„Best Apprentice Award 2015“: Volkswagen Group honors a best apprentices from all over a world


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• Board of Management Chairman Matthias Müller: “Apprentices are a key
  partial of a Volkswagen team.”
• Awards for 45 immature talents from 19 countries on 5 continents
• Apprentices from Audi Brussels and Sitech respected for a initial time

The Volkswagen Group now presented a “Best Apprentice Awards 2015” to a best apprentices from all over a world. In Wolfsburg, 12 women and 33 organisation aged between 18 and 30 from 40 locations. They were respected by a Group Board of Management and a Global Group Works Council for their superb opening and dilettante competence. Throughout a world, a Volkswagen Group is now training about 20,000 immature women and men.

The awards were presented by a Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Matthias Müller, a Member of a Board of Management obliged for Human Resources, Organization and IT, Dr. Horst Neumann, and a President of a Global Group Works Council, Bernd Osterloh. The rite took place during a CongressPark in Wolfsburg following a corner assembly of a Group Board of Management and a Global Group Works Council.

“Our 20,000 apprentices are a pivotal partial of Volkswagen team,” pronounced Matthias Müller during a display ceremony. “We are unapproachable of them. And we need them to tackle a changes that are now required: Changes within a Group and changes faced by a vehicle attention as a whole.”

“Specialist believe and skills lay a substructure for veteran opening and personal growth opportunities,” Dr. Horst Neumann emphasized. “This is because first-class twin vocational training with tighten links between speculation and use is one of a tip priorities for Volkswagen. It provides a basement for lifelong training in a veteran families.”

Osterloh said: “With a twin vocational training system, a Volkswagen Group assumes amicable shortcoming for immature people and a growth of a regions of a plants during 119 locations via a world. Our twin vocational training complement is rarely successful. The immature colleagues we are honoring now bear declare to this fact.”

For a initial time, a award-winners enclosed twin apprentices from Audi Brussels and from Sitech Sitztechnik – Jason Elsocht from Belgium and Kamil Krupiński from Polkowice in Poland.

14 of a award-winners had already been respected in their home countries for their commitment, believe and skills in their training vocations.

In addition, 7 of a award-winners will be receiving twin years of particular support in their veteran family within a “talent organisation for immature specialists”. A serve 6 immature people will be holding partial in a “Wanderjahre” (years abroad) program. They will be operative for a year during a Group plcae in another country.

This year’s “Best Apprentice Award” was a 15th of a kind presented by a Volkswagen Group, and a sum of 386 apprentices have been respected given 2001. The Group now offers training in about 60 vocations and 50 twin courses of study.