovative use of form, not to
discuss a force of technological progress, continue to figure the
mindfulness of a BMW 8 Series, whose origin dates behind to 1989. The
new 8 Series distils elegance, impetus and oppulance into the
old hint of a BMW coupe. The plug-in hybrid BMW i8,
meanwhile, has penned a initial section in a destiny of a sports
car. All in all, innovations formed on ground-breaking achievements,
such as a use of CO twine in series-produced cars,
remote-controlled parking and BMW laser light, symbol out the
on-going impression of a stream family of oppulance BMWs.



Inspiring experiences, singular moments in time.

BMW is focusing a attentions on a continued growth of
relations with customers, on believe and emotion, and on
bespoke offerings. The brand’s idea is to offer business a special
mobility believe each day, pleasantness of singular and improved
services. Upcoming use appointments are carried out as partial of a
pick-up and lapse use tailored precisely to a customer’s
sole needs. And a specially-conceived Add-on Mobility service
for oppulance automobile business offers unbeatable coherence and freedom.
For example, if a BMW 7 Series motorist requires additional
transport capacity, they can burst true into a BMW X7. While
for a pleasure of a sporting weekend expostulate a BMW 8 Series will be at
their disposal. Indeed, romantic combined value is on palm during any time,
not usually by a product piece of a driver’s possess car, but
around services designed to open adult abounding experiences.

The choice of BMW models and services for a globally expanding
oppulance shred is complemented by a universe of practice holding their
cues from a sole mandate of a modern, international
aim organisation and fluctuating distant over a pleasure of pushing a car.
The BMW i Pure Impulse Experience programme for BMW i8 owners has
paved a approach for business around a universe to believe some
conspicuous cultural, lifestyle and transport events – from exclusive
sightseeing tours and celebration dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants to
visits to a Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, a Art Basel satisfactory in Hong
Kong and a White Turf equine races in St. Moritz.


The company’s joining to laying on a really special believe of
mobility – and a desire, so standard of BMW, to harmonise unique
moments of impulse – sees a code embarking on a largest
luxury-segment indication descent in a history. “We’re building adult a
oppulance ecosystem of singular services and practice that embraces the
full operation of oppulance models and creates some unusual and
noted times,” explains Wortmann.

BMW’s endless lane record of appealing to a emotions reflects
a adore of special moments – and a arrogance in formulating those
practice for business and fans. Take a BMW Art Car Collection, a
array of “artworks on wheels” though review worldwide. Since 1975
eminent artists from around a creation have incited series-produced
models and racing cars from a code into widely dignified museum
exhibits. Among a BMW Art Car Collection’s standout expressions of
flawlessness is that many of these one-off works of art have
distinguished their premieres not during an muster or such like, though on
a competition track.

These noted moments in time and disdainful believe locations
are also a many wise places for BMW to make hit with
intensity business – and therefore offer a ideal theatre on that to
benefaction a new product category. “BMW needs to be benefaction in those
places where a aim luxury-segment business spend their time,”
adds Wortmann. “Here, we aren’t only a builder of cars, though a partner
who understands oppulance vital and is a protagonist in that world.”



Further information on central fuel expenditure figures, specific
CO2 glimmer values and a electric energy expenditure of new
newcomer cars is enclosed in a following guideline: “Leitfaden über
Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und basement Stromverbrauch neuer
Personenkraftwagen” (Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and
electric energy expenditure of new newcomer cars), that can be
performed from all dealerships, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH
(DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at
LeitfadenCO2 (GuidelineCO2) (PDF ‒ 2.7 MB).



In a eventuality of enquiries greatfully contact:


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Ralph Huber, Head of Product Communication BMW
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The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
As a tellurian company, a BMW Group operates 31 prolongation and assembly
comforts in 14 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than
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In 2016, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.367 million cars and
145,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation was approximately
€ 9.67 billion on revenues amounting to € 94.16 billion. As of 31
Dec 2016, a BMW Group had a workforce of 124,729 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.