Barcelona, Jerez, Portimão: WorldSBK-Dreierpack für BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Spanien und Portugal.

Munich. For BMW Motorrad Motorsport, a movement comes thick
and quick over a subsequent few weeks in a FIM Superbike World
Championship (WorldSBK), with 3 competition weekends in a row. First,
this weekend (17th to 19th September), is a ninth eventuality of the
deteriorate during Circuit de Catalunya nearby Barcelona (ESP). The BMW
Motorrad WorldSBK Team and a riders Tom Sykes (GBR) and Michael
outpost der Mark (NED), as good as Bonovo MGM Racing and Jonas Folger
(GER), afterwards conduct south to a Iberian Peninsula. Rounds 10 and
eleven of a deteriorate will afterwards take place during Jerez de la Frontera
(ESP) and Portimão (POR).


Circuit de Catalunya hosted WorldSBK for a initial time final year.
This spring, a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and Bonovo MGM Racing
finished endless tests during Jerez de la Frontera and Barcelona, where
they prepared their BMW M 1000 RRs for a deteriorate ahead. The BMW
Motorrad WorldSBK Team and Sykes also attended another Barcelona test
in prohibited conditions this August.


Jerez de la Frontera, where turn 10 of this season’s WorldSBK will
take place from 24th to 26th September, has been a tie on the
calendar for many years. The same goes for Portimão on a Portuguese
Algarve, venue for a eleventh eventuality of a deteriorate from 1st to 3rd
October. The triple being hold in Spain and Portugal outlines a finish of
a European leg of WorldSBK for BMW Motorrad Motorsport, before the
array moves on to a dual abroad events in Argentina and Indonesia
in Oct and November.


Quotes brazen of a WorldSBK triple header.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “Some
complete weeks wait us in WorldSBK. With 3 back-to-back race
weekends, we have a perfectionist programme brazen of us. However, we are
looking brazen to a challenge. Barcelona might still be a relatively
new sport belligerent in WorldSBK, though we were already means to gather
vicious information there during this year’s tests to have a good
base. It was also useful to get out on a lane there in summery
conditions in Aug as we have to design high temperatures during the
subsequent races, generally during Jerez de la Frontera and Portimão. Our goal
is to get a triple-header off to a clever start with a M RRs in
Barcelona, afterwards to lift a movement into a remaining races in the
south of a Iberian Peninsula.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“At Magny-Cours, a dual sides of a garage had different
issues though all are operative to overcome that. The aim for a subsequent race
during Barcelona and a entrance triple-header is to build on a exam work
that we did there in pre-season and recently with Tom also. We are
assured we can once again strike a belligerent using in FP1 with a very
good pace. We know that we can be rival during Catalunya, we have
valid that in a past. The temperatures will be flattering high and we
know we need to conduct that with a bike. Overall, we are penetrating to be
behind on lane again; it is going to be unequivocally chaotic and unequivocally tough work
for a mechanics and a whole group operative on 3 back-to-back
races so we need to devise a work unequivocally good and we prepare
ourselves. we consider it will be once again vicious that we start FP1
and FP2 and go into subordinate with a unequivocally good gait and give
ourselves a genuine possibility in a races by subordinate on a front two
rows where probable and we are carefree that we can do that.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “I am really
looking brazen to a subsequent 3 rounds of a World Superbike
Championship. To be honest, it’s a small bit opposite proceed now;
we don’t remember in all of my years racing that we had three
back-to-back races so that’s unequivocally a utterly heated partial of the
championship. It will be 3 sparkling circuits and ones that I
unequivocally suffer so starting in Catalunya we can hopefully find a little
bit some-more form and continue a run that we had there a final time we
visited. Plus we also had a exam there recently to get some more
information so we am altogether looking brazen to a run of these three
races and perplexing to benefit many some-more points for a championship.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “I
always adore to float my competition bike and we consider we can be still very
happy that we can do so many races this year so we am looking forward
to a triple-header. In addition, we are going to 3 of my
favourite competition marks in a row, so that’s also not so bad. We tested
during Barcelona in open and it is good to come there again and see
where we improved. we consider that we have shown during Magny-Cours that we
are removing closer to a podium. Of course, we wish to quarrel for the
lectern and we are removing closer. At Magny-Cours, we were detrimental with
a few things though a idea for certain is to quarrel again for these
positions. we consider a ubiquitous package has softened and a idea is to
quarrel for a lectern on a entrance weekends.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “Firstly, we am
looking brazen to Barcelona, as we had a good exam there in the
spring. We are now looking to exercise some of that during a race
weekend and adjust one or dual of a settings. It is also a great
circuit that unequivocally suits me. we wish we can make a many of that and
that we can measure a good transport of points. We attended a unequivocally first
exam with BMW during Jerez de la Frontera, and we know a lane only as
good as we do a Barcelona circuit since we have ridden there many
times in a past. we am apparently anticipating that we continue to see an
ceiling trend there and can collect adult some points. In contrast, Portimão
is new domain for me. we don’t know a circuit. we have watched many
videos of MotoGP and a Superbike World Championship, and it appears
to be a unequivocally perfectionist circuit, that is mostly referred to as
‘rollercoaster’. However, we am unequivocally looking brazen to this new
plea and am already unequivocally vehement about a ‘rollercoaster ride’
during Portimão.”